Movements in global tax climate a plus for offshore

Tax advantages make investing in Cayman Islands property extremely attractive.

Chris Brummer, How international financial law works (and how it doesn’t)

Main Story: Grey Matters Chris Brummer, How international financial law works (and how it doesn’t) (26 Jan 2010).  Available at AbstractThe “Great Recession”...

CIFSA: Economic Impact Study – Putting a hard number to it

While it is generally accepted among the population that financial services are a significant part of the Islands’ economy, it has always been difficult for most people, even industry executives, to explain just how large the impact is and exactly what benefits the islands receive from hosting the industry. Then, the various stakeholders and special interest groups will have some firm numbers on which to guide their discussions and plans for the future.

Know your score and get to the “sweet spot”: The importance of business...

This article discusses the importance of business process automation within an asset management firm at all stages of development and how these organisations can measure their current processes versus investor expectations.

Rethinking central banking in the 21st century:

From “behind the scene” secretive rulers of the world (Plaza accord in 1985), to the period of great moderation, attributed to monetary policy, when central banking was called “boring” (until 2007), to the recent almost celebrity status of some central banks and governors.

Freezing in the sunshine

Many of us are already aware that it is an offense under the Terrorism Law (2015 Revision), as amended, to provide or to make...

An industry in flux

There is no escape from the impact of the global financial crisis and, like the rest of the world, Cayman has started to feel its full force during the past year.

Vladimir Putin and ‘de-offshorization’:

In his 2012 address, Putin declared that the level of offshore investments and ownership was so high that nine out of ten transactions made by Russian companies were made under foreign, not Russian law.


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Staying a step ahead: A new wealth structuring forum for Cayman

Demonstrating that the Cayman Islands is a well-regulated, innovative, and sophisticated international financial center is the responsibility of everyone who is engaged in the...

Grey matters

Are cryptocurrencies super tax havens?Omri Marian, 112 MICH. L. REV. FIRST IMPRESSIONS (forthcoming 2013)This short essay describes the mechanisms by which cryptocurrencies – a...

About IMAC

Back to Main Story: Growth with purpose Canada TIEA establishes a new era for Cayman captives  The Insurance Managers Association of CaymanThe Insurance Managers Association of Cayman...

Conflicts of interest between investment managers and their investors:

All investment management firms need to pay very careful attention to a recent paper issued by the UK’s Financial Services Authority (FSA) concerning the management of conflicts of interest between asset management firms and their customers.  


Immigration and politics

Today, through the grace of God, and the right legislation at the right time, the Cayman Islands is now a land of opportunity and has placed us in a position to return the hospitality that was once provided to many of our ancestors who traveled overseas to make a better life. 


Crypto: The need to know

If the answer to the question “how does the Cayman Islands treat crypto-currency or digital tokens?” is still “we have not decided,” there may...

Naked shorting and market volatility

In the summer of 2010, amidst the European debt crisis, the German Finance Minister Schäuble, when commenting on the financial industries complaints about financial reform, said “if you want to drain a swamp, you don’t ask the frogs for an objective assessment of the situation”.

Real Estate Review: Time for a Caymanian overhaul

As the Baby Boomers age, finding ways to earn passive income has become more important. Many of them are ready to retire from their regular jobs and have been looking to supplement pensions, retirement accounts and Social Security to enable them to retain their usual lifestyle.
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