Innovation and patent boxes are unsound tax policy

Innovation boxes are not sound tax policy and are difficult to construct properly. Nevertheless, these schemes to offer preferential tax rates to certain types...

The next generation of employees

They are aged between 18 and 30 years old, they’re smart-talking, technologically savvy, independent and impatient, high performers; yet high maintenance. They are well-educated, entertained and protected, receiving trophies for participation so that “no one’s feelings get hurt”.

Opportunity knocks

In July 2010, legend has it, a dangerous man arrived at Owen Roberts International Airport. He was dressed smartly but modestly and his accent, though foreign, was far from out of place on Grand Cayman.

Employment branding: A key factor in hiring and retaining talent

During turbulent economic times, a common and understandable reaction in the workplace is to institute cost-saving measures such as a hiring or pay freeze, reducing benefits or even, in the worst-case scenarios, making redundancies.

The more things change… the more they stay the same.

First to clarify the standing of this document in relation to the law. The Immigration Law, currently the 2009 Revision, is the final word on immigration matters in the Cayman Islands. Section 99 of the law authorises the Governor-in-Cabinet...

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