Challenges for the captive industry in 2016

There are three, at least, major threats/opportunities for captives as we enter a new year. These immediate three are 1) changing state regulations, 2)...

New regulatory changes make funding for startups easier

On May 16, Americans will get a new way to both raise and invest capital. The long-awaited investment crowdfunding law will be live, more...

Testamentary freedom, wills and succession

Testamentary freedom has been in the legal press again recently, this time as a consequence of the introduction of the EU Succession Regulation (No.650/2012)...

Is a preapproval regime for complex financial products feasible?

Usually, discussions of the risks posed by complex financial products focus on the people and institutions that invest in those products. This ensures that...

Exchange trading rules and local investor protection matter for global stock trading

Stock exchanges around the world place a great importance on market efficiency and integrity, and they invest considerable resources in providing the ideal regulatory...

Regulating online gambling

The globe is a patchwork of laws on various “sin” activities:  alcohol, drugs, prostitution, pornography and gambling. Prior to the internet, however, citizens of...

Privacy again at stake in BEPS fight

Problems with the OECD’s work on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) are numerous and will likely lead to a variety of negative consequences....

Quarterly review

Economy Economy grew slower than predicted in 2015 While economists previously predicted the gross domestic product for the Cayman Islands would grow by 2.1 percent in...

Should companies always fess up to corruption?

Famed financier Warren Buffet once advised, “Never ask a barber if you need a haircut.”  Obviously, self-interest could lead the barber to recommend at...

Promoting Cayman in the Middle East

 Given the political nature of any government decision, many may not fully appreciate the need for having a Middle East presence and being proactive to bring inward investment to our Islands.  

Accessing Capital in the Middle East

In the post-global financial crisis world, investors are demanding more rigorous regulation to protect their interests. However, at the same time, investors don’t want regulations that put managers in a straightjacket or weigh funds down with overly burdensome compliance requirements or costs.

Q&A: Fund administration in the Middle East

Apex Fund Services, among the world’s largest independent global fund administration businesses, recently opened an office in the Cayman Islands. Apex provides fund managers with access to key financial centres worldwide and its full suite of administration services, including real-time middle office service and range of fund platforms. CFR spoke with Group Managing Director Peter Hughes about Apex’s business in the Middle East.

The growing popularity of Cayman Islands trusts in the Middle East

Individuals and companies based in the MENA region did not escape investment losses during the global financial crisis. As a result of recent turmoil, many families in the Middle East that have traditionally maintained proprietary wealth are turning to structures that include trusts to address succession planning and asset protection concerns.

Dubai – the making of a financial centre

On any given evening, one just needs to take a stroll along the Dubai Creek to see the dhows that carry goods to and from as far away destinations as India and East Africa just as they did 100 years ago.

Money Laundering challenges in the MENA Region

 The Arab countries comprising the Middle East and North Africa – often referred to as the MENA region – have seen lately series of revolutions in efforts to fight corruption, maintain proper governance and implement political and economic reforms.

Kuwait as a financial centre: Opportunities and challenges

Since his Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah was sworn into office in 2006 as the Emir of the State of Kuwait, he repeatedly expressed his vision and wish of transforming Kuwait into a financial centre.