Q&A: Fund administration in the Middle East

Apex Fund Services, among the world’s largest independent global fund administration businesses, recently opened an office in the Cayman Islands. Apex provides fund managers with access to key financial centres worldwide and its full suite of administration services, including real-time middle office service and range of fund platforms. CFR spoke with Group Managing Director Peter Hughes about Apex’s business in the Middle East.

Lesson learned…?

During the credit crisis, investment funds utilised a variety of techniques to prevent significant redemptions from causing crystallisation of losses on trades; 

Private equity investment into Africa: The Cayman and Mauritius route

The invitation in December 2010 by China to South Africa to join the BRIC group of major emerging economies, to create the ‘BRICS’ acronym, has heralded a new dawn, not only for the nation of South Africa, but arguably for the continent of Africa as a whole.

Movements in global tax climate a plus for offshore

Tax advantages make investing in Cayman Islands property extremely attractive.

About IMAC

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Transparency for fund directorships: It’s already here

The Cayman director class has not helped its cause as some (but by no means all) of its members resist exercising self-restraint, do not limit the number of directorships they take on, and become rather defensive and secretive when asked about the number of directorships they hold.


Making FATCA fair

The Cayman Islands Government recently announced that it had concluded negotiations with the United States on a Model 1 intergovernmental agreement with regard to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and a new tax information exchange agreement (TIEA) also with the U.S.


Which way, the stream of time? The 2010 economic and regulatory outlook for US...

If you are a hedge fund manager with ties to the United States, you have a full plate. Never mind the basic challenges of generating positive performance on your portfolios and profitably running your business.

Onshore’s Greatest Hits – Pressure on OFCs Nothing New

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Real Estate Review: Time for a Caymanian overhaul

As the Baby Boomers age, finding ways to earn passive income has become more important. Many of them are ready to retire from their regular jobs and have been looking to supplement pensions, retirement accounts and Social Security to enable them to retain their usual lifestyle.

Quarterly Review

Banking Offshore banking continues to decline The number of banks in the Cayman Islands dropped by 7 percent in 2015, compared to 2014. The 12-month decline from...

AIFMD: Taking stock and next steps

On 11 November 2010, after nearly two years of lobbying and debate, the European Parliament adopted the final text of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive.

Security vs. security: The trade-offs in financial surveillance

For decades, a number of regulatory programs aimed at the financial services sector have been recognized as threats to financial privacy. Taxation and financial...

Chris Brummer, How international financial law works (and how it doesn’t)

Main Story: Grey Matters Chris Brummer, How international financial law works (and how it doesn’t) (26 Jan 2010).  Available at http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1542829 AbstractThe “Great Recession”...

Testamentary freedom, wills and succession

Testamentary freedom has been in the legal press again recently, this time as a consequence of the introduction of the EU Succession Regulation (No.650/2012)...

Grey matters

Read the article in the Cayman Financial Review Magazine CFR: Data privacy in financial affairs is important in large part because we worry what governments...

Why gold?

In 1971 President Nixon delinked the dollar from gold, putting an end to the Bretton Woods System that had ruled the world’s monetary systems since the end of World War II.

Grey matters

Caught in the act: How hedge funds manipulate their equity positions; A Tiebout model of international regulatory competition, American Political Science Association;  Transfer pricing of intangibles: A comparison between the Netherlands and the United States, Do liquidity or credit effects explain the behaviour of the BKBM-LIBOR differential...

Something real positive – at last!

Here we are in the middle of summer which is not the usual time for good news in the Caribbean real estate markets. And further, I am not known for trying to make positive predictions without good solid evidence to support it.

Forging ahead: AIMA addresses the times

As the newly elected Alternative Investment Management Association Cayman executive council gathered for their first meeting and a discussion on the state of current issues ensued, it quickly became apparent that the group had its work cut out.