Citizens Gold Trust Review

Citizens Gold Trust Review: Is It the Right Gold Investment for You?

Do you want to know whether a gold IRA is the best option for your retirement savings? It’s reasonable to plan for the future by opening an eligible retirement account, such as a 401(k) or an IRA.

Still, it’s also natural to be concerned about the future of your portfolio. After all, whether your retirement savings succeed or fail may have a huge influence on your economic well-being in the future.

With today’s economic environment defined by weak economies, future recessions, international conflicts, increasing inflation, high levels of debt, and a declining dollar, it’s critical to consider these things when deciding how to plan for retirement.

In this Citizens Gold Trust review, we’ll go into the company in detail and why you should consider it for your next gold IRA investment.

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AlertWe feel that rocky markets are ahead and that many of you are making financial decisions aimed at keeping your hard earned savings intact.  

We also know the difficulty that goes into choosing a company you can put your trust in when buying precious metals.  This is why we performed years of research to help investors make an informed decision.  

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What Is Citizens Gold Trust?

Citizens Gold Trust is an advertisement landing page for Gold Alliance, offering information and resources to potential investors. The company believes that you can only have faith in what you can hold in your hands, which is why this site exists to advertise the security and potential of tangible precious metals.

This company’s goal is to teach industrious Americans how to prevent stock market volatility by investing in precious metals in a portfolio of their choosing to endure future financial crises and stock market volatility. You can contact Citizens Gold Trust with any queries or issues regarding their services.

It is crucial to remember that the choice to buy or sell precious metals and which ones are entirely up to you to decide. However, it would be best to make these decisions after performing your research and using caution and judgment.

Citizens Gold Trust offers precious metals bullion, collectible and bullion coins, all of which have risks and benefits. These investments may not be suited for everyone, and the business cannot promise or indicate that any metals acquired will gain at all or enough to generate a profit.

The firm’s material is generic in nature and is given only for informative reasons. It doesn’t provide tax, legal, accounting, or financial advice or any other kind of professional advice.

How Can Citizens Gold Trust Help You?

Citizens Gold Trust offers a wide range of precious metal products for qualified accounts, including:

  1. Gold and silver IRAs: Individuals can move assets from their current IRA to a new, self-owned account and then use Citizens Gold Trust to acquire actual gold and silver for their new individual retirement account.
  2. 401 (K)s: Investors can transfer assets from their 401(k) or other eligible accounts, such as a 401(a), 403(b), 457, Thrift Savings Plans, or annuities, to Citizens Gold Trust in addition to moving cash from an existing IRA. Every step of the way, the company’s devoted staff is there to help customers with the transfer process.
  3. Precious metals for direct delivery: Those who want to buy precious metals outside of an IRA may do so in cash, by check, or by wire transfer via Citizens Gold Trust. The company delivers the precious metals through registered and insured US Mail to the client’s address or a precious metals depository of their choice.
  4. Free market insights: It keeps clients informed and helps them make smart decisions by featuring industry experts who write and curate the thoughts of leading financial minds from around the world.
  5. Free consultations: This firm provides free gold IRA consultations to help clients discover how to safeguard their buying power with physical gold and silver inside or outside an IRA.

Easily Acquire and Hold Precious Metals in an IRA

Easily Acquire and Hold Precious Metals in an IRA

Individuals can easily keep actual gold and silver in their IRA with Citizens Gold Trust. The company’s objective is to assist consumers in attaining financial stability by owning physical precious metals, and it provides personalized care to guarantee a great experience.

Citizens Gold Trust can assist customers in understanding the advantages of gold and silver and the process of purchasing and selling these precious metals. Anyone who creates a new precious metals IRA with the firm should expect a smooth and straightforward process:

  1. This company will help complete the papers necessary to start a self-directed IRA account with a qualified custodian in the client’s name and control.
  2. The customer may fund their self-directed IRA account in as little as three days by authorizing the transfer of assets from an existing 401(k), IRA, or other eligible retirement plans.
  3. Now, the customer is prepared to purchase genuine gold and silver for their precious metals IRA and benefit from the security it provides for their retirement assets.

A Specialized Custodian Will Administer Your Gold IRA

Citizens Gold Trust offers

Citizens Gold Trust works with IRA custodians that are experts in self-directed IRAs. To provide the highest protection and the best experience, the company recommends Goldstar Trust, Preferred Trust, and Equity Trust as custodians. These custodians are known for administering IRAs correctly to comply with the law, giving clients peace of mind.

A custodian is a priceless resource for answering questions about administering a precious metals IRA account. Still, clients are welcome to contact Citizens Gold Trust with any questions. It is also essential to note that the law requires every IRA to be administered by a custodian.

Which Depository Is Best for Gold IRAs?

Citizens Gold Trust recommends the Delaware Depository for depositing precious metals in a Gold IRA. The repository has proper insurance by a Florida LLC, London Underwriters, and complies with IRS standards for IRA asset storage.

Physical precious metals are held at the Delaware Depository and kept off-balance-sheet, meaning the corporation is debt-free and does not lend, pledge, or encumber bullion. This gives additional security against creditors for your precious metals.

The Delaware Depository’s reinforced, entry-controlled buildings cover 72,000 sq. feet and are outfitted with cutting-edge security technology and Class 3 vaults. Also, this corporation has extensive inventory management and reporting approaches.

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The Bottom Line

The company allows people to invest in gold by purchasing gold trust units. In this Citizens Gold Trust review, we’ve seen that the firm’s goal is to make it as simple as possible to create a precious metals IRA and buy genuine gold and silver to preserve retirement assets.

It proposes the Delaware Depository for safe precious metal storage, which is fully insured and in accordance with IRS laws. Individuals should properly investigate and analyze any investment option, including Citizens Gold Trust, to decide if it is appropriate for their financial goals and risk tolerance.

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