Letters from the Editorial Board

Letters from the Editorial Board

Onshore responsibility and the ‘invisible hand’

Anti-offshore advocates regularly make the point that jurisdictions such as the Cayman Islands are to blame for the fiscal woes of their respective governments be this in the UK, USA or elsewhere. There continue to be several weaknesses in their arguments but it has also been a more than curious observation that their advocacy efforts focused more abroad than at home.


The future of tax reform:

On 6 November, 2012, after approximately $6 billion was spent by candidates and political groups, United States voters decided to keep the status quo. Barack Obama won re-election and will serve as president for another four years.   


Offshore financial centres: An unstoppable force for good

As a result of misconception, during the first tranche of the global financial crisis, world leaders came out on the attack against OFCs, arguing that they are inherently bad and have to be stopped in order to protect dwindling government tax revenue.


The future of offshore financial centres:

 If you were to carry out a survey of the articles published by pro offshore writers, you would very likely find that the vast majority of them either blame external factors for the challenges faced by OFCs or place these external factors at the heart of their success. 

The future of offshore financial centres: Reputational management

Those who work within the industry or are familiar with the various jurisdictions know that this negative image actually bears little relation to reality.   


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