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GoldDealer is America’s one of the oldest precious metals dealers. Not only gold and silver bullion, but they also help you invest your retirement accounts (IRA) funds in precious metals. The company trades gold, silver, palladium, rhodium, and platinum bullion. Besides this, there are options like rare coins and limited mintage bullions. The company offers live bullion quotes so you can choose your perfect precious metals for investments. They offer free shipping, a national price rate for metals, and 0 commission sales to their clients.

Trust Pilot and Better Business Bureau ranked the company. The first feature of GoldDealer is that the employees here are impartial and experts in their respective fields. Shipping of products is entirely free, and the company is fully accountable before the metal reaches you. The company is associated with:

  • Tangible Assets
  • California Coins
  • Bullion Merchant Association
  • Professional Numismatics Guild

With such powerful partners on the side, the company has been unstoppable since 1956 as they guarantee customer satisfaction. The packaging and shipping of bullion are entirely free, and the company ships worldwide.

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About GoldDealer


GoldDealer works as a dealer of precious metals, and they will also purchase bullion from you. They are a brokerage enterprise that has been around for a long time now. The company is pretty old, and they uphold their traditions and customer values. Richard Schwary is the president of GoldDealer and has been in the business for forty years now. He and his partner Ken Edwards managed the company for 37 years before Ken’s death in 2018.

Richard is life long member of the American Numismatic Association and The Numismatic Literary Guild. Richard helped write the California coin sales tax law relating to rare and bullion coins. He was the first to propose the dealer surety bond while trading with Minnesota and the Bullion Merchants Association. As the president is an expert on rare coins, thus he is a contributor to A Guide Book of US Coins. Richard is also an expert witness for The State of California and FTC.

Bullion and Precious Metals

Bullion is a physical gold or silver bar, ingot, or coin with a high purity rate. This is kept as a reserve for the country by the government and the country’s central bank. Gold has to be 99.5% pure, and silver must be 99.9% pure to be considered bullion. Exchange-traded funds are for investing in bullion. The country reserves 20% of mined gold as bullion by the central banks. Bullion is predominantly traded in the Bullion Market, which is open 24/7. Trading bullion can occur in a physical form in which the client purchases the metal or the papers from a dealer and stores it in a depository. Exchange-traded reserves are also a bullion investment where the gold and silver certificates are the products rather than the actual metal.

Gold Bullion

The website of GoldDealer shows the current prices of precious metals. As such, the rate of metals changes with the national price. As the price of gold depends on its melt value, thus the gold bullion has a slight contrast in its buy and sell price. Gold Bullion is traded in gold coins and gold bars.

Gld Bullion

Gold Coins

There are thirty-one distinct gold coins enlisted on the official website of GoldDealer, along with the lunar gold coins. The rare and collectible gold coins are also added to this list.

American Gold Eagle Coin is the first coin you will notice on the site. There are six different types of Gold Eagle Coins, depending on their weight and mintage time. A 28.3 gram American Eagle will cost up to two thousand dollars, and 2.83 grams of a coin will cost up to two hundred dollars roughly. These are US mint minted these coins from 1986 to 1991. The facade of the coin features the Walking Liberty, and the back has a family of Eagle that represents the strength of America.

American Gold Eagle Proof is available with 28.3 grams of weight, and the design of this coin is similar to the American Eagle. The US Mint also minted this from 1907 to 1933. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is one of the international coins.

The 2022 American Gold Buffalo of 28.3 grams is also visible on the list. The reverse part of the coin illustrates a Buffalo, and another side has the impression of a native Indian. The US Mint also minted this coin.

Australian Gold Kangaroo of 28.3 grams will cost up to two thousand dollars. O e side of the coin has the picture of Queen Elizabeth, and another side has the hoping Kangaroo. Perth Mint, Australia, a sovereign government, minted the coin.

$20 Liberty Gold Piece will be more than twenty-two hundred dollars. This coin was authorized in 1849 and was minted in five different states as an old coin copper was added to make it more stable. The coin is designed with an eagle, and the reverse side has the profile of Lady Liberty.

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Gold Bars

There are ten gold bars added to the list. The bars will weigh from 28.3 grams to 283 grams. Again, there is also a PAMP Suisse gold bar of 100 grams.

The Credit Suisse bar is 28.3 grams in weight and has 0.999 fine gold. This bar is notable among investors and was produced in Balerna, Switzerland. The bar contains the mark of the maker, Essayeur Fondeur.

The Perth Gold Bar is available in four weights, from 1 gram to 283 grams. A 283-gram Perth Gold Bar will cost up to eighteen thousand dollars, and a 1-gram gold bar will cost eighty-three dollars. Perth Mint, Australia, mints the bar. The face of the bar has a Perth Mint trademark.

PAMP Suisse Gold Bar is available from 28.3 grams to 1000 grams of weight. The bars are marked with PAMP Suisse trademark.

Silver Bullion

There are thirty-three silver coins and bars presented on the GoldDealer’s website. Silver is less expensive than gold, and the price of most silver coins is counted as its face value and melt value.

Silver Coins

There are fourteen silver gold coins available on the site. And most of the coins rate up to thirty dollars maximum. And if you want to sell a silver coin, it will rate up to twenty-six dollars on average.

A 28.3 grams American Silver Eagle has .999 fine silver in it. The US mint also minted this coin, and the layout of the coin is pretty identical to the American Gold Eagle that has Liberty and Bald Eagle on each side of the coin. These coins have been mass-produced since 2001.

The Canadian Royal Mint minted the Canadian Maple Leaf of 28.3 grams. The maple leaf is the national insignia of Canada, and the other side depicts the picture of Queen Elizabeth.

The Australian Mint minted Austrian Silver Philanthropic of 28.3 grams in 2008. The coin’s design has a grand pipe organ and Vienna’s Golden Hall, and the yearly mintage of this coin goes up to twenty million.

The Chinese Silver Panda of 30 grams is a limited-edition coin. The People’s Republic made it of China in 1983 with the face of a panda on one part of the coin. The reverse side has the Temple of Heaven.

Silver Bars

Twelve silver bullion bars are enlisted on the website of GoldDealer. The bars can start from 28.3 grams, and the highest weight can be up to 2834 grams. There are also silver bars of 1000 grams.

Johnson Matthey 28.3 grams silver bar has been famous since its manufacture in 1960. JM is one of the known and respected Refiners of the United States and Canada. The bar has a uniform weight and size.

The 28.3 grams Silver Bar Britannia has one of the most sophisticated designs is made with .999 fine silver. The front of the bar is adorned with Brittania holding a trident and shield, and the back features the weight as well as the mintage company.

The 2834 grams Asahi Silver bar is pretty different than the other silver bars on the list. The bar has the Asahi trademark and the weight of the bar.

Platinum Bullion

There are twelve different platinum bars and coins. The American Platinum Eagle, Australian Platinum Kangaroo, and Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf are common coins on the list, just with different weights. The rate of the coins starts from five hundred dollars and can reach up to a thousand dollars. There are only two platinum bars in the list of GoldDealer – PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar and Baird Platinum Bar, both with a weight of 28 3 grams.

Palladium Bullion

Palladium is more expensive and rare than the previous precious metals. Only two palladium bullion coins and a bar are available. Each of these products weighs 28.3 grams, and the price of coins and bars will be more than two thousand dollars.

Rhodium Bullion

Only Rhodium Bars are available on the site. Rhodium is a rare metal and pricier than all the metals we fitted here. PAMP Suisse Rhodium Bars of 28.3 grams are available, and even GoldDealer mentions the scarcity of rhodium. These bars are produced in Switzerland.

Peace and Morgan Dollars

Though most of these silver coins were minted before 1935, they still hold value as legal tender silver coins. Morgan dollars can rate up to a thousand dollars relative to their mintage dates. These coins are pretty famous as they uphold the tradition of America, like Mining towns and Comstock Silver Load.

Services Offered by GoldDealer

GoldDealer, as one of the leading companies in the precious metals business, offers several services that are much needed when purchasing something so delicate and expensive.


GoldDealer offers market insights for both the customers as well as the company. They also include the current market position and even add the selling price of particular bullion. So you’ll get a clear idea of how to invest in precious metals. And if you have any questions, you can fill-up the form and ask. The query box is available on the site under “employee contact list.” You can select the name of your preferred employee and fill-up the form with your name and mail address to request help.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for the company. You can call them over the phone or mail or message them directly. And if you don’t like the product in hand, you can return it completely free. The PCSG certified coins have to be returned with notification of seven days.

Competitive Approach

The GoldDealer is also a buyer of bullion from customers. They always take a competitive approach regarding buying and selling the coins. They will only accept the coins that are in acceptable conditions.

Quality and Grading of Gold and Silver Coins

The quality of the coins is much more important for the company than its grade. Certain coins are more beneficial than the coins in the same grade, and the condition of such coins is much better. Sight seen and sight unseen is used to grade the coins.

Free Consultation

The company will buy coins and currency from any other company, and they will even deliver a consultation over the phone or by mail.

In House Experts

The company’s president is one of the specialists in rare coins, so if you are unsure about your coins, you can send them a picture and ask for recommendations. Every coin is different not because of its mintage date but rather its condition.


The California Numismatic Investments guarantees the Authenticity of the bullion of GoldDealer. If the products are not of your choice, you will get a full refund. The company does not grade the coins; instead, they rely on the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCSG).

IRA Services

The GoldDealer will help you set up individual retirement accounts or IRAs. The company here will serve as a broker of precious metals. Gold IRA and silver IRA are pretty standard. For IRA to work, the custodian, the broker, and the depository will have to be IRS approved.

The initial setup of the IRA account is about $150. The storage fee is about $225, and annual administration fees can go up to three hundred dollars. But there is no indication about the minimum purchase amount.

The custodian will open a self-directed IRA and transfer the funds to your account if eligible for IRA accounts. You can only invest a portion of your annual income in those accounts.

Then the custodian will inform the broker about buying precious metals, and here the GoldDealer will step in. You can choose your preferred metal, which will be transferred to your chosen depository.

Equity Trust is the recommended custodian for the GoldDealer, and for the depository, you can choose from the Delaware Depository, CNT Depository, International Depository Services, or AM Global Logistics, LLC.

GoldDealer Reviews

The official website of the company has 227 registered Reviews till now. The review started in April 2013 till now. The company is rated 4.1 stars on average. The contemplations on the site are primarily positive, and the clients have hardly any negative feedback regarding the company. But one of the recent reviews seems to be given in 2019.

Trust Pilot

There are 1064 reviews of GoldDealer in Trust Pilot. And the site is rated with 4.8 stars out of 5. Most people rated the company as “excellent,” as almost 90% voted on this one. And only 1% of people voted the company as a “bad” one.

The most recent reviews state that the company treated the client with the utmost respect and evaded every misunderstanding if we considered the reviews. And the other reviews also enclose adequate words as most of the clients are committed to being long-term clients with the company.

The negative review about the company was regarding their time management. Most of the clients complained that there were delays in shipping and the refund process. Though, one of the reviewers also included problems regarding their clarification of the product.

The site’s overall rating was 3.2, and the customer services were rated with the worst points of 3 on average. Most of the reviewers grumbled about the company’s time management and stated that the GoldDealer takes up much more time than expected compared to other dealers on the market. Another customer noted that the customer service was poor, and the employees were not interested in details and communication at all. Another reviewer criticized the condition of their products. Most complaints were regarding the customer service rather than the products.

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

There is not much of a review on this site. But the BCA gave them a rating of AAA, and there are 0 complaints on this site.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

There are no complaints on this site as well. The BBB rated the company with an A+. However, there is only one statement as most of the people didn’t leave a review in Trust Pilot as the Better Business Bureau has fewer reviews.

Is GoldDealer a Scam?

No. This legit company has excellent reviews in Trust Pilot and its official website for coin and bullion trading. Though the company’s website looks pretty outdated, the company itself has been in the American precious metals exchange business for a while now. This 40-year-old company also provides IRA and other benefits for its clients. Their location is in Inglewood, California.


The company has been trading precious metals and collecting rare certified coins for a long time. Such expert employees on the field and proper articulating carried the company to its peak in recent years. Not only selling precious metals, but the company will even accept precious metals from you. Everything here is tradable, from Eagle Coins to Chinese Gold Panda, just like the Money Metals exchange. The company has a massive stock of other rare coins as well. This company was deemed one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States of America, and the gold Dealer review is pretty upright. The company was featured in CNN and CNBC multiple times. Though we believe that the company is 100% valid, make sure you understand the trade before dealing with them.

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