Entering a year of uncertainty and opportunity

The year 2009 delivered a surprisingly strong recovery as equity markets rebounded from the historic financial crisis seen in the second half 2008. The remarkable levels of government investment into the global financial system seem to have rescued the world’s economy from a potential disaster that could have taken decades to recover from.  

Hedge Funds Care – Facts

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Strong performance for Cayman regulated funds in 2007

As many of the G7 countries and international standard setters echo the need for greater transparency in the hedge funds industry, the Cayman Islands...

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Main Article:Strong performance for Cayman regulated funds in 2007

The future of the Cayman financial industry

If the Cayman financial industry were faced with extinction or only the potential of a diminished role, we would not bother providing you with the third edition of the Cayman Financial Review, which you are now reading. Cayman can continue to grow as a financial centre, provided both the new government and the financial industry do more to protect it from the financial imperialism of foreign governments, and provided the private sector – with the support of government – develops new products and continues to improve existing financial services.

Part 3: The Transitionary 1980’s: The Cayman Islands:

Indeed,Cayman’s tax haven status and confidentiality law were seen by many as critical to the continuing success of the financial industry. Some saw nothing wrong with Cayman’s way of doing business and staunchly defended it.


Cayman National Corporation profile

Based in the Cayman Islands; providing full business and personal banking services, trust and corporate services, fund administration, wealth management, and insurance brokerage from its headquarters in the Cayman Islands and from Isle of Man and with representative offices in Dubai and Panama.


Stimulating investment in the Cayman Islands

As a world-leading tourism destination and one of the top international financial centres in the world, the Cayman Islands offers many benefits to potential...

FINANCIAL IMPERIALISM: International challenges to the offshore financial services industry

We are in probably the most turbulent times the offshore financial industry has ever seen. Almost daily, new events come to light and new initiatives are unveiled. The pen is no sooner dry, than the commentary is out of date, so I apologise if that is the case here. I hope not, as I have tried to look over the horizon. 

Part 2: The freewheeling 1970s: The Cayman Islands: From obscurity to offshore giant

Buoyed by the passage of investment-friendly legislation, infrastructure improvements and the political instability of one of its largest offshore competitors – the Bahamas – Cayman suddenly found itself on the map of more than just scuba divers. Following the bold steps taken in the 1960s to make Cayman more attractive as an offshore financial centre, the government continued to act; sometimes in cooperation with the British government.


Financial Secretary: Engaging the world

The Cayman Islands’ approach to the development of the financial services sector recognises that an appropriate regulatory and international cooperation environment is not an impediment to, but rather a key driver of, commercial success. Unfortunately, the focus of the global economic crisis has resulted in various initiatives driven by larger, more politically powerful countries, including legislative proposals before the US Congress targeting the use of offshore financial centres by US firms...

Primary player in all things financial

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CIFSA and Cayman Islands Government 13 March 2009 Briefing

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Fighting International Corruption – Canadian Law Initiatives

Canada has long had laws prohibiting public corruption within its borders and more recently has enacted legislation respecting corruption of foreign officials. This paper outlines and discusses Canadian approaches to international public corruption by considering Canadian adherence to international conventions, Canadian law per se and ... 

Corruption and the Bribery Bill 2009

Nowadays, in the brave new world of globalisation, monitoring is omnipresent, and few countries are bold or foolhardy enough to legislate indifferent to how such formulations will be received. Not only legislation but also policing (not just police) resources and prosecutions/regulation are under scrutiny. 

CIMA’s role in Cayman’s Financial Services Industry

Here in the Cayman Islands, it is the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority that has been charged with establishing and overseeing the regulatory foundation and framework on which the country’s financial services industry has been constructed.

The re-launch of the Cayman Financial Review

This is an exciting moment as we continue to build on the foundations and excellent work laid down by the previous publisher, Paul Byles....

Agencies & Associations

Government Agencies / Authorities including: Attorney General Auditor General Cayman Islands Department of Tourism Cayman Islands Immigration Cayman Islands Investment Bureau Cayman Islands Monetary Authority >> See related article: CIMA’s role...

Part 1: The Early Years – 1960’s: The Cayman Islands:

In the first of a series of articles looking at the development of the Cayman Islands as an offshore financial services centre, Alan Markoff looks at the decade of the 1960s, when the seeds of success first took root. Legend has it that sometime in the 18th Century, a flotilla of ships wrecked close to Grand Cayman. Cayman Islands’ residents rescued the people on those ships, which included as their passengers some British royalty.

World Stock Exchanges

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