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First Fidelity Reserve Review – Legit or Scam?

Located at 130 Shakespeare Dr, Beaumont, Texas, First Fidelity Reserve is a coin dealer that specializes in rare coins and bullion. In this article, we will explore the company’s reputation, what products it offers, how the company is unique compared to other dealers, and much more.

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First Fidelity Reserve began as a small coin dealer in Texas in 1988, the same year the United States Mint announced that it would be minting gold and silver coins once again. 

As more and more businesses entered this industry, First Fidelity Reserve decided to specialize and deal in rare coins, such as Type II and Type III Liberty Double Eagles, among others.

In the past two decades, the company has sold tens of thousands of rare coins to collectors and investors across the United States. First Fidelity Reserve has a team of numismatic professionals and consultants with over 50 years of collective experience who are available to assist clients and provide them with exceptional service.

According to its website, the company is one of the largest and most respected rare coin dealers in the United States. It incorporates the latest technology in bidding and purchasing practices to ensure that clients receive competitive offers when selling their precious metals and fantastic investment opportunities suited to their financial goals.

Seven years ago, First Fidelity Reserve built a brand-new facility, allowing the business to double its operations, staff, and sales and improve the service it provides to its clients. The company continues to offer award-winning books and newsletters for free to help educate its clients and potential customers on current trends, the historical background of precious metals, and more.

The website states that since its inception, the company has sold over $480 million of rare coins to 109,000 satisfied customers.

First Fidelity Reserve

Why Should You Choose First Fidelity Reserve?

When it comes to investing in numismatic and rare coins, it is important for potential clients to deal with the best experts in the field. There are several reasons to choose First Fidelity Reserve, one of them being Dr. Mike Fuljenz.

Dr. Mike Fuljenz, also known as America’s Gold Expert, is a Numismatic Consultant at First Fidelity Reserve. He has won over 60 prestigious national and international awards for his work in rare coins and precious metals. The Numismatic Literary Guild and the Press Club of Southeast Texas have awarded Dr. Mike Fuljenz’s books several “Best of the Year” awards.

Frequently making media appearances on Fox Business Network and CNBC, Dr. Mike Fuljenz is a highly regarded individual in the finance world, with The Wall Street Journal and other print and online news media quoting him in the articles.

Besides having an internationally renowned numismatic consultant on board, First Fidelity Reserve has an extensive inventory, allowing the company to deliver the best quality coins to its customers.

First Fidelity Reserve also offers its customers better deals if they’re looking to sell their gold or other precious metals to the company. There are no auction or buyer and seller fees, which allows the sellers to get the best price for their coins.

Other companies, like Golden Gate Capital, also offer this service.

Moreover, the company has an industry-leading quality assurance and exchange policy. With a 30-day return privilege, customers can return the coins they are not satisfied with, ensuring that they only own the coins they like.

What Kind of Products Does First Fidelity Reserve Offer?

First Fidelity Reserve

First Fidelity Reserve offers a variety of products for potential customers. Some of the most popular coins it sells fall under the following three categories:

  1. Featured products: This section includes coins that the company recommends, such as the 2023 $1 American Silver Eagle, 2023 AMAC Appeal to Heaven Silver Round, 2023 1 Oz Great Britain Silver Britannia King Charles, 2023 1 Oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, and many other coins.

  2. Latest products: This section displays all the coins that the company has recently restocked, which currently includes the 2023 1 Oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic, 2023 $1 American Silver Eagle NGC MS 70, and 2023 1 Oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.

  3. Bestsellers: This section includes precious metals that are the company’s top sellers, such as 1 Oz Generic Silver Round and 1 Oz Generic Silver Bar.

In addition to the previously mentioned coins, First Fidelity Reserve also deals in a variety of silver and gold coins, including:

  • The 2022 1 Oz gold American Buffalo

  • The $3 Indian Princess

  • Canadian Maple Leaf

  • Britannia

  • Australian Kangaroo

  • $1 American Silver Eagle

  • Kennedy Silver Half Dollar

  • Morgan Silver Dollar

  • Buffalo Silver Rounds

  • Canadian Maple Leaf, and many more coins.

The company also deals in unique and rare coins, such as $3 Princess coins, coins from shipwrecks, and specialty coins, among many others. To learn more about the product offerings, it’s best to browse its website or contact one of the company’s representatives.

Does First Fidelity Reserve Assist Clients in Developing a Strategy?

First Fidelity Reserve has a “Select Four” option, which recommends four types of coins that are historically important or have often seen dramatic price hikes. The team sets out to shortlist four of the best coins that it believes have the highest possibility of being future rarities.

Moreover, the Indian Head Quarter and the Half Eagle are the two coins First Fidelity Reserve’s experts believe could potentially see a dramatic increase in price. Besides these two coins, the team also includes two modern-day coins in its “Select Four” recommendations, which they believe are more likely to become rare.

While clients who have acted on the team’s recommendations in the past have saved a significant amount of money, it’s important to note that past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Getting Started with First Fidelity Reserve

When buying gold or silver coins, the options are endless, which can make it challenging for a newbie to decide which precious metal they should purchase. Fortunately, First Fidelity Reserve has many different guides that educate customers on the kinds of coins available and what to look for in one.

There are two ways you can purchase precious metal coins and bullion at First Fidelity Reserve, and these include via telephone or through an online account. 

Although making purchases through a phone call is quick since you do not need to create an account on the website, there are several benefits to conducting transactions online.

Once you create an online account, conducting transactions becomes quicker. You also receive offers and special promotions on your registered email address.

Another advantage of buying coins through an online account is that the company locks the transaction price at the time of purchase. On the other hand, prices are only fixed for phone orders when First Fidelity Reserve receives the funds.

The company locks the price for online store transactions for five business days. However, for that, you would need to provide First Fidelity Reserve with your credit card details. If you fail to pay within five business days, the company reserves the right to cancel your order.

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Your Purchase from First Fidelity Reserve?

Pay Taxes

When you purchase precious metals from First Fidelity Reserve, you may have to pay state and local taxes on your transaction, which vary depending on the shipping address.

In 2018, the US Supreme Court overturned the decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair regarding the collection of sales tax from out-of-state sellers. Unfortunately, the sales tax varies from one state to another, and retailers must adapt to the local and state tax rules to avoid trouble with the law.

Customers can rest assured knowing that First Fidelity Reserve works with a consulting company that helps navigate state and local tax laws. The coin dealer has implemented a third-party sales tax platform on its website that calculates the taxes during checkout based on the shipping address.

First Fidelity Reserve collects and submits sales taxes in some form across all the states in the country except Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon.

Should You Invest in Gold?

Gold and other precious metals have an inverse relationship with the stock market. When the stock market is performing well, the value of gold remains stable or decreases slightly. 

On the other hand, during poor market performances, the value of precious metals slowly increases as more people turn to them for stability.

If you study the country’s economic history, you’ll realize that the price of precious metals rises during economic uncertainty. 

When the United States was going through a stagflationary period in the early 1970s, people who had their savings invested in the stock market lost more than 90% of its value. During the same period, those who had their money parked in gold and other precious metals saw a 1.6% increase in their portfolio’s value.

In the 1990s dot-com era, the stock market was outperforming all other traditional and non-traditional assets. During this period, gold and precious metals did not perform well. However, once the dot-com bubble burst, investors moved away from stocks and started acquiring precious metals. You can see the same trend after the 2008 financial crisis when Lehman Brothers went bust.

Over the last few years, the stock market has been experiencing a bull run. However, several recent black swan events, including the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, coupled with inflation and rising interest rates, have led to an increase in the demand for gold.

Investing in gold is an excellent hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. With all these events affecting the country’s economy, purchasing precious metals to protect your savings seems like a good option.

That said, we are not financial advisors but are simply providing you with information based on previous trends. It’s best to reach out to an experienced financial consultant to get an expert’s opinion before making any investment.

First Fidelity Reserve Customer Reviews

Before choosing a gold and silver distributor, it is crucial to do some research into the company, which includes checking out its reviews. On the Better Business Bureau website, First Fidelity Reserve has an A+ rating and an average score of 3.67 out of five stars.

There are some negative reviews from customers complaining about how the company’s representatives would call them to up-sell higher-cost premium coins.

One customer mentioned how they began purchasing coins from the company over the past few years. The reviewer stated that the actual value of the coin was less than one-half of the purchase price after two years. However, it is important to note that the company recommends holding coins for five to 10 years.

First Fidelity Reserve also states that instead of selling to your area coin dealers, you should give them a call, as the company might give you a better offer on your precious metals.

Is First Fidelity Reserve a Scam?

First Fidelity Reserve is a legit coin company that specializes in rare coins and bullion. The company has been around for over 20 years, so it’s unlikely that it is a scam. 

It’s crucial that you do your due diligence by researching the company, talking to experts in the field, and comparing the prices with other online dealers before making any decisions.

Conclusion: Is First Fidelity Reserve the Right Dealer for You?

With the gradual increase in precious metal prices and economic uncertainty looming over the country, it’s important to diversify your retirement and investment portfolio. One of the most stable non-traditional assets is gold and other precious metals, and First Fidelity Reserve has found its niche in this area.

The company offers three different types of coins: government-issued coins, rare coins, and IRA-approved coins. It has an extensive inventory providing you with many options to get started.

First Fidelity Reserve also focuses on educating its customers on precious metals, offering many free guides and books to help guide you.

Although the company has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website, it does have a fair amount of negative reviews. Therefore, we cannot recommend First Fidelity Reserve, especially considering that there are other dealers out there with many positive customer experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Numismatic Value?

The numismatic value of a coin is the value a seller receives for selling one, and it can depend on many different factors, including the coin’s quality, rarity, and demand. It is possible that the seller receives more than the actual value they paid when initially purchasing the precious metal.

Is There a Minimum Order Amount?

There is no minimum order amount, but First Fidelity Reserve has a policy that limits the number of coins customers can purchase in a single order. The company’s decision to sell fewer coins is to hinder dealers from hoarding them, ensuring that more customers have access to its products.

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