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Everyday Items That Contain Precious Metals

We’ve covered precious metals in depth on this website, and it’s important to know that they are found in many places you probably aren’t aware of.  Today I’ll cover every day items that contain precious metals in yet another example of why precious metals are so valuable, tradable, and stand the test of time as an investment.

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9 Places to Find Precious Metals in Your Home

There are many places you can hunt for precious metals, but you don’t even have to look beyond your home to find their uses cases right in front of you.  You don’t need to visit your local dump, antique store, or car factory to find precious metals.  Here are some places in your own home where you can locate precious metals being used.

Look for the valuable metals in these following places:

  • Old Equipment.

You’d be amazed at how many electronic devices contain precious metals.  Your non-working computer, old tablets, cellular phones, radio equipment, televisions, and even audio devices all have gold.

  • Your Dresser.

Pins, jewelry, old coins, all contain traces of gold, silver, and platinum.

  • Kitchen Drawers.

Don’t get me started on the mess that’s my kitchen drawer!  You’ll find all sorts of silver in your silverware and I’d bet you find other items with precious metals.

  • Garage.

My garage is a shining example of where junk goes before it’s put out.  A quick look shows circuit boards, tools, and other items that have gold in them.

  • Safe.

I don’t know about you, but I have jewelry and other family items of value containing precious metals in my safe.

  • Bar

Yep, your family bar will have barware that has silver featured in it’s design.

  • Closet

When’s the last time you cleaned your closet?  I found an umbrella, a cane, crutches, and other items featuring gold and silver.

  • Desk Drawer

Glasses, sunglasses, and pens all made from silver.

  • Night Stand

I’ve got all sorts of junk in my night stand.  All featuring, you guessed it, precious metals.

Finding these items and melting it down for value can add up. I encourage you to look high and low for precious metals in your home or office.  You will be amazed at what you will find!

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