Grey matters

Hedge Funds   Hedge Fund Activism, Poison Pills, and the Jurisprudence of Threat William W. Bratton U of Penn, Inst for Law & Econ Research Paper No. 16-20,...

Grey matters

 Barriers to Market Discipline: A Comparative Study of Mortgage Market Reforms; A Partial Race to the Bottom; The Financial Crisis and the Forgotten Law of Contracts... 

Basel III: The key to perennial deficits?

In the aftermath of the 2008 global economic crisis, governments around the world have adopted new capitalization requirements for financial institutions. Known as Basel...

Captive collateral… are you leaving money on the table?

Due in large part to the financial crisis that has plagued the global banking system, letters of credit (LOCs) continue to be more expensive and harder to find. For those that are wondering “When are LOC fees going to go down?”

Why Cayman Islands trustees need to care about UK tax

Tax is a tricky subject at the best of times. Whilst it is difficult to get accurate figures, some estimates of the length of...

Promoting Cayman in the Middle East

 Given the political nature of any government decision, many may not fully appreciate the need for having a Middle East presence and being proactive to bring inward investment to our Islands.  

Where there’s smoke, is there fire? Some red flags in hedge fund fraud

We have identified certain red flags that we have seen in more than one situation and provide some practical guidance that investors may wish to consider to mitigate the risk of being victims of a fraud. 



Unit trusts: Forget-me-not

Read our article in the Cayman Financial Review Magazine, eversion The structuring of investment funds as unit trusts has been and continues to be the...

Fund governance that runs like a Swiss watch

In the current investment climate, is any institutional investor going to invest in your fund if your service providers deliver an unregulated service?

Effective risk management is not proprietary: The disclosure paradox

It has long been accepted that risk management is a core competency for generating absolute returns within a hedge fund strategy. Prior to the market downturn, hedge fund managers were able to diffuse investor requests for greater transparency in risk-management practices. However, investors, directors and regulators have been startled by the scope and magnitude of losses resulting from the market downturn and credit crisis, as well as recent breaches of fiduciary trust.

Beware of unwanted side effects from side letters

In the current competitive hedge fund marketplace the use of side letters between investors and funds has become commonplace. Side letters are used by funds and fund managers to draw in investors who jockey for the most favourable terms possible.   


Why Cayman Islands Trustees need to care about UK tax – December 2017

1 U.K. tax obligations of people connected to trusts Part 1 of this article, appearing in last quarter’s Cayman Financial Review, looked at the main...

Switzerland’s financial market regulation in the age of Fintech

Financial market regulation has become a hot topic: With the advent of Fintech, startups building their novel business models flock to jurisdictions that offer...

Third Quarter 2013

Politics and Government, Judiciary and Financial services review from Editor Michael Klein. 


The Fight Against International Corruption – Other Jurisdictions

Side Bar - Other JurisdictionsSingapore Corrupt Practices Investigation BureauEstablished: Hong KongIndependent Commission Against CorruptionEstablished: 1974 South Wales, AustraliaIndependent Commission Against Corruption Established:...

The war against cash in Europe

There are good reasons why the debate on cash is heating up right now. While European governments and central banks have stepped up capital controls...
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Who should run the banks?

The financial crisis whose tenth anniversary we have just commemorated led many people to worry about the seeming asymmetry of rewards in the banking...

Competition, innovation and best practice

In order to compete successfully for the financial flows that are the lifeblood of a financial center they must differentiate themselves. Offshore centers are currently at a disadvantage due to reputational damage they have suffered over the last six or seven years. 


Grey matters

Read our article in the Cayman Financial Review Magazine, eversion Michael Barzuza, Market segmentation: The rise of Nevada as a liability-free jurisdictionVirginia Law and Economics...

Cayman’s economy holds strong in the Caribbean

I am excited for Cayman’s future. Sensible financial management by government, developing infrastructure, coupled with an improving U.S. economy all point towards Cayman’s economy leading the region in the months and years to come.


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