The future of small stock exchanges and technical listings

There is clearly a need to differentiate between stock exchanges that are geared to domestic company listings and those that focus on what is often described as a “technical listing” exchange.    


Where are the SuperEntrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship matters. And the rate of entrepreneurship differs across the Atlantic. Of the 100 largest public companies in the U.S., 31 were founded by an entrepreneur during the post-war era. In Europe, the corresponding figure is only seven out of the 100 largest firms.  


How data is changing the e-discovery landscape

With explosive growth in data volumes and technological trends driving business innovation, computer assisted review is no longer the future of discovery, it is already here and changing the way we look at information.


Protecting privacy

The British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands have both come under even heavier scrutiny than usual after data leaks published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists last year revealed the identities of thousands of companies’ owners...


Too little scrutiny of G20 plans

The meeting of the finance ministers of the G20 countries in Sydney in February produced the usual and predictable homilies that so often are the product of such meetings. Most of the time what happens at such meetings can be safely ignored. 


Technology as an enabler for change

On 24 February 2011, over 70 attendees gave up their time to preview version 7 of the Viewpoint application at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. Version 7 promises closer integration between modules and a seamless workflow process.

Penetration testing and web application security

Many organisations perform penetration tests on their computer networks (also called ethical hacking). These tests are attempts to breach network defences from the Internet in order to identify security weaknesses and implement remediation measures.

Unified Communications: Can your business afford to be left behind

The telecommunications industry is constantly undergoing tremendous change and development. Just as the development of mobile communications dramatically changed and improved how we communicated and worked, I believe the new developments in unified communications have the potential to similarly impact how businesses operate and communicate.

See the bigger picture

Today’s successful businesses are driven by evolving technology and innovation. They are early adopters of technology, they embrace innovation and their customers are forward thinking end users.  In the industry of architecture and design these businesses are on the cusp of becoming mainstream as the idea of ‘future-proof building’ is increasingly becoming as ...

International Financial Reporting Standards – what do they have to offer?

Over the years we have moved closer and closer to globalisation and globalised economies. Those in doubt just need to look no further than the current global economic collapse

Growth by acquisition presents security and management challenges

The financial institution was growing by leaps and bounds. Business managers had a plan for growth by acquisition and they were implementing it. The first acquisition was in Grand Cayman. From there financial institutions located in five other island countries were acquired in quick succession. The Chief Information Officer was tasked with enabling the cost efficiencies the business side was looking for. Where were the economies of scale? Why couldn’t the operations be consolidated?

Business Performance management: Seeing the wood within the trees

These appear simple questions on the face of it, but gaining frequent, timely and accurate answers can be difficult to accomplish in practice.

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