Employment branding: A key factor in hiring and retaining talent

During turbulent economic times, a common and understandable reaction in the workplace is to institute cost-saving measures such as a hiring or pay freeze, reducing benefits or even, in the worst-case scenarios, making redundancies.

How regulation led to disruptive innovation in retail banking

Since the outset of the global financial crisis, the banking industry has been subject to dramatic regulatory policy change designed to restore stability and...

The next generation of employees

They are aged between 18 and 30 years old, they’re smart-talking, technologically savvy, independent and impatient, high performers; yet high maintenance. They are well-educated, entertained and protected, receiving trophies for participation so that “no one’s feelings get hurt”.

Cybersecurity: Threat or opportunity?

Recent high-profile data breaches in offshore jurisdictions have highlighted the need for companies to take cyber security seriously. In its first annual report (October 2017),...

Innovation in payment systems

The past decade has seen a veritable revolution in retail payment systems, with the development of online and mobile payments, and new peer-to-peer systems....
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