CIFSA and Cayman Islands Government 13 March 2009 Briefing

Back to story CIFSA: Economic Impact Study - Putting a hard number to itRemarks by CIFSA RepresentativesEduardo D’ Angelo P. Silva, Vice Chairman:The Cayman Islands...

The re-launch of the Cayman Financial Review

This is an exciting moment as we continue to build on the foundations and excellent work laid down by the previous publisher, Paul Byles....

Fighting impunity: Recent international asset recovery efforts to combat corruption

While useful steps are being made by the international community to produce asset recovery policy papers and knowledge products, this should not overshadow the important advances conducted in prosecutors’ offices, law firms, justice ministries and court houses around the world.

Global corruption: Where do we stand?

Many of us have a notion of corruption that is framed by images of envelopes filled with money that business people or their intermediaries give to public officials to gain an undue advantage in contracting, licensing and other business-related processes in all corners of the world. 

History, experience and workings of the Basel Institute on Governance

Initially devoted to developing and promoting compliance industry standards, the Basel Institute on Governance then expanded its activities into anti-money laundering, compliance systems for the private sector, policy advice in the area of anti-corruption ...

Fighting International Corruption – Canadian Law Initiatives

Canada has long had laws prohibiting public corruption within its borders and more recently has enacted legislation respecting corruption of foreign officials. This paper outlines and discusses Canadian approaches to international public corruption by considering Canadian adherence to international conventions, Canadian law per se and ... 

CIMA’s role in Cayman’s Financial Services Industry

Here in the Cayman Islands, it is the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority that has been charged with establishing and overseeing the regulatory foundation and framework on which the country’s financial services industry has been constructed.

Corruption and the Bribery Bill 2009

Nowadays, in the brave new world of globalisation, monitoring is omnipresent, and few countries are bold or foolhardy enough to legislate indifferent to how such formulations will be received. Not only legislation but also policing (not just police) resources and prosecutions/regulation are under scrutiny. 

Agencies & Associations

Government Agencies / Authorities including: Attorney General Auditor General Cayman Islands Department of Tourism Cayman Islands Immigration Cayman Islands Investment Bureau Cayman Islands Monetary Authority >> See related article: CIMA’s role...

World Stock Exchanges

African Stock ExchangesGhanaStock Exchange, Ghana Johannesburg Stock Exchange, South AfricaThe South African Futures Exchange(SAFEX), South AfricaAsian Stock ExchangesSydney Futures Exchange, AustraliaAustralian Stock Exchanges, AustraliaShenzhen...

Part 1: The Early Years – 1960’s: The Cayman Islands:

In the first of a series of articles looking at the development of the Cayman Islands as an offshore financial services centre, Alan Markoff looks at the decade of the 1960s, when the seeds of success first took root. Legend has it that sometime in the 18th Century, a flotilla of ships wrecked close to Grand Cayman. Cayman Islands’ residents rescued the people on those ships, which included as their passengers some British royalty.

Explanations of licensing; supervision; and compliance/enforcement

Main Story:CIMA’s role in Cayman’s Financial Services IndustryLicensingFactors that CIMA considers when deciding whether to approve an application for a licence include whether the...
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