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Arthur Karter, CEO of Cayman Financial Review, a leading financial publication with offices in Grand Cayman and Florida, is pleased to announce the acquisition of, a domain previously owned by Tom Chao, a global collector of paper money. Tom built the website to document his rare paper money finds and had one goal in mind: to collect at least one note from each country issuing paper money in the world.

This strategic acquisition allows Cayman Financial Review to expand its services to assist people looking for information about global currency and bank notes.

As the team at Cayman Financial Review has been busy covering economic turbulence, bank collapses, and precious metals, this acquisition also allows the company to expand it’s popular content about coin collecting and finding the value of rare coins.

Tom Chao has moved on from his store selling rare paper money and documenting his world travels as he sought after rare currency.

Cayman Financial Review intends to use this domain acquisition as a building block to continue to increase their global reach as it pertains to finance, currency, and investing in gold for retirement. The company continues to grow and build as the financial markets continue to provide uncertainty.

Earlier this year, the company hired long time IRA Investing founder Tim Schmidt to their editorial team.

About Tom Chao

Tom Chao was a collector of paper money. He started his collecting in 1991 when he invested in a mail order package of 50 different currencies that were uncirculated. His investment was $9.95. His philosophy was to purchase paper notes for under $1 and grow the collection until he held a note from every country in the world. Over time he started to collect more expensive notes and began to sell off more of the “penny” bank notes. His collection was largely obtained from online dealers and auction houses.

About Cayman Financial Review

Cayman Financial Review is a financial publication that originated in Georgetown, Cayman Islands, and has since set up a home base in Weston, Florida.  The company publishes educational guides on topics such as how to convert your 401k to physical gold, as well as shares first hand information based on actual investing experiences with companies like Goldco.

The team is made up of self-made investors who share their takes on financial markets. Currency, coins, gold bars for investment, and retirement investing are topics that make up most of the coverage in addition to keeping a pulse on inflation numbers.

The company is known for their firm stance on adding precious metals like gold and silver to their retirement portfolio (gold IRA) in an effort to balance investments and get through market turbulence and sell-offs without having to worry about retirement accounts losing value.

Earlier this year, we added seasoned veteran and founder Tim Schmidt to the team.  You can read about it here.  He’s a very strong asset to us and has personal experience investing in gold through his IRA.

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