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Everbank’s origins may be traced back to 1961, when founder and Chairman Robert Clement oversaw the Alliance Mortgage Company in Jacksonville, Florida. Later, the Alliance Mortage Company established First Alliance Bank in the exact location.

First Alliance Bank bought Marine National Bank in 2001, and EverBank was founded in 1999 by Frank Totter, Rob Foregger, Vincent Amato, and David Galland. At the time, Frank and others were partners.

EverBank bought the Mark Twain Bank’s international currency section from the Mercantile Bank. All of this occurred in April of 1999. In 2002, First Alliance Bank acquired EverBank and established two subsidiaries, EverBank and EverHome.

Eventually, EverBank struck an agreement with NetBank to buy its direct banking, small business lending, and mortgage divisions, which was later canceled since NetBank failed to meet the conditions.

EverBank bought practically all of the assets, deposits, and liabilities of the Bank of Florida, which was owned by the FDIC, or Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, in 2010, for a total asset value of $11.5 billion.

TIAA Financial Services Provider claimed to have bought EverBank and EverBank Corp. between 2016 and 2027. As a result, the name of EverBank was changed to TIAA Bank, combining two distinct companies and businesses under one banner.

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The company has become a financial service provider with several services, details, and options. EverBank, or the current TIAA bank, has been through several changes over the years. Here we are including some of the mentionable activities of EverBank.

  • EverBank Financial Corp was named “best of the web” by Forbes in 2001.
  • EverBank was named the largest online bank by Florida Trend Magazine in 2008.
  • Bauer Financial rated EverBank with 4/5 stars in 2016.
  • GOBanking rated the Yield Pledge Checking account as the best checking account in 2021.
  • EverBank won the Kiplinger’s Best Internet Bank: Silver award in 2020 for their Yield Pledge account.
  • As of May 1, EverBank received a 4.5/5 rating from Ascent.

The company offers its services by investing both domestically and internationally. Steve Fischer is the CEO of EverBank, Frank Ervin is the CRO of EverBank, and John Pataky is the head of consumer and commercial banking.

EverBank offers its customers commercial banking, consumer or personal banking, finance and insurance, credit cards, foreign currency exchange, investment banking, private equity, wealth management, ATM services, etc. The company has access to approximately eight hundred million dollars of cash and employs 3700 employees for financial services. The total deal and equity in the share market are 1.5 billion dollars.

Personal Banking with EverBank

The company offers two different sorts of accounts and contact with its banking services. The accounts are developed and can be used online and on mobile phones. CD accounts and High Yield accounts are the basics of EverBank or TIAA Bank.

High Yield Accounts

With these accounts, you can get a high-interest rate to sign, and the account opening system is straightforward and flexible. You can access your account with no monthly fees, and EverBank allows you to access your account via mobile check deposits. They even offer a debit card with purchase benefits; the account opening fees will be only 100 dollars, and no risk or hidden fees. They don’t charge any overdraft transfer fees or online bill payment fees.

  1. First, you have to apply for an online account.
  1. Then you can send the opening deposit by mail, mobile deposit, or online transfer to fund the account.
  1. The account will be opened, and you can see the account online and on your mobile phone.

CD Accounts

EverBank offers three basic CD accounts without any monthly fees and automatic renewal on the account’s maturity. The company will charge you around $1,000 to open the account.

  1. Basic CD: here, the account will cost around $1,000 to open, and the account terms are three months to 5 years.
  1. Bump Rate CD: the term of the account is around 3.5 years, and the opening rate will be decided at one time, starting with 1500 dollars.
  1. ItraFI CD: the accounts are available to those who require FDIC insurance coverage, and the account limit is usually between 3 months and three years. Limit and funding percentages are variable.

Business Accounts


EverBank offers three different options for business accounts. Checking, savings, and global are the main criteria, and they also have online banking options.

Checking Account

There are four checking accounts to date, and all have different options and opportunities.

  1. Business Checking: you’ll be able to get 200 transactions a month alongside ten online bill payments with Business Checking. Remote deposit and mobile check deposit are available.
  1. Small Business Checking: this is for single LLCs and sole proprietorships.
  1. Non-profit Checking: You must pay a monthly maintenance balance of no more than 5000 dollars.
  1. Analysis Checking Solutions: this accounts for 0.20% and 0.05% interest rates.

Savings Money Market Accounts

You’ll be able to meet your business demands with the money market accounts, and you’ll need to have an annual income of at least 490 dollars. There is a 0.25% interest rate on the account.

Global Accounts

EverBank offers direct banking services under commercial accounts to foreigners. The account transactions are done via international currencies like Australian Dollars, British Pounds, Danish Krone, Japanese Yen, etc.

Commercial Banking

These banking services are provided for commercial institutions and investment products, and the services are customizable to keep up with the requirements of their customers.

Online Banking

Online and Mobile Banking is a big initiative for EverBank, providing different tools and services for mobile banking and their official site. The perks are:

  • Tracking and managing
  • Budgeting and saving goals
  • Paying bills and atm fees
  • Internal and external transfers
  • Sending funds and cash with Zelle


Everbank, also known as TIAA Bank, is a financial advisor service established in the United States that provides a variety of advantages on loans, investments, and mortgages with a team of qualified employees. The firm is situated in Florida, and the company’s primary focus will be on banking, which is also its core service date. The organization now manages assets worth about $25.2 billion for its customers. EverBank’s corporate headquarters are located in Brooklyn, Downton, and Jacksonville. The corporation has an illustrious history and is often regarded as one of the oldest banks in the United States.

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