Madoff: Red flags

The US$50b fraud by Bernard Madoff’s investment advisory and broker-dealer firms had an equally outsized list of red flags. Several ways in which Madoff carried out his operations were not only highly unusual but also gave him more discretion over his operations and subjected his activities to less scrutiny than a typical investment adviser or broker-dealer. Notably

The key to diversification

Much discussion has taken place over the past couple of years on the need for Cayman to expand its reliance on its two traditional economic pillars – financial services and tourism – and its quickly developing third, real estate, and look to embrace new forms of industry that will fit seamlessly with existing business, while at the same time broaden Cayman’s economic reach.


The Omega Point of economic life (or how to end the Keynes vs. Hayek...

However, there is an irony in our attitude towards our forebears’ belief systems, for we consistently fail to consider that such limits of perception may apply to ourselves. True, such limits may be at a different order of complexity than in the past and thus the old signposts often have very little to offer in terms of where to look.

Quarterly review

Economy Economy grew slower than predicted in 2015 While economists previously predicted the gross domestic product for the Cayman Islands would grow by 2.1 percent in...

The future of money.

Rapidly evolving technology and the most recent and ongoing financial crisis promise to significantly change the future of money. To look into the crystal ball for clues to its future, we must first agree on what money is.

The big five hedge fund expenses

Where do hedge funds allocate most of their spending?

The growing popularity of Cayman Islands trusts in the Middle East

Individuals and companies based in the MENA region did not escape investment losses during the global financial crisis. As a result of recent turmoil, many families in the Middle East that have traditionally maintained proprietary wealth are turning to structures that include trusts to address succession planning and asset protection concerns.

Grey matters

The Long Arm of Section 337: International Trade Law as a Global Business Remedy, American Business Law Journal (forthcoming) Marisa Anne Pagnattaro & Stephen...

Switzerland’s financial market regulation in the age of Fintech

Financial market regulation has become a hot topic: With the advent of Fintech, startups building their novel business models flock to jurisdictions that offer...

Hedge fund valuations: The importance of a robust process, applied with rigour

Politicians make much of sharing values with their constituents, though they struggle at times to elucidate precisely what those values are and what it is that is of value to both sides of the equation.


Updates further enhance Cayman’s appeal

The Cayman Islands has for decades been one of the world’s leading banking and financial centers, currently ranking as the fifth largest banking centre worldwide, with over 200 banks, including 40 of the world’s 50 largest banks, and over US$1.5 trillion in assets. 


The Fight Against International Corruption – Other Jurisdictions

Side Bar - Other JurisdictionsSingapore Corrupt Practices Investigation BureauEstablished: Hong KongIndependent Commission Against CorruptionEstablished: 1974 South Wales, AustraliaIndependent Commission Against Corruption Established:...

Unit trusts: Forget-me-not

Read our article in the Cayman Financial Review Magazine, eversion The structuring of investment funds as unit trusts has been and continues to be the...

Grey matters

 Barriers to Market Discipline: A Comparative Study of Mortgage Market Reforms; A Partial Race to the Bottom; The Financial Crisis and the Forgotten Law of Contracts... 

Attacking low-tax jurisdictions will not help Africa’s growth

The new millennium has brought unprecedented growth and prosperity to much of the developing world.  


Privacy again at stake in BEPS fight

Problems with the OECD’s work on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) are numerous and will likely lead to a variety of negative consequences....

Grey matters

Read the article in the Cayman Financial Review Magazine The Cyprus debt: Perfect crisis and a way forward, Wharton Working Paper No. 13-09Stavros A ZeniosAvailable...
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Substance over form: the sine qua non of international tax planning in the age...

In October 2015, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) issued its report on its BEPS Project titled: OECD/G20 Base Erosion and Profit...

Current status of Islamic finance in the United States

Islamic finance is the fastest growing sector in the financial services industry, having grown by over 20 per cent annually in recent years, and estimates of current global Islamic banking assets under management range up to $1 trillion.

Conflicts of interest between investment managers and their investors:

All investment management firms need to pay very careful attention to a recent paper issued by the UK’s Financial Services Authority (FSA) concerning the management of conflicts of interest between asset management firms and their customers.  


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