Cayman’s economy holds strong in the Caribbean

I am excited for Cayman’s future. Sensible financial management by government, developing infrastructure, coupled with an improving U.S. economy all point towards Cayman’s economy leading the region in the months and years to come.


Grey matters

Caught in the act: How hedge funds manipulate their equity positions; A Tiebout model of international regulatory competition, American Political Science Association;  Transfer pricing of intangibles: A comparison between the Netherlands and the United States, Do liquidity or credit effects explain the behaviour of the BKBM-LIBOR differential...

CIFSA update

Sidebar Information: CIFSA The past few months have been the most active and intense period in the Association’s five year history. As the attacks on our...

Unit trusts: Forget-me-not

Read our article in the Cayman Financial Review Magazine, eversion The structuring of investment funds as unit trusts has been and continues to be the...

The Omega Point of economic life (or how to end the Keynes vs. Hayek...

However, there is an irony in our attitude towards our forebears’ belief systems, for we consistently fail to consider that such limits of perception may apply to ourselves. True, such limits may be at a different order of complexity than in the past and thus the old signposts often have very little to offer in terms of where to look.

Behind the SEC’s enforcement statistics: Does the U.S. securities regulator misreport its own performance?

Most countries require all companies incorporated in the jurisdiction to prepare an annual report and share it with their shareholders and usually one or...

Leaner and meaner? A Cayman perspective on hedge fund trends

This article considers recent trends in the hedge fund industry, as seen from the Cayman Islands legal perspective, following the upheaval of the recent global economic downturn.

Attacking low-tax jurisdictions will not help Africa’s growth

The new millennium has brought unprecedented growth and prosperity to much of the developing world.  


Holographic wills

I have written often about the remarkable level of innovation and change that has occurred in the world over the last 30 or so...

Grey matters

 Exporting FATCAJoshua D. Blank and Ruth Mason142 Tax Notes (forthcoming 2014), available at  Abstract The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) represents a powerful response...

Why the current investment climate favors Cayman captives

The sun shines on the Cayman Islands – that’s a given. But it also shines on Cayman’s captive insurance industry, despite record global yields....

Where there’s smoke, is there fire? Some red flags in hedge fund fraud

We have identified certain red flags that we have seen in more than one situation and provide some practical guidance that investors may wish to consider to mitigate the risk of being victims of a fraud. 



Culture, economics, and lessons from the Nordic model

What is unique about Nordic nations is not only that they are cold, but also that throughout most of their recent history they have been dominated by independent farmers.


'Compliance' in the middle, pointing to 'law', 'requirements', 'rules', 'standards', governance', reulations', 'transparancy', 'policies'.

Left behind

The Cayman Islands has had a busy half year when it comes to regulatory compliance. In addition to the rolling out of registration under...

The big five hedge fund expenses

Where do hedge funds allocate most of their spending?

Remedies for economic woes: cut costs and crime

So, what’s happening in the real estate market and what factors are there that may have significant impact on it in the coming months or years? 
Well, Coldwell Banker’s mid-year Market Report is now out in hard copy and on our website. There is not room to reprint it here, but in summary the last six months have continued the downward trend of prices and sales volume.  However, just in the last month or two we have seen a marked increase in activity. Why? Well, there are several possibilities.

Grey Matters: Ankur Poddar, Swati Aggarwal and Peeyush Razdan

 Ankur Poddar, Swati Aggarwal and Peeyush Razdan, “The future of bank secrecy and Switzerland” (11 August 2009). Available at SSRN:      The paper...

Quarterly Review

Banking Offshore banking continues to decline The number of banks in the Cayman Islands dropped by 7 percent in 2015, compared to 2014. The 12-month decline from...

The emergence of Unconstrained Mutual Funds

Unconstrained Mutual Funds (UMFs) have proliferated in the recent past because of their attractive characteristics in an otherwise challenging investment environment. Record-low interest rates,...

How to address increased compliance cost for private funds

In the long run, private fund advisers may decide to forego the services of third party service providers and device strategies that allow them to fulfill their reporting obligations under the Dodd-Frank Act more effectively, thus lowering compliance costs further.


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