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Cornerstone Asset Metals was founded in 2008 by Terry Sacka to protect his clients’ retirement accounts and oversee their investments. The company operates by storing your precious metals in a gold vault. A membership program also enables their clients to receive free consultations and dividends every month. The company is a private member-owned management company that provides its clients with customized resources, and their storage service is also beneficial.

The organization is managed by authorized management professionals who oversee retirement accounts such as 401(k), gold IRAs, and others that must be backed up and regulated. Cornerstone Asset Metals holds metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The organization was founded to secure millionaires’ money, and they may administer up to ten million dollars on an individual level for a client. The firm deals in precious metals and may assist you in opening new IRA accounts. They will also assist you with a 401(k) rollover.

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about cornerstone

The organization has been operating for a while and has established a reputation as a private bullion dealer, investing in individual retirement accounts and precious metals. Additionally, they offer IRS-approved precious metal bullion such as gold and silver from an LBMA-approved refinery. The BBB, on the other hand, does not certify the business, despite having mentionable reviews on other websites. If you’re interested in diversifying your investment portfolio beyond gold and silver, the organization offers a variety of precious metals. Cornerstone Asset Metals reviews the phrase that they operate in financial advisory and precious metals trading.

The corporation’s headquarters are in Florida in the United States of America. Currently, the firm employs a limited number of people—92 to be precise. Even though they have been in the metal company for an extended period, they have managed to keep their fingers crossed and prudently manage a set number of customers. Terry Sacka serves as the company’s chief strategist. Additionally, he is affiliated with other projects, including the podcast “RIGGED” and Wealth Transfer News Television. Currently, the organization manages more than one million dollars in wealth, and each financial adviser serves no more than twenty customers.

The business works in the best interests of its clients and ensures that their investment is made in the most beneficial place and at the optimal time. Several of the services include the following:

  1. Individuals may now form self-directed individual retirement accounts (SDIRAs), which enable investors to be more active in their financial decisions and are much more advantageous than typical retirement plans.
  2. Individuals may convert their standard IRAs to self-directed IRAs. The process is quick.
  3. Investing in Precious Metals: The firm offers the finest bullion products that have been authorized by the Internal Revenue Service, such as gold and silver coins and bars. Additionally, they trade palladium and platinum bullion. However, the firm does not disclose the kind of metals it offers on its website.
  4. Cornerstone Asset Metals reviews undoubtedly demonstrate that the company manages its customers’ investment portfolios with accredited asset management specialists and tries to ensure the safety of its assets. The organization provides a gold IRA, enabling you to invest in precious metals and store them in their storage facility.

Accredited Asset Management Specialist

The Cornerstone Asset Metals reviews are also exceptionally fair as they employ accredited asset management specialists that effectively manage their customers via effective communication and attention. The firm is managed by professionals and has generated about nineteen million dollars in income so far—the firm services the state of Michigan, with an average customer value of around $72,000. The personnel are highly rated and work diligently to maximize their customers’ savings.

Why Purchase Precious Metals?

  • silver investment

Many individuals are fearful about investing in precious metals. Unlike the stock market and mutual funds, metals do not pay interest. Additionally, you are responsible for their storage and custodial expenses, which is why it is not a desirable investment for investors. However, stock markets are volatile, and in this environment, precious metals help stabilize a client’s portfolio. Metals such as gold and silver do not degrade in value since their intrinsic worth is fixed. Apart from that, most bullion is often regarded as rare, mainly pre-1933 coins—the price of gold or silver coins varies according to the quality and period of mintage. Thus, coins have a collectible component in addition to their melt value. Cornerstone Asset Metals offers refund options, which are excellent options. Unlike real estate and the stock market, precious metals investments are very distinct.

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Cornerstone Asset Metals Offers…

The business provides various services, the majority of which are linked to precious metals as a source of a diversified portfolio. They incorporated a membership scheme for investors to ensure their money was protected. For only $25, you can get a membership pack here. You may use these packages to access different programs and services offered by investors. Moreover, members get a free service with a certified management member, unlike many other investment companies. The company offers products from an LBMA-approved refinery that is appreciated by consumers today.

They sell a variety of IRS-approved Cornerstone Mint products straight to the public. The current rate determines the price of these metals. However, you may keep the metals in an IRS-approved depository such as companies listed on the web. You have two metal storage choices providing accurate commodities.

A self-directed IRA and a rollover 401(k) scheme are in place (k). Thus, consumers may fund their IRA accounts with cash or tangible assets. Apart from other distinctive coins, the firm produces the Cornerstone Crown Silver Coin.

If you want to invest in the company, read through the Cornerstone Asset Metals reviews; you must do so via their “membership for investors” option. You may invest as little as $995 in gold bullion here.

Red Flags of Cornerstone Asset Metals

The firm raises many red flags regarding accurate and reliable information for clients. The first will be the company’s reviews. Despite its longevity, the company’s digital presence is lacking.

  • The Cornerstone mint products are offered only in many countries, including Switzerland (ministries nationwide), Denmark, Canada, and Australia.
  • The company’s stock is privately owned and traded. Therefore, if you want to participate in the firm, you must first pay for the shares and acquire them.
  • Cornerstone Asset Metals provides financial services but not tax management.
  • The organization is asset-based and will not assist you with stock or real estate investments.
  • Palladium and platinum are not typically included in the list of precious metals.
Other companies that may be more reputable include:  Gold Trust FinancialAmerican Bullion, and Goldcore.

Cornerstone Asset Metals Reviews

cornerstone gold

The Cornerstone Asset Metals reviews are on various websites, and they are not accredited by any international association either. We’ve summarized a few of them below to help you understand what they are and whether you should invest in them or not. You can always look for better companies with good reviews.

Trust Link

This site has three Cornerstone Asset Metals reviews. On the other hand, Cornerstone Asset Metals earned five stars from each. The majority of studies felt that the firm is trustworthy and upholds its ethical and ethical standards.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB does not accredit Cornerstone Asset Metals, and there is no rating or review for the company.

Alliance of Business and Consumers (BCA)

BCA has assigned the firm a AAA rating. However, this Cornerstone Asset Metals reviews here lack any notable mentions.

Trust Pilot

Cornerstone Asset Metals is similarly unrated on this site.


The firm has a 3.3 rating based on three reviews on this site.

Alternatively, you can check out the SD Bullion company if you want to look into a competitor.


Cornerstone Asset Metals reviews show a favorable reputation in the financial community and investment companies that have worked diligently to achieve their present position. The organization maintains an open line of contact with its customers and updates investment information regularly. Consumers today look for companies with the highest standards. The company was ranked as the best all-around investment company back in 2014. While they lack a remarkable online presence, they have an exceptional track record and are one of Miami’s most well-known asset management and investment organizations for the finest bullion products.

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