Gold Quarter

What is a Gold Quarter?

A gold quarter differs from a gold-plated quarter or a regular gold coin. A gold quarter holds more gold than the gold-plated quarter, but they are not entirely made of gold like standard gold coins but can be used for precious metal IRA and other investments.

If we consider gold eagles, they have 99.99% gold, whereas the gold quarter has 7.8 grams of gold. Gold quarter’s value varies from both gold coins and gold-plated quarters.

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The gold-plated quarter was first issued in 1999. Here, a gold-coated layer of 24-carat gold was printed on a metal coin by a third-party plating operation. The plating is particularly thin and apparently 0.003 inches thick, narrower than human hair.

The only value that gold-plated coins have is their face value. Though they are not considered gold bullion or collectible editions, many states have issued some seasonal gold-plated coins worth the attention.

The melt value of gold-plated coins is minimal, and they are only traded for their face value. The majority of the plated coins are only ten cents. They are considered to be a collection of pieces, much like art with gold plating. There is no law against gold-plated coins as they have not been made or designed as counterfeit gold coins.

Gold Coins

american quarter eagle

Most of these coins are made of 24 carats and 99.99% gold like the American Quarter Eagles made as of gold dimes or pennies or regular currency. Depending on the mintage and face value, the entire value of these coins differs and is worth considerably around thousands of dollars.

There are several gold coins on the market today, and they are regarded as a source of investment (precious metal IRA) and collectible bullion. They have both face and melt value.

The History of Gold Quarters

Since the 19th century, this type of coin and other precious metals have been circulated in the market. But the gold quarters are relatively new, as the first gold quarter, the Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Coin, was issued in 2016. The U.S. Mint minted this coin. The coin had a face value of twenty-five cents and was made of 99.9% pure and 24k gold.

Though the price of the gold quarter commenced at two hundred dollars roughly, currently it can go up to five hundred dollars with different mintmark.

The price rate of gold quarters has been elevated by 66.98% from 2016 to 2020, which is a pretty strong upward trajectory. The price of the gold quarters is related to the melt value of the gold. As the price of gold heightened, so did the rate of a gold quarter.

Types of Gold Quarters

There are different types of quarter coins that have been produced over the years. Here we are including some of the facts regarding the gold quarter coin and other coins.

Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Coin

Liberty 2016 Centennial

Minted by the United States in 2016, this Liberty Centennial Gold Coin is the only officially sanctioned gold quarter that was first circulated to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Standing Liberty Quarter Design. There are 91,752 issued pieces available in the world.

The face value of this coin is 25 cents and has a “W” on its obverse side, as the minting location was at West Point, New York City. The current rate of the coin will be $485.

North Carolina Gold Quarter

North Carolina Gold Quarter

This gold-plated coin illustrates the Wright Brothers’ first flight and is known as the twelfth Statehood Quarter and has a small amount of gold. This 2001-minted coin will cost around five dollars.

Vermont Gold Quarter

Vermont Gold Quarter

These gold-plated quarters were minted in 2001 and depict maple trees from the Camels Hump and have gold plating of 24k pure gold. This coin is currently rated at about $4.75.

Spitting Horse Gold Quarter

This is one of the rare coins, and these gold quarter worth will be considerably less than $16 maximum. These gold-plated state quarters are regarded as one of the rare ones in the market.

Virginia Gold Quarte

Virginia Gold Quarter

The 2000 Virginia Gold Quarter has a face value of 0.25 dollars. This was issued by the States Quarter Program and was the conclusive design of 2000.

Massachussets Gold Quarter  

Massachusetts Gold Quarter

This golden quarter features the Minuteman situated in front of the Minuteman National History Park. The 50 State Quarter Program produced this quarter as the first gold-plated quarters of the new millennium.

Extra Leaf Wisconsin Quarter

Extra Leaf Wisconsin Quarter

These quarters are worth $75 to $225 each. The coin has more value because of the extra leaf error in it. The leaves might be pointing up or down.

Minnesota Quarter Double Dies

Minnesota Double Die Quarter

This is also one of those gold-plated quarters that has been marked as an error in history. The extra tree on the coin’s reverse side made its mark, and the coin is worth 100 dollars or more.

Investment Options With Gold Quarters

Gold, in general, is a good investment option as it provides versatility in investment and a hedge against economic instability. The Liberty Centennial GQ value changed from $238 to $475 from 2016 to 2022.

So we can expect that in the next few years, the price will peak at $750 approximately. Gold is a stable source of investment for coin collectors with aftermarket value, and during a financial crisis, the cost of gold increases. So yes, the gold quarters are worth every dime for investment.


Most gold-plated quarters are not practical. However, the number of genuine gold quarters in circulation is rather small. As a result, these coins are referred to as collectors’ edition gold quarters since they have a relatively high-profit margin compared to the spot price of gold to invest as precious metals. If you’re looking to add something distinctive to your precious metals portfolio, we strongly recommend you consider purchasing gold quarters.

Are gold quarters worth anything?

On the other hand, a real gold quarter is much more valuable than a gold-plated quarter. Genuine gold quarters – not to be confused with quarter-eagles (which are also made with gold but are worth considerably more) – contain a larger quantity of gold.

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