Switzerland’s financial market regulation in the age of Fintech

Financial market regulation has become a hot topic: With the advent of Fintech, startups building their novel business models flock to jurisdictions that offer...

Competition, innovation and best practice

In order to compete successfully for the financial flows that are the lifeblood of a financial center they must differentiate themselves. Offshore centers are currently at a disadvantage due to reputational damage they have suffered over the last six or seven years. 


How Cayman should benefit from the FATCA signing

Some see the inking of these agreements as a further erosion of Cayman’s strict privacy laws that have helped the location build a successful wealth management industry for those who need to keep their financial affairs private for reasons of safety and so on.   


The global financial crisis and the Financial Stability Forum:

Main Story: Grey Matters Enrique R. Carrasco, The global financial crisis and the Financial Stability Forum: The awakening and transformation of an international body,...

Forging ahead: AIMA addresses the times

As the newly elected Alternative Investment Management Association Cayman executive council gathered for their first meeting and a discussion on the state of current issues ensued, it quickly became apparent that the group had its work cut out.

Taking the softly softly approach

During the course of the fund industry’s slow yet sure recovery from the fallout of the global credit crisis, it has become increasingly apparent that prudently structured investment funds of all types should strongly consider including provisions in their constitutional documentation contemplating a “soft wind down”.

A future without money


Basel III: The key to perennial deficits?

In the aftermath of the 2008 global economic crisis, governments around the world have adopted new capitalization requirements for financial institutions. Known as Basel...

Cayman Islands funds – entering the gateway to capital markets in India

By way of background, the IOSCO Objectives and Principles of Securities Regulation were endorsed by its member regulators of various securities and futures markets in 1998, and generally are viewed by securities regulators as the key international benchmark on sound principles and practices for securities regulation.

IFC Forum: Activities update

The recent global economic climate has been pretty desperate. Many large, previously well-established and thriving economies found themselves with huge fiscal black holes. The ugly fallout included a knee-jerk backlash against international financial centers 


Why Cayman Islands Trustees need to care about UK tax – December 2017

1 U.K. tax obligations of people connected to trusts Part 1 of this article, appearing in last quarter’s Cayman Financial Review, looked at the main...

Grey matters

Read the article in the Cayman Financial Review Magazine The Cyprus debt: Perfect crisis and a way forward, Wharton Working Paper No. 13-09Stavros A ZeniosAvailable...

Cayman Finance

  For more information contact:Cayman Financec/o Tower Marketing494 Shedden RoadGrand CaymanCayman IslandsT: +1 (345) 623 6700E: [email protected] W: www.caymanfinance.kyBack to Main Story:The US election...

Beware of unwanted side effects from side letters

In the current competitive hedge fund marketplace the use of side letters between investors and funds has become commonplace. Side letters are used by funds and fund managers to draw in investors who jockey for the most favourable terms possible.   


Quarterly Review

Cayman’s economy expanded 1.5 percent in first quarter.  The Cayman Islands gross domestic product expanded in the first quarter, boosted by significant growth of more than 4 percent in tourism-related sectors, including hotels and restaurants, transport and retail. 


Category Five

Still reeling from the passage of the “Spanish Ladies” in September, the catastrophic hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Island nations of the Caribbean are,...

Hedge Fund industry outlook 2011

Here we are, another year coming to a close. 2010 has truly been filled with uncertainty, anticipation and drama. Yet without all those elements, the hedge fund industry would not be the industry we know and love.

Trade and shipping: The world is not flat anymore

It was a decade ago when a celebrated book claimed that now we lived in a world that was flat: technology in a post-Berlin-Wall-world...

Grey matters: Douglas J. Cumming and Na Dai, “Capital flows and hedge fund...

Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 2009. Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1441505Abstract:This paper introduces a cross-country law and finance analysis of the regulatory impact on the...

Anguilla’s indigenous banking crisis: An in-depth analysis and lessons for the region

On Aug. 12, 2013, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank took control of Anguilla’s two indigenous banks, the National Bank of Anguilla Limited (NBA) and...
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