Five misperceptions of China

If one searches “western misunderstanding of China” in Chinese language at Baidu, the Chinese equivalent to Google, you would find more than 250,000 entries. 

From Cayman to China…and back again

Cayman vehicles have played a significant role in bringing foreign capital to China over the past two decades and continue to do so despite the changing regulatory environment – and now they are being used to take Chinese capital to the world.

A Cayman perspective on Asian insolvency:

Both Cayman and the BVI play a huge role in offshore regional business and finance and there are significant capital flows between Caribbean offshore jurisdictions and in the People’s Republic of China (PRC)

Cayman Islands companies in Asian finance transactions– uses and trends

Uses of Cayman entities and state of the marketWe continue to see Cayman Islands companies (“Caycos”) used in a wide variety of finance transactions...

Cayman Islands companies: The Asia connection

The Cayman Islands has, in recent times, proved itself an increasingly popular jurisdiction for the incorporation of companies owned or operated by parties located in Asia. There are a number of reasons for this popularity.
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