Cayman Financial Review Acquires Is Being Acquired by

Cayman Financial Review has completed it’s acquisition of, a leading informational source on the topic of gold and precious metals investing, CEO Arthur Karter announced on June 6, 2023. The domain was previously owned by What is Gold, LLC. All assets and content is being acquired in order to enhance the online positioning of Cayman Financial Review.

This acquisition continues the expansion of the focus on precious metals education, something that the company has focused on with inflation at an all time high.

Gold and silver prices continue to rise amid market turbulence in the United States, and adding this valuable asset continues Cayman Financial’s aggressive approach at being the top educational website on the topic of using precious metals as an inflation hedge.

What is Gold, LLC will focus on other ventures and will assist with the transition. All past content, assets, and publications are also being acquired in the transaction.

About What is Gold

What is gold was a leading publisher of gold investing. The company published popular guides that helped consumers invest in gold bars, coins, and even talked about the historical prices of gold over time.

About Cayman Financial Review

Cayman Financial Review is a financial publication that has moved their offices to the United States after hiring long-time IRA Investing educator Tim Schmidt to its team to be in charge of Business Development.

The growing staff includes self-made investors who actively trade and cover market conditions.

The all cash deal has been closed with the assistance of

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