Letterbox companies in the EU

Both in press and legal literature there are often references to letterbox companies. Sometimes different names are used, such as mailbox companies, brass-plate companies, shell...

Innovation and patent boxes are unsound tax policy

Innovation boxes are not sound tax policy and are difficult to construct properly. Nevertheless, these schemes to offer preferential tax rates to certain types...

KRyS Global

Boutique insolvency, fraud investigations and asset recovery firm KRyS Global expands into Europe with an office in Guernsey.  The firm also launches Ferret, a new product line of technology-based forensic and fraud investigations tools.   


PFS Cayman – the client-focused directorship model

See our Profiles in the CFR eversion CLIENT FOCUSED  Independent directors have taken some flak recently. Following the financial crisis and the Weavering judgment, questions...

FORM PF Compilation

See our Profiles in the CFR eversion In conjunction with the recent amendments to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, investment advisers who are registered...

BDO Cayman Islands celebrates 10 years in business

See our Profiles in the CFR eversion Since its establishment in the Cayman Islands in October 2002, the office of BDO Cayman has evolved in...

TAX: Refund of EU taxes

Opportunities are available in a number of countries where a non-resident investment fund has been taxed at a rate higher than a resident fund.

Asserting Cayman’s position in Alternative Investments beyond funds

Changing market dynamic s, increased investor awareness – particularly in emerging markets – and the global connectivity of today’s financial community are redefining investment opti ons well beyond the commonly held assets of stocks, bonds or fixed income products.    


Cayman National Corporation profile

Based in the Cayman Islands; providing full business and personal banking services, trust and corporate services, fund administration, wealth management, and insurance brokerage from its headquarters in the Cayman Islands and from Isle of Man and with representative offices in Dubai and Panama.


Hedge Funds Care – Facts

Main Story: Hedge Funds Care Facts1998: Year of inception of Hedge Funds Care2005: Year of inception of Hedge Funds Care Cayman9: Number of Chapters worldwideUS$20m: the...