FDIC Failed Bank List

The FDIC failed bank list is something that you should keep tabs on.  Today I’ll share with you which banks are failing in my endless pursuit of keeping people informed about the economy and wealth preservation.

With Silicon Valley Bank being the latest bank to go under, it’s becoming a scary time as we’re definitely entering a recession, if we haven’t already.  Please follow us as we intend to help savvy investors get past these challenging times, and even get rich during a recession.

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How to Track Which Banks Have Failed

The FDIC failed bank list can be accessed here.  So far, in 2023, only one bank has been added, the aforementioned Silicon Valley Bank.

fdic failed bank list

This graphic above shows the banks that have been added to the list since 2017.  In 2018, there weren’t any additions to the list.

Which Banks Will Fail in 2023?

There is speculation that other banks will fail in 2023.  Multiple credible sources, such as Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackman and even former chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, William Isaac, have both gone on record saying that they feel other banks will eventually fail this year.

Silicon Valley Bank, (SVB) was a go-to resource for tech start-ups.  Reports state that the bank wasn’t ready for increasing interest rates.  With that bank failing, which other banks could be in trouble this year?

According to a story posted on MarketWatch, here are some banks to keep an eye on.

From this list, let’s take a look at how the market is reacting to the above information.

Customers Bankcorp

Shares are currently down 48% today.

First Republic Bank

The stock has dropped 60% today and it’s not even 10:30 EST as I write this.

Sandy Spring Bancorp Inc

Currently down just under 9% for today.

New York Community Bancorp Inc

Down almost 19% today.

First Foundation Inc.

Trading down 26%.

Ally Financial Inc.

Trading down about 12% today.

Dime Community Bancshares Inc.

Dime Community is down over 16% today.

Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc.

The stock is down over 8% today.

Prosperity Bancshares Inc.

Shares are down just under 6%, which compared to the others is a banner day!

Columbia Financial Inc.

Shares of Columbia Financial Inc. are down around 16%.

It’s been a bloodbath for regional bank stocks today in the aftermath of the SVB collapse.  Which of these banks will make it, and which will ultimately fail?  That will be something I cover here over time, and here’s to hoping the economy doesn’t accelerate it’s decline into a recession.

Are You Prepared for a Recession?

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