Cayman Financial Review Acquires is Being Acquired by

Arthur Karter, CEO of Cayman Financial Review, a leading financial publication with offices in Grand Cayman and Florida, is pleased to announce the acquisition of, a leading website led by astute investor Kevin Lee.

Acquiring this website will help Cayman Financial Review continue to build assets in the precious metals space, as well as gain access to Kevin Lee’s expertise in alternative investments.

2023 has been a busy year for Cayman Financial Review, as it’s already made two prior acquisitions. This third one helps them continue growing in their popular publication among trying times in the USA as the country prepares for an election year in 2024.

Kevin Lee started in 1998 and mostly discussed alternative investments such as gold IRAS, silver, and diamonds. He also covered cryptocurrency for a brief time.

Cayman Financial Review will use this strategic acquisition to continue building its roster of investment authors as well as gain intelligence from Lee about alternative investments.

About Ice Gold

Ice Gold advised readers on investing in diamonds, engagement rings, and other jewelry before expanding into finance. A known “value trader,” founder Kevin Lee also covered cryptocurrency when the industry was in its infancy. Having no desire for bringing attention to fly by night, unregulated companies, he grew tired of covering the space and moved on to precious metals investing.

About Cayman Financial Review

Cayman Financial Review is a financial publication originally based in Georgetown, Cayman Islands, but is now based in Weston, Florida.  The company has been making huge moves this year, including hiring IRA Investing expert Tim Schmidt to fully cover the topic of which gold IRA company is the best?

A long time veteran who has been featured in USA Today,, Tech Times, and more, Schmidt sifted through 100’s of companies before investing. You can read his Goldco review to find out why he chose them for his precious metals IRA.

A full list of companies he’s investigated appears on the Precious Metals Guides page.

The publication educates investors about market trends, inflation, and alternative investments. The team is made up of self made investors looking to grow their following through weekly blog updates about what’s happening in the market.

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