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Fisher Precious Metals Review (Legit or Scam?)

Fisher Precious Metals is a small precious metal dealing business that displays a wide range of products online. The primary mission of this small company is to exceed industry leaders by providing dedicated, small-based services. That’s what you would expect from a local-based business. In today’s online transactions, such opportunities and services are missing these days.

You might be wondering if this company is exactly what it claims to be? or is it a legal company? Is it worth investing under Fisher Precious Metals? In this article, you will get a thorough description of the services, products, and reviews of Fisher Precious Metals company.

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About Fisher Precious Metals:

About Fisher Precious Metals

Fisher Precious Metals was founded by a married couple, John Fisher and Lynn Fisher. Rather than using a large corporate industry as a backup, John Fisher started individually investing in silver and gold in around 1993. And, of course, just like every new business, John Fisher also experienced various glitches and errors. Fisher Precious Metals took a long time to figure out the game-changing strategies of the precious metals industry.

John Fisher openly claims the trials and errors he faced, as he claims himself to be just like their clients. Both John Fisher and his wife describe that they are not some kind of large-scale financial gurus. But they have learned and explored every bit of the precious metals industry by making several mistakes themselves. And that’s obviously an honest approach towards business.

After over 25 years of experience in the precious metals market, they brought this experience to the table. The company owners and their top-notch team of experts offer in-person consultation regarding your investments, aims, and concerns. The owners of Fisher Precious Metals themselves make sure to explain all risks and benefits of precious metals investing and answer every question that pops up in your mind.

Precious metals investing tactics are different from other investments because it doesn’t require regulatory governance. This slight difference gives immense favor to the consumer policy. It makes it easier to get maximum advantage from precious metals investments. Furthermore, the company owners ensure to educate their clients properly so that they won’t make the same mistakes as they did in the early stages.

Whether you choose them for a dealership or not, but Fisher Precious Metals, the best bullion dealers, prides itself on its solid reputation with third parties for doing good work. They have also been voted for “United States Bullion Dealer of the Year” in 2018.

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John Fisher:

Rather than managing Fisher Precious Metals, John Fisher is also Vice-Chair of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. Not only is this a high designation, but it also explains his importance and vulnerability in the industry of physical precious metals. The precious metals market is shaped the same way as his insights and opinions, which claims his impact on the stock market. Fisher explained his trials and errors in this regard, such a man who didn’t butter up others for his interests.

Kingdom Advisors, a group of Christian recognizing financial advisors, also work with John Fisher. Kingdom Advisors send or recommend their clients to Fisher Precious Metals whenever there’s the right time to invest in precious metals.

Above all, John has approval to give Education Seminars to financial planners, investors, CPAs. Which clearly explains his predominance in this field. He has a vast and deep knowledge about precious metals investment, which he wants to share with every person.

Moreover, Fisher Precious Metals is also a part of various multinational companies like GIA, PCGS, ANA, NGC, and PNG. The team of Fisher Precious Metals has expert knowledge about coins, bullion, rounds, and other precious metals-related things. Such a man who puts clients’ interests first is hard to find.

Principles of Fisher Precious Metals:

Solid Principles

The Fisher Precious Metals company has solid principles clearly reflected in its policies. If you look at the client’s reviews on their site, you can quickly evaluate that they are implementing firm values in their daily businesses.

The company owners ensure that they never believe or implement greedy or fear-based tactics. They think of their clients as their family members and advise them as though they are helping their family members to gain max from this investment. Sometimes, they refer their clients to other dealers if that’s what’s best for their clients, even if they get declined sales in doing so.

The best thing about Fisher Precious Metals is that their owners do not take a back seat but instead involve themselves in daily operations. Furthermore, they guarantee that you can directly talk with owners within 48 hours if you call. Fisher family shows the absolute honest and professional dealings with clients as we anticipate from any industry leader.

Moreover, Fisher Precious Metals hire only those individual investors personally involved in precious metals investments. They pay full attention to the education and enthusiasm of their team about work. Working with Fisher Precious Metals, you don’t have to worry about dishonest markups or pushy sales pitches, as no team member works for a commission.

This very principle is because owners oppose compensations that do not lead to the client’s best interest. The holders of Fisher Precious Metals ensure that their clients make the right decisions about themselves.

Fisher Precious Metals highly relies on these principles to stay supreme and unique among others in the field. The precious metals industry requires a lot of intelligence to succeed. However, the values of gold and silver are just a click away by searching Google. The dealers have to offer highly competitive pricing, and the profit rate is relatively low.

While the other industry fellows only offer competitive pricing, Fisher Precious Metals also offers expertise and peace of mind. Another benefit of working with this company is that you are not taking a robotic call while you are investing your hard-earned money or personal jewelry ( watches, necklaces, and queen victoria coin imbedded rings from any traditional gold store) or novelty metals. You are talking to real people interested in your concerns and decisions.

If you are a first-timer, you might be concerned about finding an expert dealer for investment. But if you intend to turn your assets into precious metals, you would require an expert in this industry who will lead you to the right track.

Types Of Products They Offer:

Fisher Precious Metals Products

A wide range of products is displayed on their website. But the owners state that in the vast majority of cases, the best bet for beginners is to purchase precious metals in the form of inexpensive bars and bullion coins. Focus on choosing products by sovereign mints like Perth Mint, US Mint, and Royal Canadian Mint.

Sovereign coins are easier to liquidate among precious metals. If you liquidate your holdings in a pinch, finding a buyer and fair price for the official coin is easier. However, collectible coins are tough to sell, and you’ll often experience loss in selling them if there’s no willing market to purchase them.

If you never have to liquidate your assets for an emergency, Fisher Precious Metals will lead you to the most favorable “exit strategy.” The strategy will let you maximize your profit through the investments over time. Whether you might enjoy short-term gains, long-term gains, or growth over decades depends on the product you choose.

And another superior value of this company is that each investment and purchase is kept entirely confidential.

Selling Physical Precious Metals:

Fisher Precious Metals not only let you purchase precious metals from them at a very fair price, but you can also sell them your precious metals. They claim to give the best prices for your precious metals. They also state that they will buy back anything they have ever sold to you at a fair market value price.

The company deals with Palladium, platinum, gold, or silver. Although other precious metal companies only deal with bars and coins, Fisher Precious Metals is quite the opposite. They also accept your flatware, broken jewelry, rings, queen victoria coin imbedded rings, and watches from any traditional gold store. You can also liquidate your assets into Palladium, gold, or platinum tubes.

Rather than providing liquid cash to your assets, the company also runs a trade service. If you are interested in turning your broken jewelry or metal scrap into liquid coins and bullion, Fisher Precious Metals are at your service! To know more about the entire process of trading your assets into liquid cash, give the team a call right now to get a very fair price.

If you want to sell your sets, the initial step is to give a call to the company. You’ll have to talk to a team member and tell him that you want to trade your assets for coins or bullion. He will give you a transparent quote or offer. If you are agreed with the offered deal, you’ll receive shipping details and confirmation. If you live near the physical setup of Fisher Precious Metals, you can make the dealing one-to-one.

If you’re an individual seller from international society, then you’ll be asked to ship the precious metals to a specific address. Email the tracking number to the company as soon as you get it.

Pros of Fisher Precious Metals Industry:

A few possible pros of connecting with this company are:

  • positive feedbacks from 95% of clients across multiple third-party websites.
  • Relaxed and hands-on approach to company owners.
  • Clients feel respected and owned by their knowledge about investments.

Cons of Fisher Precious Metals:

The only disadvantage of this company is that being a small company, sometimes they do not have the capacity for new clients.

You can discover Fisher Precious Metals products below:

US National Gold Coins:

US National Gold Coins

United States Mint is well known for minting pure gold coins with unique historical designs. The minting of the bullion series began in 1986 with a remarkable Gold American Eagle coin. This coin is notably the most selling coin in the world.

Later, .9999 buffalo followed the popularity and became a favorite one-ounce gold coin. US mint coins are produced for investors and collectors and are admired as beautiful precious metals. The US coins are produced in various domination ranging from one-tenth to one ounce of gold and 22 or 24 karat gold.

Proof coins are favorable among collectors, while an uncirculated finish of coins is recommended to invest. Thus, while buying US coins, ensure that you don’t allow any dealer to pressure you to get proof coins for investing or your precious metals IRA. Dealers make such recommendations only for their profit. Available US gold coins at this company are given below:

  • American Gold Eagle Coins
  • American Gold Buffalo Coins
  • Pre-1933 coins
  • Proof Coins

Australian National Gold:

Australian National Gold

Perth Mint was acknowledged as Royal Mint of London System in 1898 and had been minting beautiful Australian gold since then. Perth Mint got through Sydney Mint and Melbourne Mint. Although Perth Mint is no longer associated with Royal Australian Mint, still its bullion coins maintain legal tender status.

The most popular series of Perth Mint is the Australian Gold Kangaroos series, which began minting in 1987. Initially, these coins had a design of gold nugget on them and were known as “Gold Nugget.”Later it was replaced by the kangaroo in 1990. Kangaroo coins come up with various marsupials and express beautiful wildlife features. Australian Gold includes the following famous investing material:

  • Perth Mint Gold bars
  • Australling Kangaroo Gold coins

Some famous national gold coins in the world are as follows:

  • Australian gold
  • Chinese Gold
  • British Gold
  • French Gold
  • German Gold
  • Mexican Gold
  • South African Gold
  • Swiss Gold

Buying Silver coins, bullion, bars, or rounds:

Silver can be purchased in various forms, such as silver bullion, coin, bars, or rounds. US mint, sovereign mint, and other reputable precious metal refiners have offered silver coins, bars, and rounds for many years. Silver is the most affordable opportunity for purchasing or investing in precious metals.

The company owner state that he has also been a silver dealer because of ease of selling (high liquidity) and utility silver offers. The advantage of investing in silver wisely is that it will be highly sought if we ever need it for survival purposes.

Set a phone meeting with Fisher Precious Metals to discuss more available Silver bullion coin or bars. You can also get a free consultation from them in this regard without being pressured into investing in it.

Well-known global silver mint and refiners are listed below:

  • Australian Mint
  • Austrian Mint
  • Highland Mint
  • British Royal Mint
  • Engelhard
  • Perth Mint
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • United States Mint

US Silver Eagles:

American Gold Silver coins have been guaranteed to be pure and weighty by the US government. There are also approved by IRA. US mint guarantees that each coin contains one troy ouncer of 99.9% pure silver. These come up with reeded edges and a beautiful cultural design. Each silver dealer admires US Silver Eagle. If you’re interested in purchasing silver bullion, silver coins, or silver rounds, stay tuned to know more about which to invest.

Platinum bullion products:

bullion products

Platinum is not only kept or used as jewelry. It is also being invested or purchased in the form of coins or bars. Platinum is among very precious and beautiful novelty metals favored and admired by investors worldwide. Various famous mints have been generating platinum coins and bars. Some well-known platinum coins are listed below:

Platinum Coins:

  • Platinum Maples (by Royal Canadian Mint)
  • Platinum Eagles (by US Mint)
  • World Platinum

Platinum Bars:

Platinum Bars are usually available in the following domination:

  • 1 oz Platinum Bar
  • By Weight

Palladium bullion products:

Palladium being noble metal is a part of the platinum group of metals. Palladium contributes to both industrial and precious metals investments. The demands for Palladium are increasing day by day, outpacing the supply.

Palladium has become a widely recognized precious metal among today’s world of precious metals investors. You can also further diversify your palladium assets into any other affordable precious metal whenever you wish. If you visit the website of Fisher Precious Metals, you can recognize popular palladium coins and bars from well-known brands of the world.

Palladium is rare to nature and has become the desire of every person. It was initially discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston. Although this silvery-white metal is lesser-known, it is minted in many today’s world. The Russian Federation minted the majority of palladium coins and bars. Now, various mints (certified appraisers) are actively generating palladium products in China, Australia, Canada, Portugal, the United States, France, and others. Fisher Precios Metals offers a comprehensive deal of palladium coins and bars.

Palladium coins

  • Elizabeth 11 5 Dollars coin
  • Canadian Maple Palladium coin

Palladium Bars

  • 1 oz Palladium Bars
  • By Weight

Precious Metals Storage Options:

There are various precious metal storage options available, and every option has its pros and cons. Here, we have discussed each option and entire process with vast detail:

Insured Depository Storage Facility:

Depository storage allows you to choose a different geographical location and provides privacy for keeping your precious metals. IRA allocations are required to store precious metals in depository services. No matter how much benefits the insured depository provides, at the end of the day, you have to trust a third party to protect your assets.

Precious metals can be stored as allocated or unallocated criteria in the depository. You can choose the method or criteria suitable for better protection of your precious metals. In the case of an allocated depository, your precious metals will be stored separately. And you will get the same precious metals as you first purchased.

While in the unallocated depository, similar coins and bars of precious metals are stored together. In the end, they are distributed among the owners, and most probability is that you will not get the same precious metal as you first bought.

Fisher Precious Metals offer independent and separate storage for precious metals and rare coins. All assets are protected in third-party depositories, which are not affiliated with the company. All assets or precious metals kept there are insured by the depository owners.

Fisher Precious Metals have three depository partners:

1. International Depository Services of Delaware:

IDS gives a highly secure storage area with UL-rated, multi redundant security systems that work 24/7. Its technology and functioning are state of the art. One of the most significant benefits of International Depository Services is that all your precious metals and assets are kept in custody. By custody, it means that assets are stored in client-specific accounts and are not added to IDS’ balance sheet.

2. Depository Services of Canada:

Depository of Toronto, Canada, is known as North America’s newest, most technologically secure, and advanced precious metals depository. This depository is located in Canada’s business bureau capital, with Headquarters in the Toronto area. This depository is considered the first full-service LBMA and IIROC-approved precious metals depository of Canada.

3. Strategic Wealth Preservation -Grand Cayman:

Strategic Wealth Preservation is a newly advanced purpose-built precious metals storage with a fully segregated, allocated, and insured security area located in Grand Cayman. SWP depository is an independently owned and privately functioned technology that provides various benefits to the clients. Direct and complete legal holdings are given to the clients when they are under the facility.

While working with Fisher Precios Metals, you can consider choosing above mentioned depositories for the better business bureau, great prices, and better storage options. If you think that your home is entirely secure and well-protected by advanced technology, then you can store your precious metals or other assets at home as well. But keeping such valuable things isn’t safe due to increasing crime rates.

Companies Similar to Fisher Precious Metals:

Here are some companies that you can read about that have similar operations:  Indigo Precious Metals, BullionVault, and the Fortress Gold Group.  If you are really looking to dive into this space, you should read their respective company reviews.


Fisher Precious Metals is an exceptionally managed small business. It offers various precious metals selling, buying, and investing opportunities. Moreover, the company owners also offer comprehensive knowledge about investments in precious metals.

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