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Oxford Gold Group

Oxford Gold Group was founded back in 2017 by associates who have 20 years of knowledge in the business of precious metals and gold and silver IRA. Their headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, and they are one of the most well-known precious metals dealers in the United States of America. Oxford Gold Group buys and sells precious metals like silver coins and bars, gold coins and bars, platinum coins and bars, and palladium coins and bars. They also specialize in converting your general 401(k) retirement account to one of their gold IRA or silver IRA account.

Why Invest in Precious Metals?

If you are skeptical about expanding your retirement account on precious metals like gold or silver, here we are breaking down the grounds why financing in precious metals is such a relief. First of all, metals like gold and silver will hold on to their rate even when the economy is in its worst circumstances. From the 2008 stock market fall, people learned a lot about precious metals as the acquisitions are a lot more subtle. Again, precious metals like silver, gold, palladium, and even bullion and rare coins will not decay if appropriately kept.

Precious metals might seem like a complete loss when you won’t be getting any income from it momentarily. But the precious metals are there when you have to liquidity the metal. If you are in an emergency, you can instantly trade or liquidity the metals to get the money. But in the case of real estate and stocks, and mutual funds, you have to wait for a while to get your sum back. And if there is any mishap in the region or economy, you might never get back the sum you were hoping for.

Precious Metals Market and Oxford Gold Group

Another thing to keep in a sense is that the price of precious metals will only grow when the cost of stocks goes down. As such, it is better to subsidize a portion of your retirement fund in precious metals. Even a flagged financial advisor will ask you to spend 13%14% of your retirement fund on precious metals IRA.

While exploring the precious metals market with Oxford Gold Group, they will educate the clients about the metals from the beginning as well as investment strategies. Their in-house expert financial advisors will help you choose the perfect metals for you to invest in. They will even recommend the steps to comprehend what will be the most in your retirement portfolio. The beginner’s guide on their website will tell you everything you need to know about investing in precious metals. They’ll even include how you should need to invest in the metals market.

The rise of the Oxford Gold Group started when the partners in the company witnessed how much people were charged for the management of Gold IRA and Silver IRA. With that thought in mind, they started the Oxford Gold Group to provide excellent services with minimal management services than the random brokerage firms in the states.

The Oxford Gold Group believes firmly in personalized services. In that case, every partner of the company will contact you directly. They will also help you in opening a self-directed IRA. And if you are keen, they can help you to in the rollover process of your 401(k) account to gold IRA or silver IRA.

Gold IRA

With a gold IRA, you get to invest in precious metals like gold coins and gold bars instead of paper assets like real estate and stock exchange. Here you can open the account via a self-directed IRA system. Here you might have to hire a custodian company and a depository company. The Oxford Gold Group will deliver you both services and even help you open your other precious metal IRAs account.

Gold IRA resembles that you will get to hold on to physical gold bullions. Gold IRA includes gold coins, gold bars, and other precious metals like palladium and platinum. Or you just invest in paper golds like gold mining company’s stocks or mutual funds related to bullion stocks or in gold ETF.

Step 1

First, you need to open a self-directed IRA or SDIRA account with a managerial company like Oxford Gold Group and then look for a custodian like a bank or a brokerage firm.

Step 2

Then, you need to fund the IRA. You can contribute the funds directly. Only a fixed amount of six thousand dollars is allowed in that case. Or you can just roll over any of your 401(k), 457 plans into precious metals IRA.

Step 3

The custodian and the metal dealer like Oxford Gold Group will complete the transaction process for you.

Step 4

You can save the metal in your personal space, or you can save it with high security and insured security system.

Silver IRA

An individual retirement arrangement includes investing in silver in bullion coins and bars or silver paper assets like silver stocks or silver ETFs. Silver as a precious metal is much more stable than gold. With gold, its merit will change drastically depending on the economic situation of a region. But with silver, the price of the metal or stock will change over the course of years, which makes it much more subtle. The silver you buy from dealers has to be IRS approved and will be of prescribed weight and purity.

Like the gold IRA, the silver IRA also had tax-deferred possibilities of all kinds. And you can break the IRA account whenever you feel fit. Even rollover to silver IRA is also easy and without any tax penalty.

Step 1

You need to open an SDIRA with a managerial company and hire a custodian and a depository company.

Step 2

You can fund a limited amount directly, or you can rollover any of your retirement accounts for free with a 60-day time. Or you can roll over any of your 401(k), 403(b), etc., to a silver IRA without any tax or penalty.

Step 3

Metals dealers and the custodian company will handle the transaction of the silver, and you can save it with an IRS-approved depository or in your place.

Validation of Oxford Gold Group

If you invest your money in a retirement fund, you want the money to grow legitimately. If we consider the Oxford Gold Group, they have been in the business since 2017, and the reviews on their official website and other review websites make them one of the leading precious metals dealers in the USA with such positive overviews all over. While investing in Gold IRA or Silver IRA, you must choose the suitable way and the suitable medium. However, we will always suggest you choose a company that is in the lead and contribute a proportion of your total investment.

The Oxford Gold Group is a precious metals dealer as they will provide you with IRS-approved metals like gold and silver coins. You can even find other physical metals like palladium and platinum here as well. Besides that, they’ll help you open accounts of self-directed IRA. They also provide services regarding the custodian company as well as the depository company. And as such, the Oxford Gold Group is entirely legal, and with so many positive reviews, they are undoubtedly trustable.

Physical Precious Metals from the Oxford Gold Group

Here we are including precious metal products like gold and silver coins and bars added to the Oxford Gold Group list. All of these gold, silver bars, and coins are IRS-approved, making it easy for you to choose from several silver and gold companies and manufacturers.

Gold Coins

There are fourteen different Gold coins are added to the list. All of these coins are minted, produced, and manufactured at other times. The weights of coins are also different as well as the gold prices. The lowest weight will be 0.28 grams, and the highest weight will be 28.3 grams. Besides, there are also coins of 11.3 grams and 8.5 grams.

2018 Guinea Rose Crown

This coin carries the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, and the design came from the East India Company’s traditional patterns. This is considered to be one of the most famous coins in history as it first struck during the sovereignty of King Charles II, depicting the colonial power of Britain.

Gold Canadian Polar Bear and Cub

This 11.3 grams gold coin was minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, picturing a polar bear and her cub. The reverse side shows the portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II.

American Gold Eagle

This 31.1 gold in it, and other metals are silver and copper. This coin was minted in the United States. One side of the coin shows standing Liberty harboring a branch and torch while her hair is flowing. The other side shows a bald eagle arriving at its nest embedded with the motto of the United States.

Gold Bars

Only one gold bar is added to the list. The 283.3 grams of gold bar is a 0.999 purity bar. Though there is not much specification about their gold bar, instead they included the information on how you can choose the bar from different mintages.

Silver Coins

There are seventeen different silver coins listed on the official website of Oxford Gold Group. All of these coins were minted in different years, and some of them are pretty old. The lowest weight of a silver coin will be 42.5 grams, and the highest weight will be 141.7 grams.

Canadian Grizzly Bear

This silver coin is made of 0.999 pure silver, and one part of the coin shows the image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s portrait designed by Sussanas Blunt along with eight dollars face value. The Royal Canadian Mint minted this.

Silver Bottlenose Dolphin

This 42.5 grams silver coin has a thickness and diameter of 5 millimeters and 40.6 millimeters, respectively. It was minted in 2019 by Australia’s Perth Mint. The Dolphin here represents the waves.

America The Beautiful Silver Coin

This 141.7 grams silver coin depicts George Washington and the Shawnee Natural Forest on each side. The forest is at its utmost beauty representing the natural sites in Illinois.

Silver Bar

There are two bars on the official website of Oxford Gold Group. The PAMP Suisse Silver Bar weighs 1 kilogram, and the most elevated quality materials also make it of the Swiss Company Produits Artisiques Metaux Precieux (PAMP). These bars are available in several different ways.

Other Precious Metals

Besides gold coins and bars, silver coins and bars, the Oxford Gold Group also deals with platinum coins and bars and palladium coins and bars. These bars are also IRS-approved, and they are of the highest quality, and owning precious metals will change your retirement portfolio completely.

Platinum coins are relatively rare bars, and they have a pretty high demand in industrial sites. There are three platinum coins and one platinum bar on the list. The weight of the coin can be 8.5 grams to 28.3 grams. Perth Mint minted the Platinum Bottlenose Dolphin in 2019. The coin is about 2 millimeters thick and has a composition of 99.99% of platinum. The coin’s reverse side depicts an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II illustrated by Jody Clark. The platinum bar on the list weighs 28 grams, and these bars are pretty rare compared to the coins.

Palladium coins and bars are rarer than all the metals we included here. These metals will help you to create a diversified retirement account portfolio. The currency here is the Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf which weighs 28.3 grams. This coin was stamped by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2005 and is also one of the most recognized palladium coins in the world. The palladium bar also weighs the same as the coin. The bar is sealed in plastic and is pretty rare.

Costing of Oxford Gold Group

The annual maintenance of the Oxford Gold Group will be $175 to $275, depending on the account significance. They can also offer you a flat fee structure as they have a standard fee with the custodian and depository company. The storage fee will be up to $225 annually. But depending on the customer Oxford Gold Group offers rebates up to $2,500. If you want to purchase metal without an IRA, the minimum amount will be $1,000, and with IRA, the amount will be $7,500. They offer both buy-back and zero-fee liquidation services.


Here, the line Oxford Gold Group hires employees who are considered their associates. So, they made the precious metals dealing business personalized and help you with your investment strategy. So, the agent who’ll be working with you as a client will be a share owner of the establishment. Everything you trade and purchase from the Oxford Gold Group will be supervised and surveyed. Though they are pretty new in the market, there is limited customer feedback, but you can be sure that the Oxford Gold Group is qualified and sufficient in helping you with an excellent level of service.

Miles Franklin Precious Metals

Miles franklin precious metals ira is an ordinary coin trading company. They deal in gold, silver, platinum and palladium products. They are experienced and top-notch precious metals ira experts. Their creative and overly used strategies will help you in diversifying your assets.

Their easy and wise approach towards the precious metals market is popular to diversify one’s assets. Since 1989, they have been helping people nationwide to expand their assets through their top-grade tactics and tips. They pride themselves on their strategies have always brought positive consequences for the clients nationwide.

David and Andrew Schectman founded this company to help people increase their assets through safe investments. They founded this company to develop a huge range of bullion and numismatic products at fair pricing and offer extensive broker expertise to lead you to yield positive results from your precious metals investments.

Unlike other coin trading companies, Miles Franklin precious metals provide dual services, a low overhead discount broker and a full-service coin trading company. They believe in hand in hand extensive client education and support. They are also well known for their fair pricing and dealings. This top-notch company is located in Wayzata, Minnesota, founded by a father/ son duo.

Miles Franklin Services

Miles Franklin has been providing the following services for many years.

International Storage Programs:

International storage programs are the most in-demand service from local consumers. Therefore, Miles Franklin offers two brilliant international storage programs. Their first segregated storage program is located at Brink’s Montreal,  Quebec, British Columbia and Brink’s Vancouver.

This storage is perfectly designed to secure gold, silver and platinum. Their second storage program is the “Private Safe Deposit Box” program. It’s located in Brink’s Vancouver, B.C, and Brink’s Toronto, Ontario. The second storage program is developed to store and secure both gold, platinum and even currency. Thus, Miles Franklin has made owning precious metals an easy investment. You can visit them at 801 Twelve Oaks Center Drive, Ste 834, Wayzata, MN 55391-4650.

BFI Consultation:

ONE Trust solution is another great service by Miles Franklin that you should try. They have a long term partnership with BFI consultation in Switzerland, which helps them reach more international clients.

They are proud to promote their services and help others diversify and invest internationally without any inconveniences. If you are interested in setting a convenient and secure offshore nest egg, choose this company for a better approach.

With ONE ready solution, you can enjoy solid asset protection, compliant tax benefits and access to global investing. In short, precious metals investments are no more complicated with the help of Miles Franklin.

Precious Metals IRAs:

A perfect insurance policy against harsh events like inflation, deflation, downturns in the stock market, the US dollar and unforeseen other financial events can easily be handled by diversifying your retirement portfolio. Precious metals often result in large profits in such sudden situations. Give a call to Miles Franklin LTD to get to know tricks to yielding positive results from buying precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) IRA. You can also visit them at 801 Twelve Oaks Center Drive, Ste 834, Wayzata, MN 55391-4650.

Better yet, check out our list of the best gold IRA companies of 2022.  You can find out which ones we suggest you schedule a consult with.


Miles franklin LTD has attended various financial conferences and international events as an exhibitor for many years. These events include the most prominent exhibitors of the industry. President Andy Schectman is invited many times as a speaker to share his insights about the

precious metals market and current economic situations.

Moreover, Miles Franklin also holds “Question & Answer” sessions around the country to get to know current investors. They also provide an opportunity for non-investors to know about the precious metals industry through their seminars. These sessions are managed by Andy Schectman and Marketing Director Andy Hoffman.

Premier Precious Metals Dealer:

Miles Franklin company is a well-known premier precious metals dealer due to their full array of silver, gold, platinum and palladium products. This father and son team has well-trained numismatics in their shell, which proves their expertise in the field.

Miles Franklin also offers advanced security services to protect your assets. The metals are usually labelled, sealed and secured in the Miles Franklin Vault at Los Angeles, Miami, Salt Lake City or New York, Brink’s in Montreal, and Vancour, Canada.

Thus, if you are interested in owning bullion coins of gold, silver or any other metal, you can head to Miles Franklin without any hesitation.

Miles Franklin Products

Miles Franklin has maintained an A+ BBB rating for three decades. They offer an excellent range of bullion products for collectors as well as investors. Some of the popular products by Miles Franklin include:

Other than these popular investing coins, numismatic coins are also available for coin collectors around the world. Although the price range for the products is not yet disclosed. To know details about the pricing, you may require to contact the company directly. Hence, before choosing any coin trading company ensure to know the company’s bullion pricing, policies strategies and storage fees.

What Are Sahara Coins & Precious Metals?

Are you struggling to whether choose “Sahara Coins & Precious metals” company for your first (or maybe next) precious metals investment? No worries, as in this article, I will be covering all the aspects that would give you a clear idea of how Sahara Coins & Precious Metals works?

They have been serving for over forty years in the precious metals industry. Raymond Bryant is the general manager and owner of this precious metals coin trading company. The company is located in Las Vegas. If you plan to contribute to precious metals with the help of Sahara Coins, then you easily reach them at 7293 W Sahara Avenue.

The company provides its services in Southern Nevada. The company focuses on three main beliefs. Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism. And their reviews and positive feedbacks clearly reflect their beliefs. Sahara Coins offers these three core attributes in every customer interaction.

Sahara Coins have a certified numismatist team that has gone through extensive training to provide the best to the clients. They ensure that every buy & sell deal also comes up with a wealth of knowledge to lead the clients to beneficial investments. Their team of experts ensures to help you with every confusion you have about the precious metals industry. Thus, if you are a first-timer in precious metals and are confused about which company to trust, then rest assured and choose Sahara Coins & Precious Metals for the best experience

What Is Sahara Coin Education?

A wide range of coins is available for each precious metal. It is very important to know all specifications of these coins before buying any of them. Sahara coins provide necessary information about the specifications of these coins on their official site. This not only increases your knowledge about precious metal coins but is also helpful in checking the authenticity of raw coins.

Sahara Coins Products:

Sahara coins aren’t affiliated with any I.R.A. custodians as in other coins trading companies. Moreover, their company doesn’t promote any Gold IRA setup. Thus, you can’t get any IRA approved products from them. Nonetheless, they offer a wide range of:

If you want to know their products’ prices, you can check their official website or official eBay page.

Furthermore, Sahara coins only sell raw coins in-store. They do not buy any precious metals from random clients or people. However, some reviews show that they bought precious metals from their old clients. But we can’t claim that they also let you sell your precious metals to them.

Sahara coins company is affiliated with other organizations such as P.N.G. (Professional Numismatic Guild), PCGS Authorized Dealer, NGC Authorized Dealer, ICTA Member and A.N.A. (American Numismatic Association). Their team of professionals is rather known as numismatists. Senior Numismatist at Sahara coins is Jonathan Ohkawa.

Moreover, they pride themselves on following their three major beliefs. Their customer service is also top-notch and worthy of praise. The senior member of their customer service is Fernando Guzman.

Sahara Coins Products:

Sahara offers various gold coin products. If you want to know their selling prices, you can head to their website or customer service. However, gold coins products offered by this company of Las Vegas are:

Here, we are only enlisting their gold products because most first-timers and investors prefer buying & selling gold products for investments. They offer their products at relatively good selling prices compared to other coin traders.

Over the years, their professionalism and integrity have become a favorite go-to spot for their old clients. They offer a fair price range and premium over spot gold and silver.

For many years silver has most often consumed antioxidants, and (to everyone’s surprise) it’s one of the oldest healing medicines in Mojave deserts. We might not be aware of this fact, but today medical devices also use silver in their products. Other than medicinal things, certain coin of silver and some other old currency are also still used in precious metal investments. And luckily, Sahara also offers all antique and old products at fair pricing.

Many feedbacks give them bonus points for their wide range of products and honest customer service. Most clients also claim that this company is fully loaded with coins, so its the least chance that any of their products are unavailable. They also help in finding the best coin dealers.

Although they are well-known bullion dealers and are affiliated with PCGS, we recommend you look at our vetted gold IRA reviews and choose a gold company from that list. Because they provide more security and legal services as compared to companies without any affiliation with IRA custodians. If you want more information about Sahara coins company, head to their official website for more knowledge!

Amagi Metals Reviews

Are you interested to purchase precious metals using your digital coins? Lucky for you because there are numerous dealers and websites out there that can offer you the option to purchase precious metals with cryptocurrency.

One of them is Amagi Metals. In case you don’t know yet, Amagi Metals is a worldwide online distributor of precious metals. They provide different precious metals and other base metals for purchase to individuals and businesses that are interested in investing or collecting.

The Anthem Vault acquired the company way back in 2015. The new ownership and merging of the high quality storage implementations of Anthem Vault along with the crypto payment options of Amagi Metal allowed the company to feel that this will provide their customers a more well-rounded website or platform that meets their precious metal needs.

In this Amagi Metals review, we will only present you with accurate and reliable information about this company. This review also aims to give light on the topic of whether the company is a scam or not. Rest assured that our review strives on providing accurate information.

A Comprehensive Review on Amagi Metals

amagi review

As mentioned earlier, Amagi Metals is a global ecommerce precious metal service provider based on Better Business Bureau. The company has been in the business since 2015 and has offices in Las Vegas, Oklahoma, Austin, and Bartlesville. The mission of the company is to streamline the purchasing of precious metals.

When you visit their website, you can find more about the company as well as their values. In fact, Amagi Metals genuinely believes that every person must invest in precious metals as a way to hedge against political concerns, inflation, or other scenarios of economic uncertainty.

What’s more, some of the key values the company has implemented to enable them to help others accomplish that goal include simplicity, privacy, security, service, and quality.

What are the Products They Are Offering?


Here are some of the product offers you will find on Amagi Metals’ website.


At the time of this review, all the gold pieces listed on their website were shown up as out of stock. Some of the sample of Amagi metals offers:



As with the gold bars and coins, all of the silver bars and coins were showing up as out of stock when this review was done. Here are some of the options accessible when Amagi Metals updated its inventory.


You will have the option to add some platinum to your portfolio with Amagi Metals’ selection of platinum bars. They have Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Coin.

Base Metals

One way Amagi Metals worked to set themselves from the crowd of precious metals dealers was by providing base metals. Rounds and bars are also available on their website. Some of their product offerings are the following:

What are the Red Flags for Amagi Metals?

Have you recently bought precious metals from Amagi Metals? 

Maybe you are still considering purchasing from their precious metals company. This section will give you practical information about the common warnings you will find with this company.

Looking at reviews from previous customers can be helpful when identifying whether there are any warnings for the company. As you can see from the information we gathered below, there are not many positive reviews available for Amagi Metals.

On top of that, we didn’t find any customer reviews from BBB and Business Consumer Alliance, Trustpilot, or TrustLink. The only website checked where we found reviews was Google. There, we found only nine reviews, and the reviews weren’t positive as well, with only a 2.9 out of 5.

The experiences of other customers do not totally predict the company’s customer service and treatment you will receive if you choose to work with a company. However, it can help get you an overall feel for what to expect.

Given there are no lot of positive reviews for Amagi Metals, you will need to determine if you are willing to invest and give them your business. We will share more crucial details in the following section that could help you in deciding:


No rating


No rating

Business Consumer Alliance:

No rating

Better Business Bureau:

No rating, not a BBB accredited business


2.9/5 (with nine reviews)

Is Amagi Metals a Scam?

is amagi scam

We think that Amagi Metals is a legitimate business and company. They don’t seem to be a scam. On top of that, the company has been in the industry for more than ten years, which would not be likely if they were not legitimate.

Thus, we have determined that Amagi Metals is a legitimate company. Does that indicate you should contact them today and place your investment? Well, that is up to you, but we would not suggest putting all your investment into them.

With other precious metals companies in the world today with thousands of reviews from satisfied consumers and customers, it is a bit concerning that there are so few Amagi metals review and more complaints.

According to the information on their website, it doesn’t seem like Amagi Metals offers most of the services that other precious metals investment companies provide.

For instance, their website doesn’t mention IRA services or selling your precious metals to Amagi. Setting up a Gold IRA is an excellent step to take if you are getting ready for your retirement. You may want to contact a company that will purchase your precious metals back from you when you’re ready to sell.

When it comes to payment methods, Amagi Metals currently accepts payments for all purchased precious metals in the form of bank wire transfer, cashier’s check, money order, check, or cash. On top of that payment method, the company also accepts a series of cryptocurrencies.

You can call their support team if you have a payment method recommendation. If either of those is things that you’re interested in, then Amagi Metal might not be the best option for investors and buyers alike.

Amagi Metals Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of choosing Amagi Metals for your first order of precious metals.



Final Thoughts

final thoughts

Can you rely on Amagi Metals’ shipping, refund, and delivery services? 

Do you feel that the company is the ideal company out of many precious metal companies out there in the market?

It seems like they’re a legitimate company after all, but they only have two stars in Google. It might seem a bit strict, but there are other companies a customer like you can depend on that provide more than Amagi Metals, and that’s the reason for the low overall rating that we give this company.

One of the drawbacks is that they do not provide storage for your metals and thus, it’s better fitted for a customer who has a collection and storage at home that they could grow. For new collectors out there who want to purchase gold, we would suggest opting for another company that provides free service, storage, and a free investment kit for every new customer.

We believe that you might be better of picking to work with reliable precious metal investment companies. These companies will have the most positive customer reviews than Amagi Metals have, and you can feel assured that you will find bullion, bars, and coins in stock and ready for you to purchase.

Still, the option is yours.

We hope you find this Amagi Metals review entertaining in helpful. Remember all the information we have provided above so you will be guided on buying the best personal investment and putting your hard-earned money in a good place.


Swiss America Reviews

Regarding investing in precious metals, it’s vital to search for a dependable dealer with a superb name and reputation. The best way you can do to find out the legit one and keep scams at bay is by doing some research and reading reviews.

Good news because this Swiss America review will be going to assist you in determining if this precious metals brokerage is legit or not. So, without further ado, let us get started!

What is Swiss America?

why swiss america

Perhaps you have already heard of Swiss America before. Swiss America or Swiss America Trading Corporation is a family-owned and operated precious metals retailing firm established in the year 1982.

This company was established by Craig R. Smith with the purpose of assisting Americans to trade, expand or branch out and crash-proof their investments via silver and gold. Swiss America also assures to educate clients regarding the perks of investing in precious metals.

Some of the perks investors can obtain from investing in their gold and silver coins products take account of high-profit potential, ownership privacy as well as security from economic recession or downturn.

While this company functions from its main office in Phoenix, Arizona, they serve many people from all parts of the globe. SWISS AMERICA and Block Logo have registered trademarks of Swiss America Trading Corp.

How Does Swiss America Work?

A lot of people ask what does Swiss America does and how does it work. Well, customers can utilize the company’s website in many different ways.

First and foremost, the company’s website offers free information and knowledge to everyone who is curious about the value of precious metals in the market at this point and also the basic investment details where they are regarded.

A client who is already used to the precious metals investment might utilize this website just as an online retailer, deciding on buying coins they already know they like.

What are the Products and Services Offered by Swiss America?

Swiss America Trading Corp - Photos | Facebook

What products and services does Swiss America provide to their customers, both local and international?

Well, this precious metals brokerage firm boasts an array of products. The main and perhaps the most popular ones take account of the palladium coins, platinum coins, gold and silver coin. Also, they have numismatic and rare coins in stock.

Swiss America offers investment-grade silver and gold coins, most of which meet the requirements for gold and silver IRAs.

What is more, to assist customers set up a precious metals IRA, Swiss America also aims to provide information to clients on matters of precious metals. In spite of the basic design, the company’s website is packed with crucial and vital information like customer reviews, market trends, weekly metal price graphs as well as a safe checkout system.

On the website, you can see the existing metal spot prices as well as weekly charts.

As a reliable precious metal trader, Swiss America Trading Corporation does offer support and transparency between dealers and brokers to assist in securing fair and reasonable prices.

Additional services are offered to take account of live sport rates for precious metals and address issues or disputes for customers by directly communicating with the NCA or Numismatic Consumer Alliance, who is accountable for making sure legal and fair transactions for buyers of precious coins and metals.

On their website, you will also find knowledge base materials as well as current market news to make clear to you both risks and opportunities provided by precious metals investments.

The company also has a remarkable YouTube Channel in which they provide tutorials and guides on precious metals.


This precious metal holds the number one position for trading as it is extensively traded by many speculators. On the other hand, manufacturers actively utilize gold in creating electronics, jewelry, and many others.


A lot of traders normally purchase silver coins or silver bars. This precious metal is traded at less value as opposed to gold coins, and this is the main reason a lot of spread investment between gold and silver.


The same as silver and gold, platinum is also utilized in creating jewelry. Traders purchase it for similar purposes as silver and gold. It is utilized in the making of catalytic converters.


This is utilized in creating electronic parts as well as catalytic converters and is not traded in similar volume as other precious metals; however, it is considered one of the most expensive precious metals on earth.

Educational Materials

Swiss America website provides recent viewpoints and news about the existing market sediment of gold coins and silver coins and a knowledge-based material to assist in educating clients regarding the risks, benefits, as well as general need to know concerning investing in gold.

What is more to a site is that the company also hosts social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, where they offer videos and updates for the clients as well as for everyone free of charge.

Swiss America Trading Corporation Costs and Prices


Swiss America claims to provide unmatched customer service and assures to correct any issues or errors as soon as they take place. On the other hand, upon sampling customer reviews and rating online, the overall customer assistance rating is fair. The reason for having fair customer support may be due to the lack of a live chat feature on the site that largely impairs communication with customers. Anyone can visit the company’s website to figure out more.

Refund Policy

Swiss America Review (Is It Legit Or A Scam?) (Updated August 2021)

The site doesn’t provide a detailed or published refund policy at this point. Clients who are concerned about a possible return or refund must discuss this with the representative before making a purchase.

Customer Service Contact Info

Consumers who want to speak with customer service about the assets, concerns, questions, or if interested in collector coins can do so by calling the customer hotline number at (800) 289-2646. Customer complaints can also be relayed via traditional mail. They offer a guarantee on the service they offer. You can send your email to this address 15018 N Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85032.

Remarkable Reputation

Buy Gold Coins, Silver & Gold Bullion | Swiss America Trading

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of customer reviews available for Swiss America at this point, though clients shouldn’t note that you must never invest more funds than you’re comfortable losing and depreciating, as with all kinds of financial investment.

It is evident that the company had the best customer assistance before, but this isn’t the case at present. You can check Business Consumer Alliance or Better Business Bureau for some reviews from past uses of the website. You can check Business Consumer Alliance if you have questions or concerns regarding this precious metals broker.

Pros and Cons

This Swiss America review is not complete without tackling the advantages and disadvantages of this broker. It is vital to pick a precious metals broker, which is at the front of innovation as well as generally considered a business leader. Swiss America segregates customer resources and provides many instruments. They provide online trading and mobile platform, providing clients simple and fast access to the trading market.

What is more, the platform allows fast access to an array of financial markets from all over the world. There is no doubt that Swiss America is a leader with regard to innovation all over the world. They are always searching for ways to boost and at the same time keep their competitive advantage.


Swiss America offers good services and products that you can’t find in other brokerages out there.

They also provide educational resources to help you get information about the market, like when buying numismatic coins.

The company has been in the business for many years now. So, you are assured that this is legit and not a scam. This also gives you peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a reputable company.


The only drawback is that the company lacks reviews and ratings from other platforms.

To Sum Up

sum up

The Swiss America Trading Company is indeed one of the reputed and well-established companies with a strong background of serving customers from all parts of the globe and helping them create a piece of mind in diversification. Through coin offering as well as Platinum IRAs, the company is focused on assisting customers and offering the most excellent service.

Swiss America stands by the superiority of the precious metals and at the same time provide buyers a buyback assurance if not pleased or satisfied. While each business will have negative reviews, this company strives to make sure their clients are educated and updated before making a decision and are content with their experience.

Swiss American is a great company and it is actively utilized by many professional traders worldwide and is regulated by money experts and regulators. The company has a good overall rating on BBB or Better Business Bureau website. This shows that customers are completely satisfied and there is no complaint as this company handles the trading process.

Goldcore Reviews

Are you planning to invest in precious metals, including gold and silver, in Salt Lake City or anywhere else? If yes, you’re in the right place. There are many providers of what you need, so you should carefully choose the best one to reach your standards and expectations for your investment. Make sure to deal with a reliable provider that can provide you with comprehensive support for your gold or other metals assets.

In this article, we will discuss Goldcore, a company that can help with your gold or silver investment. Is Goldcore the right company for you? Can you benefit from it? Find out in this detailed review about Goldcore.

Before we proceed, let us know first about Goldcore.

What is Goldcore?


Goldcore is a company founded way back in 2003. It has a full title of Goldcore Ireland and is the first-ever Irish gold broker. Meanwhile, the business is not only in Ireland. They also operate Goldcore UK office and clients from more than 130 countries. Thus, they want to extend their services to satisfy people who need gold and other valuable products.

Their CEO is Stephen Flood, a person who has been with the organization for about 16 years. He said that his job is to deliver the best to their clients. Their products are internationally acclaimed silver and gold bullion bars and coins. These include British Sovereigns and Britannia coins, American Eagles, South Africa Krugerrand coins, and Canadian Maple Leafs. You can also have access to buy ten ounces, one ounce, and one-kilogram bars from Perth Mint.

The company has more than a 7,500 client list and handles over $260 million of assets. Goldcore LTD can provide individuals with savings, and plans for financial specialists, trusts, and more. They also come with great storage for gold bullion. Moreover, they can deliver the bullion to you. You can have an investment through Perth Mint Certificates.

Even though they are a credible company where you can buy precious metals, they can’t provide you with precious metals IRAS.

What Goldcore can offer to you?

goldcore reviewed

Goldcore offers the following:

  • Silver bullion
  • Gold bars
  • Silver coins
  • Gold coins
  • Silver bars
  • Gold bullion

Goldcore Ireland also offers different places for the storage of your precious metals. While other brokers provide palladium and platinum products, Goldcore LTD sticks with gold and silver. So, if you want platinum and palladium products, Goldcore is not for you.

In this review, we will also provide you with the benefits and drawbacks of Goldcore. With that, you can decide whether the company can help to meet your needs.

Advantages of Goldcore

goldcore advantages

The following are the benefits of choosing Goldcore for your gold and silver investment.


One advantage of Goldcore limited trading is its user-friendly website. Goldcore website is professional and easy to navigate. With this, you can have a hassle-free experience as you search for precious metals. You can easily look for what you need.

Easy to find ‘spot’ prices

Unlike other companies in the industry, Goldcore Ireland allows you to easily find the current spot price of silver and gold. You don’t need to worry because Goldcore Ireland can provide you with the prices on their official website.

Different storage locations

Another reason why you should choose Goldcore Ireland is that it can provide you with multiple locations for storing precious metals. They can give your precious metals an excellent storage that can minimize risk. The company has allocated storage for your silver bullion coins, gold, and other precious metals.

Excellent customer support

You can receive excellent customer service during Goldcore Ireland trading hours. You can call Goldcore Ireland phone number if you have concerns about your bullion holdings. They have a responsive team that can help you with your specific needs.

Disadvantages of Goldcore

Like other gold and silver services, the company also has its disadvantages.

Doesn’t provide products for US citizens

Goldcore doesn’t offer IRA’s that most US citizens want, so it is better to search for a company that can give you what you need.

One source of most reviews

Another drawback of Goldcore is it has positive reviews in the UK, but not in the USA. It can be a big concern for some individuals since it may feel like they don’t understand the US as well as it’s complexities.

Only provides gold and silver

It is a fact that silver and gold are among the most popular treasured metals. However, some individuals want to invest in other metals. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer these products.

Usually high net worth clients and investors

Goldcore offers its services to different client types. Meanwhile, most of them are in institutional investor or high earner category. It can be a major concern for a little gal or guy. Usually, their focus goes into customer service for their biggest customers.

In this review, you will also know if the business is a scam or not.

Is Goldcore a scam?

is golcore scam

Are you curious whether Goldcore is a scam or a legit company? Read more. Well, even though the company has some drawbacks, like lack of variety of precious metals and not having North America offices, it is a legit service.

The company has been serving the industry for almost 20 years with excellence and honesty. You can trust Goldcore if you want to buy gold or silver coin. The company can be your perfect partner for your investment. They are easy to reach and have strong reviews from their clients.

Meanwhile, before signing up with them, you should consider if it fits your needs. Don’t decide because of its good qualities. Make sure that it can benefit you.

USA citizens worry that it doesn’t provide IRAs. However, it is understandable since their main location is in the UK. If you require IRA, you can search for a USA company.

What is the best alternative for USA citizens?


Americans who wish to buy precious metals IRAs, there are companies which are based in the United States that can provide them their needs. One example is Goldco. It is USA’s highest-rated gold company. It is the best service for people interested in IRA metals.

It can be helpful for your business and portfolio diversification. It can enhance your metal investment and create excellent precious metals IRA. Goldco offers IRAS for silver and gold and has attractive storage.

Why choose Goldcore?

why goldcore

GoldCore is a fully insured provider where you can buy gold and silver coins and bars at competitive rates. You should choose them for the following reasons.

High-security vaults in the safest jurisdictions

The bullion has secure storage and is in the safest jurisdictions internationally.

Award-winning research

The Ireland provider already won many awards. They are already interviewed and quoted on CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, and more. They educate the community and their clients regarding precious metal and their part as essential safe haven diversification.

Fast payments and withdrawals

GoldCore Ireland Monday to Friday operations can give you fast payments and withdrawals. Your funds will be delivered to your bank account in 3 working days after the liquidations.

Deal in different sizes with liquidity

They have a team of professional precious metal advisors that will offer you the best advice for any precious metal.

Dedicated precious metal advisors

The business has more than 14,000 clients. They also have high net worth clients who invested more than $10,000,000.

Investment-grade gold silver

All silver, gold, palladium, and platinum are LBMA-approved bars. These are government-mint legal tender bullion bars. You can buy gold and other metals during their normal business hours.

Lowest rates for buying and selling

The precious metal provider also has competitive value for bullion coins and bars for secure storage.

Express international fully insured delivery

They can provide fully insured international deliveries. The bullion is packed in unmarked envelopes with no label for increased security.

Buy and sell with your currency

The best about the metal provider is that you can buy and sell in your currency. They use major currencies including pounds, euros, Hong Kong dollars, Canadian dollars, Swiss francs, New Zealand dollars, and Australian dollars. In addition, their wholesale rates can help clients save from foreign exchange charges.

Daily reconciliations with vault providers

Their products are reconciled daily. So, your bullion holdings will be reconciled to their vault providers allowing you to confirm your holding on their website.

Legit provider

If you want to deal with a legit gold provider, choosing them is the right decision. They are not scams, so they can provide a good value for your investment.

How to buy precious metals for the first time

precious metals

If it’s your first time to buy precious metals, you can follow the steps below.

1. First, you should open an account.

2. Lodge funds.

3. Buy order online or through UK phone.

4. You can decide on storage or delivery.

You can review your asset in your account.

Final Words

To sum it up, the Irish-owned Goldcore is a legit business you can trust. It can be your perfect partner to buy and sell gold coins and bars. However, apart from its advantages, it also has some red flags. For UK citizens who are first time buyers, buying gold silver from this provider is a good decision.

With the help of these reviews about the Ireland metal provider, we hope that you already decide if it’s best for your gold and silver coins and bars investment. The overall rating for this review about Goldcore is 3.5/5. Is this review helpful for you? Feel free to give your opinion in the comment section below. We hope that you have the right idea on how to improve your experience in the industry.

Fortress Gold Group

Are you wondering whether or not it’s best to do business with Fortress Gold Group when buying precious metals? You may be looking to add silver and gold bars and coins to an IRA account. Or maybe you’d like to make a personal investment in precious metals. Either way, Fortress Gold Group popped up on your radar for one reason or another.

In truth, it really looks like Fortress Gold Group has actually ceased all operations. As a matter of fact, when you look at their website there are safety concerns, invalid certificates, and it doesn’t even look like it’s been updated in a long time. When you search for this company on Google, it looks like they aren’t accepting new customers at the moment. Right now, it doesn’t seem possible to work with Fortress Gold Group.

Nonetheless, if you want to know more about the way the company worked and the services that they previously offered, continue reading to find out more.

Fortress Gold Group Company Information

This company was first founded all the way back in 1995. Around 2007, the company then became a privately held investment corporation. In truth, we do not even know the name of the person who founded Fortress Gold Group and we do not know the name of their last CEO.

Prior to the website no longer functioning properly, information about the company and CEO wasn’t available anyway. It was really weird and it definitely brings about a bunch of questions, since the bulk of the precious metals companies out there want people to know about their Board of Directors and their company founder and share this info freely on their website.

The website for Fortress Gold Group makes a couple of promises to their customers. First, they say they’ll ship metals within 72 hours of the purchase. They say their retirement conversions are the fastest in the industry, and they claim to provide market outlook and other advice and knowledge to their customers. As well, they also claim to be committed to the growth of their clients.
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Precious Metals Investing

This company made it possible for individual investors to purchase precious metals. This is impossible now that their website is down, so it’s hard to share lots of information about this topic. We do not know if they had an extensive selection and we cannot really determine if they provided silver and gold bullion, platinum or palladium, rare coins, or other investment opportunities.

Precious Metals IRAs

Fortress Gold Group also focused on setting up Gold Ira’s for their customers via rollover or transfer. Although, from the best of my knowledge with the information available at the time, it doesn’t seem like they were actually an IRA custodian, so working with them meant finding and choosing an approved IRA custodian for the IRA setup process.

It’s very difficult to come across information about how their IRA service unfolded, but based on the way other companies like this work, we can take a few educated guesses. More than likely, you would have needed to choose an IRA custodian to set up your brand-new gold IRA account. You could’ve either rolled over funds from an existing retirement account or set up a wire transfer to fund this new account.

After completing the transfer, one of the specialists at Fortress Gold group would’ve helped you choose the best bars and coins to meet your investing needs.

Precious Metals IRA Storage

According to the rules laid out by the IRS, individual investors are not allowed to store their IRA approved precious metals at home. They must be stored in a depository that has full IRS approval. Based on the information that I was able to learn; Fortress Gold group chose to work with one of the most trusted companies in the storage industry named Brinks Global Services.

More than likely, you know Brinks Global Services in one capacity or another. In truth, you’ve probably recognized their armored trucks delivering or picking up cash to local banks and other institutions in your community. They have equally amazing storage options, and it’s quite possible that their vaults are even more secure, because they ensure security by using the latest state-of-the-art technology.

If you’ve ever purchased investments that weren’t part of an IRA account from this company, you would’ve had the opportunity to have your precious metals shipped to you at home or to a safe deposit box or a different secure location depending on what you chose.

Fees, Commissions, and Pricing

All in all, it doesn’t really seem like Fortress Gold Group really shared or even cared about being transparent with charges and fees. Prior to shutting down their website, they did not list or share this important information regarding commissions, fees, and other payments that would need to be made. This information or lack thereof makes it difficult to compare them to other similar companies, which makes it really hard for investors to figure out which company to work with.

Customer Support

On their website, it’s shared that potential clients and current clients were able to reach Fortress Gold group by contacting them via email or telephone. There wasn’t a live chat option on the website, which is typically a good feature to have for customers looking for quick and basic questions to be answered.

Are There Potential Fortress Gold Group Red Flags to Be Aware of?

Of course, there were. As a matter of fact, there were actually a number of really big red flags to keep in mind. But the biggest of all is the fact that they aren’t taking on any new customers and it looks like the company is shutting down altogether. There are actual security certificate concerns regarding this company, so you can’t open their website on the majority of devices.

After reading reviews on the various review sites, we get to discover how Fortress Gold group handled their business while they were still open. Will take a look at reviews from the Business Consumer Alliance, Trustpilot, Trustlink, and the Better Business Bureau. You can still find reviews on these websites if you’d like to read about them yourself and learn more regarding their business practices.

  • B- rating on the Better Business Bureau website – not accredited
  • AAA rating on the Business Consumer Alliance website
  • 5-star rating on Trustlink with 23 reviews
  • 6 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot with 37 reviews

Is It a Scam to Work with Fortress Gold Group?

All told, it does not appear that this company was ever actually a scam organization. Nonetheless, it’s hard to tell because their website isn’t actually working correctly, so we know they aren’t taking on new customers, and we would actually recommend avoiding them even if they were because of the potential red flags that we’ve noticed recently.

Regardless, if this company was still working at full capacity, we would tell you to avoid buying precious metals from them in choosing other gold companies with better reputations. Another reason why we would tell you to avoid them is because some of the more recent reviews were a bit troubling, even though the bulk of them were ultimately positive. One reviewer claimed that they were having a difficult time reaching a sales representative and they couldn’t get any assistance.

The bulk of the precious metals companies that we recommend have Better Business Bureau accreditation. In this particular case, they weren’t accredited and they didn’t have the greatest rating with the BBB since it was a B-. Many of the companies that we recommend have the highest A+ rating. And the reason for their poor rating is their failure to respond to complaints from previous customers.

Fortress Gold Group gave customers the ability to purchase silver on their website as well, even though they did not sell platinum and palladium. You have a difficult time creating real portfolio diversity buying investments from this company since they didn’t offer all of the precious metals options.

Prior to closing their doors for good, the website didn’t share any information about commissions and fees. This is a big red flag because it makes it easy for potential customers to decide whether or not they want to do business with them. And their lack of transparency was confusing and made it hard for customers to figure out how much they’d have to pay.

Lastly, Fortress Gold group didn’t have live chat services like most other gold investing companies. The only way to reach them was via email or phone, which is less convenient.

Key Takeaways

  • They opened their doors in 1995
  • They converted retirement account quickly
  • They provided their customers with fast shipping
  • They offered silver and gold bars and coins
  • They provided gold IRA services
  • They offered storage options through Brinks Global Services
  • They communicated via phone and email

Fortress Gold Group Pros

  • They help customers open a precious metals IRA through rollover or transfer
  • Brinks Global Services was there storage provider
  • They shipped their products quickly

Fortress Gold Cons

  • The company does not accept new clients at this time
  • Their website currently isn’t operational
  • They did not offer palladium or platinum investment opportunities at Fortress Gold Group

Companies Similar to Fortress:

Here are some companies that share some of the same traits.  Please read their reviews if you are interested in comparing how companies work.  Visit the Rosland Capital review, Zaner Precious Metals, and Red Reck Secured’s review for more information.

Final Thoughts

Is it wise to do business with Fortress Gold Group? Absolutely not. For starters, the company isn’t even operational at the time. Their website isn’t open to use and they are currently avoiding accepting new clients.

Regardless, even if they were still operating at full capacity today, I would suggest moving on to other precious metals companies because there are better options to choose from out there right now.

Fisher Precious Metals

Fisher Precious Metals is a small precious metal dealing business that displays a wide range of products online. The primary mission of this small company is to exceed industry leaders by providing dedicated, small-based services. That’s what you would expect from a local-based business. In today’s online transactions, such opportunities and services are missing these days.

You might be wondering if this company is exactly what it claims to be? or is it a legal company? Is it worth investing under Fisher Precious Metals? In this article, you will get a thorough description of the services, products, and reviews of Fisher Precious Metals company.

About Fisher Precious Metals:

Fisher Precious Metals was founded by a married couple, John Fisher and Lynn Fisher. Rather than using a large corporate industry as a backup, John Fisher started individually investing in silver and gold in around 1993. And, of course, just like every new business, John Fisher also experienced various glitches and errors. Fisher Precious Metals took a long time to figure out the game-changing strategies of the precious metals industry.

John Fisher openly claims the trials and errors he faced, as he claims himself to be just like their clients. Both John Fisher and his wife describe that they are not some kind of large-scale financial gurus. But they have learned and explored every bit of the precious metals industry by making several mistakes themselves. And that’s obviously an honest approach towards business.

After over 25 years of experience in the precious metals market, they brought this experience to the table. The company owners and their top-notch team of experts offer in-person consultation regarding your investments, aims, and concerns. The owners of Fisher Precious Metals themselves make sure to explain all risks and benefits of precious metals investing and answer every question that pops up in your mind.

Precious metals investing tactics are different from other investments because it doesn’t require regulatory governance. This slight difference gives immense favor to the consumer policy. It makes it easier to get maximum advantage from precious metals investments. Furthermore, the company owners ensure to educate their clients properly so that they won’t make the same mistakes as they did in the early stages.

Whether you choose them for a dealership or not, but Fisher Precious Metals, the best bullion dealers, prides itself on its solid reputation with third parties for doing good work. They have also been voted for “United States Bullion Dealer of the Year” in 2018.

Visit Website

John Fisher:

Rather than managing Fisher Precious Metals, John Fisher is also Vice-Chair of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. Not only is this a high designation, but it also explains his importance and vulnerability in the industry of physical precious metals. The precious metals market is shaped the same way as his insights and opinions, which claims his impact on the stock market. Fisher explained his trials and errors in this regard, such a man who didn’t butter up others for his interests.

Kingdom Advisors, a group of Christian recognizing financial advisors, also work with John Fisher. Kingdom Advisors send or recommend their clients to Fisher Precious Metals whenever there’s the right time to invest in precious metals.

Above all, John has approval to give Education Seminars to financial planners, investors, CPAs. Which clearly explains his predominance in this field. He has a vast and deep knowledge about precious metals investment, which he wants to share with every person.

Moreover, Fisher Precious Metals is also a part of various multinational companies like GIA, PCGS, ANA, NGC, and PNG. The team of Fisher Precious Metals has expert knowledge about coins, bullion, rounds, and other precious metals-related things. Such a man who puts clients’ interests first is hard to find.

Principles of Fisher Precious Metals:

The Fisher Precious Metals company has solid principles clearly reflected in its policies. If you look at the client’s reviews on their site, you can quickly evaluate that they are implementing firm values in their daily businesses.

The company owners ensure that they never believe or implement greedy or fear-based tactics. They think of their clients as their family members and advise them as though they are helping their family members to gain max from this investment. Sometimes, they refer their clients to other dealers if that’s what’s best for their clients, even if they get declined sales in doing so.

The best thing about Fisher Precios Metals is that their owners do not take a back seat but instead involve themselves in daily operations. Furthermore, they guarantee that you can directly talk with owners within 48 hours if you call. Fisher family shows the absolute honest and professional dealings with clients as we anticipate from any industry leader.

Moreover, Fisher Precious Metals hire only those individual investors personally involved in precious metals investments. They pay full attention to the education and enthusiasm of their team about work. Working with Fisher Precious Metals, you don’t have to worry about dishonest markups or pushy sales pitches, as no team member works for a commission.

This very principle is because owners oppose compensations that do not lead to the client’s best interest. The holders of Fisher Precious Metals ensure that their clients make the right decisions about themselves.

Fisher Precious Metals highly relies on these principles to stay supreme and unique among others in the field. The precious metals industry requires a lot of intelligence to succeed. However, the values of gold and silver are just a click away by searching Google. The dealers have to offer highly competitive pricing, and the profit rate is relatively low.

While the other industry fellows only offer competitive pricing, Fisher Precious Metals also offers expertise and peace of mind. Another benefit of working with this company is that you are not taking a robotic call while you are investing your hard-earned money or personal jewelry ( watches, necklaces, and queen victoria coin imbedded rings from any traditional gold store) or novelty metals. You are talking to real people interested in your concerns and decisions.

If you are a first-timer, you might be concerned about finding an expert dealer for investment. But if you intend to turn your assets into precious metals, you would require an expert in this industry who will lead you to the right track.

Types Of Products They Offer:

A wide range of products is displayed on their website. But the owners state that in the vast majority of cases, the best bet for beginners is to purchase precious metals in the form of inexpensive bars and bullion coins. Focus on choosing products by sovereign mints like Perth Mint, US Mint, and Royal Canadian Mint.

Sovereign coins are easier to liquidate among precious metals. If you liquidate your holdings in a pinch, finding a buyer and fair price for the official coin is easier. However, collectible coins are tough to sell, and you’ll often experience loss in selling them if there’s no willing market to purchase them.

If you never have to liquidate your assets for an emergency, Fisher Precious Metals will lead you to the most favorable “exit strategy.” The strategy will let you maximize your profit through the investments over time. Whether you might enjoy short-term gains, long-term gains, or growth over decades depends on the product you choose.

And another superior value of this company is that each investment and purchase is kept entirely confidential.

Selling Physical Precious Metals:

Fisher Precious Metals not only let you purchase precious metals from them at a very fair price, but you can also sell them your precious metals. They claim to give the best prices for your precious metals. They also state that they will buy back anything they have ever sold to you at a fair market value price.

The company deals with Palladium, platinum, gold, or silver. Although other precious metal companies only deal with bars and coins, Fisher Precious Metals is quite the opposite. They also accept your flatware, broken jewelry, rings, queen victoria coin imbedded rings, and watches from any traditional gold store. You can also liquidate your assets into Palladium, gold, or platinum tubes.

Rather than providing liquid cash to your assets, the company also runs a trade service. If you are interested in turning your broken jewelry or metal scrap into liquid coins and bullion, Fisher Precious Metals are at your service! To know more about the entire process of trading your assets into liquid cash, give the team a call right now to get a very fair price.

If you want to sell your sets, the initial step is to give a call to the company. You’ll have to talk to a team member and tell him that you want to trade your assets for coins or bullion. He will give you a transparent quote or offer. If you are agreed with the offered deal, you’ll receive shipping details and confirmation. If you live near the physical setup of Fisher Precious Metals, you can make the dealing one-to-one.

If you’re an individual seller from international society, then you’ll be asked to ship the precious metals to a specific address. Email the tracking number to the company as soon as you get it.

Pros of Fisher Precious Metals Industry:

A few possible pros of connecting with this company are:

  • positive feedbacks from 95% of clients across multiple third-party websites.
  • Relaxed and hands-on approach to company owners.
  • Clients feel respected and owned by their knowledge about investments.

Cons of Fisher Precious Metals:

The only disadvantage of this company is that being a small company, sometimes they do not have the capacity for new clients.

You can discover Fisher Precious Metals products below:

US National Gold Coins:

United States Mint is well known for minting pure gold coins with unique historical designs. The minting of the bullion series began in 1986 with a remarkable Gold American Eagle coin. This coin is notably the most selling coin in the world.

Later, .9999 buffalo followed the popularity and became a favorite one-ounce gold coin. US mint coins are produced for investors and collectors and are admired as beautiful precious metals. The US coins are produced in various domination ranging from one-tenth to one ounce of gold and 22 or 24 karat gold.

Proof coins are favorable among collectors, while an uncirculated finish of coins is recommended to invest. Thus, while buying US coins, ensure that you don’t allow any dealer to pressure you to get proof coins for investing or your precious metals IRA. Dealers make such recommendations only for their profit. Available US gold coins at this company are given below:

  • American Gold Eagle Coins
  • American Gold Buffalo Coins
  • Pre-1933 coins
  • Proof Coins

Australian National Gold:

Perth Mint was acknowledged as Royal Mint of London System in 1898 and had been minting beautiful Australian gold since then. Perth Mint got through Sydney Mint and Melbourne Mint. Although Perth Mint is no longer associated with Royal Australian Mint, still its bullion coins maintain legal tender status.

The most popular series of Perth Mint is the Australian Gold Kangaroos series, which began minting in 1987. Initially, these coins had a design of gold nugget on them and were known as “Gold Nugget.”Later it was replaced by the kangaroo in 1990. Kangaroo coins come up with various marsupials and express beautiful wildlife features. Australian Gold includes the following famous investing material:

  • Perth Mint Gold bars
  • Australling Kangaroo Gold coins

Some famous national gold coins in the world are as follows:

  • Australian gold
  • Chinese Gold
  • British Gold
  • French Gold
  • German Gold
  • Mexican Gold
  • South African Gold
  • Swiss Gold

Buying Silver coins, bullion, bars, or rounds:

Silver can be purchased in various forms, such as silver bullion, coin, bars, or rounds. US mint, sovereign mint, and other reputable precious metal refiners have offered silver coins, bars, and rounds for many years. Silver is the most affordable opportunity for purchasing or investing in precious metals.

The company owner state that he has also been a silver dealer because of ease of selling (high liquidity) and utility silver offers. The advantage of investing in silver wisely is that it will be highly sought if we ever need it for survival purposes.

Set a phone meeting with Fisher Precious Metals to discuss more available Silver bullion coin or bars. You can also get a free consultation from them in this regard without being pressured into investing in it.

Well-known global silver mint and refiners are listed below:

  • Australian Mint
  • Austrian Mint
  • Highland Mint
  • British Royal Mint
  • Engelhard
  • Perth Mint
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • United States Mint

US Silver Eagles:

American Gold Silver coins have been guaranteed to be pure and weighty by the US government. There are also approved by IRA. US mint guarantees that each coin contains one troy ouncer of 99.9% pure silver. These come up with reeded edges and a beautiful cultural design. Each silver dealer admires US Silver Eagle. If you’re interested in purchasing silver bullion, silver coins, or silver rounds, stay tuned to know more about which to invest.

Platinum bullion products:

Platinum is not only kept or used as jewelry. It is also being invested or purchased in the form of coins or bars. Platinum is among very precious and beautiful novelty metals favored and admired by investors worldwide. Various famous mints have been generating platinum coins and bars. Some well-known platinum coins are listed below:

Platinum Coins:

  • Platinum Maples (by Royal Canadian Mint)
  • Platinum Eagles (by US Mint)
  • World Platinum

Platinum Bars:

Platinum Bars are usually available in the following domination:

  • 1 oz Platinum Bar
  • By Weight

Palladium bullion products:

Palladium being noble metal is a part of the platinum group of metals. Palladium contributes to both industrial and precious metals investments. The demands for Palladium are increasing day by day, outpacing the supply.

Palladium has become a widely recognized precious metal among today’s world of precious metals investors. You can also further diversify your palladium assets into any other affordable precious metal whenever you wish. If you visit the website of Fisher Precious Metals, you can recognize popular palladium coins and bars from well-known brands of the world.

Palladium is rare to nature and has become the desire of every person. It was initially discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston. Although this silvery-white metal is lesser-known, it is minted in many today’s world. The Russian Federation minted the majority of palladium coins and bars. Now, various mints (certified appraisers) are actively generating palladium products in China, Australia, Canada, Portugal, the United States, France, and others. Fisher Precios Metals offers a comprehensive deal of palladium coins and bars.

Palladium coins

  • Elizabeth 11 5 Dollars coin
  • Canadian Maple Palladium coin

Palladium Bars

  • 1 oz Palladium Bars
  • By Weight

Precious Metals Storage Options:

There are various precious metal storage options available, and every option has its pros and cons. Here, we have discussed each option and entire process with vast detail:

Insured Depository Storage Facility:

Depository storage allows you to choose a different geographical location and provides privacy for keeping your precious metals. IRA allocations are required to store precious metals in depository services. No matter how much benefits the insured depository provides, at the end of the day, you have to trust a third party to protect your assets.

Precious metals can be stored as allocated or unallocated criteria in the depository. You can choose the method or criteria suitable for better protection of your precious metals. In the case of an allocated depository, your precious metals will be stored separately. And you will get the same precious metals as you first purchased.

While in the unallocated depository, similar coins and bars of precious metals are stored together. In the end, they are distributed among the owners, and most probability is that you will not get the same precious metal as you first bought.

Fisher Precious Metals offer independent and separate storage for precious metals and rare coins. All assets are protected in third-party depositories, which are not affiliated with the company. All assets or precious metals kept there are insured by the depository owners.

Fisher Precious Metals have three depository partners:

1. International Depository Services of Delaware:

IDS gives a highly secure storage area with UL-rated, multi redundant security systems that work 24/7. Its technology and functioning are state of the art. One of the most significant benefits of International Depository Services is that all your precious metals and assets are kept in custody. By custody, it means that assets are stored in client-specific accounts and are not added to IDS’ balance sheet.

2. Depository Services of Canada:

Depository of Toronto, Canada, is known as North America’s newest, most technologically secure, and advanced precious metals depository. This depository is located in Canada’s business bureau capital, with Headquarters in the Toronto area. This depository is considered the first full-service LBMA and IIROC-approved precious metals depository of Canada.

3. Strategic Wealth Preservation -Grand Cayman:

Strategic Wealth Preservation is a newly advanced purpose-built precious metals storage with a fully segregated, allocated, and insured security area located in Grand Cayman. SWP depository is an independently owned and privately functioned technology that provides various benefits to the clients. Direct and complete legal holdings are given to the clients when they are under the facility.

While working with Fisher Precios Metals, you can consider choosing above mentioned depositories for the better business bureau, great prices, and better storage options. If you think that your home is entirely secure and well-protected by advanced technology, then you can store your precious metals or other assets at home as well. But keeping such valuable things isn’t safe due to increasing crime rates.

Companies Similar to Fisher Precious Metals:

Here are some companies that you can read about that have similar operations:  Indigo Precious Metals, BullionVault, and the Fortress Gold Group.  If you are really looking to dive into this space, you should read their respective company reviews.


Fisher Precious Metals is an exceptionally managed small business. It offers various precious metals selling, buying, and investing opportunities. Moreover, the company owners also offer comprehensive knowledge about investments in precious metals.

Indigo Precious Metals

Indigo Precious Metals has been in the business since 2014, with David J Mitchell managing director. Though the company is relatively recent, the company’s founder has been in the industry since 1986. So the company began with years of experience at its feet. The Indigo Precious Metals Group is based in Malaysia and Singapore primarily. But they are also attending in Europe, the United States of America, and Canada. They help their customers purchase and safeguard physical golds, silver, and other Precious metals.

Precious metals are one of the most persistent business categories and a great opportunity if you are looking for a medium of investment. This is also famous for being a medium of retirement investment. Metals are regarded unassailable as they do not inflate or disintegrate over time, unlike other sorts of properties. They are regarded as portfolio diversifiers as they do not accumulate all of the cash in just one position.

Why choose Precious Metals as a Form of Investment?

If you are not sure why precious metals are called one of the unchanging physiques of investment, we are here to break it down for you. Not just for the metals themselves, in the case of the Precious metals industry, the metals are purchased and traded in the form of coins and bars. Precious metals like gold, silver, rhodium, palladium, and platinum will not decay, and their price will only expand with time, and most competitive pricing is always a great opportunity.

There are some rare coins known as bullion coins, these collectors’ coins are reserved to be sold in the future, and the rate of the metals gets loftier than the initial investment. It is noted that the price of gold has doubled over the last decade. And the same thing can be considered for other metals like silver and platinum.

Metals are a steady source of investment as if you are investing in a stock market, the prices of stocks might go up and down quite rapidly. And you can just lose all of your totalities in a blink. The same thing can go for Real Estate. The rate of the property will alter with any casualty in the region. And if you are trying to invest in art and sculptures, they will fade and need constant restoration to keep up the quality. Metals also control how much the capital gains tax.Visit SiteBut the metals do not lose their authentic rate, and it’s great when you require urgent cash at once. You can use the liquidity rate of the metals in an instant as institutional investors. But it can not be done with real estate properties or any other piece of art. Most financial advisors advise that a person invest 13% to 15% of their entire investment in precious metals. Most people are pretty sceptical about the process as it doesn’t provide any revenue or interest at the end of the year, and you might need to pay for the custodian and storage fee. But when the stock market is going down, the price of the metals goes up linearly.

Buying precious metals from Indigo Precious Metals

Now that we stated why metals are important as a source of investment, let us add a reference of such precious metal dealer who will assist you in choosing these metals and even storing the product for you in storage with remote access doors. There are multiple reviews on the Indigo Precious Metals Website and other sites. With Indigo Precious Metals, you can purchase gold coins and bars, silver coins and bars, platinum, palladium, rhodium, rare earth, bullion coins as collectable coins. They will also include a chart of up-to-date met prices that you can choose from on the Indigo Precious Metals Website. They will help you purchase rare metals and will entitle you to store the product in their facilities in Singapore. But if you want, they will deliver the product to your place to keep it yourself. But on recommendation purposes, their depository facility is considered one of the safest in Singapore Freeport.

How to Buy Precious Metals from the Indigo Precious Metals Website?

Here we include how you can purchase your gold and silver coins from the Indigo Precious Metals dealers on the website. The steps are pretty straightforward, and you just have to be sure of what you want and how much you desire.

Choose the product

First, choose a product from the price tag on the website or choose from the title under bullion products. You can pick any Metals, including bullion coins and investment-grade bars. And you can even shop from the rare earth section of the website as a new precious metal buyer. Then you can add the product to the basket for further processing. On the prices page, products are listed with their weight and prices. The prices are also included in grams and ounces and the buyback price.


You can always checkout as a guest, but you can have your data saved for future purchases by registering. Once you have added your products to the basket, click on view basket, and then you can proceed to check out. But for checkouts, you might have to register to the secure bullion credit account. The registration process is free, and you can shop at multiple addresses. Put your last name, first name, email address, and passwords to create an account.


You can pay in two ways. First, you can pay the total quantity right away on the checkout process. Or you can select the deposit option to pay in two separate courses. But you might have to pay 10% advance, and then you can pay the 90% later from the free trade zone—capital gains tax from the storage facilities. You can pay cash or bank transfer for payment methods or store credit. Cash on collection had to be done in Singapore’s Indigo Precious Metals showroom.


There are three Shipping options available with the Indigo Precious Metals dealers. They will ship your products internationally with an insured courier service with a seamless ordering process. If you are a local buying from the IPM website, you can easily choose the collection options. Or you can collect the product from their showroom in Singapore on Amoy Street. Or you can pick them as your storage facility and save the product in a high-security vault, Le Freeport.

Get your Indigo Precious Metals products

The Indigo Precious Metal buyer claims that your product will be fully insured even when you can not receive it primarily. If you are not present at the time of the delivery, the product will be returned to the facility, but you can arrange for re-delivery of the product. If you choose to store the product in Le Freeport, you can check out the products yourself.

Products to purchase from the Indigo Precious Metals Dealers

Here we include all the products you can purchase from the Precious metals, gold and silver bars and rare earth metals. These are easy to choose from and buy online.

Gold bars

There are sixteen gold bars enlisted on the website. Here the bars are 99.99% refined, and you are fully insured. You can get products from one gram to one kilogram. And the price of the products also varies as such. Argor Heraeus Gold Bars are minted in Argor Heraeus Refinery in Switzerland, and the weight of the bar here is 2 grams. There is AH on the front of the bar with a circle. There are no tax options except if you store it in Freeport.

Gold Coins

There are twenty-four items available on this list. The lowest amount for a coin will be 7.8 grams and the highest with 38.8 grams. The Australia Gold Lunar Tiger series 2 is one of the coins on the list. This coin is one of the notable gold coins that the Perth Mint of Australia minted. This is designed based on the Chinese lunar tiger sign.

Silver bars

There are fourteen silver bars listed on the Indigo Precious Metals Website. The highest price will be around twenty thousand USD. The weight of the bars starts from 311 grams to 31 kilograms. The LBMA silver cast bar is one of the bars listed on the website. These are regarded as bullion bars and are produced from the JBR & BRAID & Co. In the United Kingdom.

Silver coins

There are forty-four items listed on the website, and the weight of the coins will be starting from 31.1 grams to 1 kilogram at most as a value-added expert investment. Australia Silver Lunar Goat is one of the silver coins listed online. This coin is also insured and was minted by the Perth Mint of Australia in 2015.


There are twelve products available in the state of bars and coins—the weight of the platinum stars from 31.1 grams to a maximum of 1 kilogram. The highest price of platinum will be around thirty thousand dollars. The Queen’s Beast is one of the bullion coins listed on the website, with a purity of 99.99%. This is prescribed as the Yale of Beaufort with horns adorning its head. This is inspired by the Margaret Beaufort of the Tudor Dynasty and designed by the United Kingdom’s Royal Mint.


Only three products are available on the Indigo Precious Metals Website, and there are two bars and one coin. The weight of the metals starts from 31.1 grams to 155.5 grams. The highest price will be eighty thousand dollars. Tuvalu Rhodium Coin is one of the collectable and bullion coins listed. Baird Mint minted the product in the year 2019.


There are two bars and three coins listed on the Indigo Precious Metals site. The highest weight will be 500 grand, around thirty-five thousand dollars. The Canadian Maple Leaf Palladium Coin is one of them with a purity standard of 999.5%. This was produced by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2005 and is one of the first Canadian coins minted with palladium.

Indigo Precious Metals Review

Indigo Precious Metals has a lot of sound reviews online and even on their website as the most trusted bullion dealer in Singapore and Malaysia. If you are considering buying precious metals, make sure you view our recommended companies as well.  Here we are including some of the essential parts.


They rated the company 4.9 out of 5 stars, and both the customer and products rated 4.9. Most of the customers added five stars, and the company appreciated their client management and the Indigo Precious Metals products.


Thirteen reviews are documented here, and the site rated them with 4.1 stars out of 5. Most reviews are positive, and 85% of them were deemed excellent.


The Indigo Precious Metals Dealers have years of experience and in-house experts who help consumers buy suitable metals. They can also help you with your product’s insurance and storage facilities. The Indigo Precious Metals Group is easy to deal with, as you can open an account with just a few prerequisites. The company will provide any information you might need regarding the investment. So if you are looking for something pristine and diversified in your financial acquisitions, you can quickly go for the IPM group.

BullionVault Review

Known around the world, BullionVault has been a go-to precious metals provider for thousands of investors. Created in 2005 by Paul Tustain, BullionVault has remained a competitive gold dealer under his watch.

With more than $3 billion in gold located in their world-wide vaults, they are able to cater to close to 100,000 individual private investors. A few of the worldwide vault locations include New York, London, Toronto, Zurich, and Singapore. Having this number of diverse locations makes it easy to have bullion stored near you.

The company is based in the UK and is solely governed by its company laws. Regardless of being an English-based investment company, that does not mean it is regulated by the government. In fact, the English Financial Services Authority (FSA) is not involved in any oversight of BullionVault. This reason is due to the structure of the company and the fact that only actual bullion is being traded and the FSA does not deal with bullion gold. Also, in the USA, the Better Business Bureau does not consider it to be a reviewable company.

Because of it being self-governing, there are many things it can provide to its investors worldwide. One of these is allowing access to the many markets dealing with bullion.

In addition to that, other services include low costs associated with holding, buying, or selling silver and gold bars. These reasons are what makes BullionVault a leading investment service provider for all of your bullion needs.

Some may even refer BullionVault as an exchange between two individuals. This is the same manner in which a brokerage firm and investor handles investments by buying and selling investments of their own.

The Purpose of BullionVault

The purpose for BullionVault was based on two problems being solved. These include:

Allowing access to the private investor

Eliminating the restrictions placed on private investors associated with vault access

With problems like these, the investor was unable to make purchases of gold in a way that is easy and secure.

Now, the private investor is able to enter a bullion market and make investments regardless of their size. Similar to the professional investor, BullionVault provides a lower cost that many private investors love taking advantage of.

Bar Size to fit the Investor´s Needs

When BullionVault gold purchases are made, it is a direct gold bar investment. These bars are the real thing and their size can vary from ounces to pounds. A maximum amount of gold purchases is also not applicable. Once purchased, they will be vaulted to the nearest vault to you.

All accounts with BullionVault undergo daily auditing to ensure that account holders match what the verified holder is listed as. A system using nicknames is used to verify identity and after auditing, the audit can be viewed by the account holder.

Why You Should Think About Investing with BullionVault

The reasons are plenty when it comes to investing with BullionVault. Below, we list a few of the most common reasons.

It´s market is the largest online for bullion

With more than $3 billion dollars’ worth of bullion stored in its vaults, it is a world leader in the bullion market. Not only that, but they have an estimated $2.5 billion in physical gold, which many countries’ own reserves lack.

Their rates are a lot lower for buying, storing, or selling

No matter what point of the investment process you are at, you will love the low costs involved. In fact, the rates are half of what they normally are elsewhere. This low cost will be especially useful when your investment is more than $75,000.

Size does not matter

No matter how small or big your bullion is, it can be invested. This allows an investment to be made for a low $150 or a big investment that reaches into the millions. Now, the investor will not need to feel so limited before making an investment.

Withdrawal process is rapid

Investors enjoy a rapid withdrawal process that can occur instantly no matter the time of day. It can be transferred and in your bank within a single business day. That is what investors love a lot.

Its bullion is worthy of investment

Whether it is gold, silver, or any other precious metal, you will love that it is coming from an actual piece of the metal. This makes it tradable on each world market that deals with gold bullion.

Vaults are high-grade security

Once your gold is vaulted, the amount of security involved with the vaults is not taken for granted. With a high amount of security involved, your bullion investment will always remain safe and secure.

Audits are daily

You will unlikely find another bullion dealer that will conduct audits and provide those details to the investor on a daily level. Each audit is checked against a third-party to ensure accuracy.

It rates are wholesale

They enjoy providing a low 0.12% annual rate for gold. This is nice since the average is nearly 0.5%through other ETF dealers.

Price freedom

Since an investor is dealing with other investors personally, they are able to enjoy the freedom of setting the price. This will save you a significant amount of costs when making deals.

No currency restriction

Investing with BullionVault permits you to trade in any currency with no restriction. Allowing this will eliminate the need to exchange any currency.

24/7 trading

Being an online platform permits the investor to make trades regardless of the time of day. For those needing assistance, 24/ customer service is available.

Products Available through BullionVault

As far as products are concerned, BullionVault offers the following:

Actual bullion gold

Because BullionVault deals in precious metals, the investment is in actual bullion gold. Being physical in nature means they will also be held in a physical vault. Their purchase is straight-forward and the investor can obtain the amount they buy within hours.

By making an investment, there will not be any delivery fee of your bullion. Also, the price for the precious metals and the costs associated with the storage are wholesale but below retail. After a purchase is made, you will be able to make two choices depending on the purchase:

You´ll be able to have a secured vault hold them

They can be sent to you directly. If you do this choice, then you may experience a higher shipping cost

A good thing is that you will not experience penalties by selling them. This means the cash from the sale will go directly to you within a day.

When the sell takes place, it is an investment sell. So, your account will reflect the name for your reference.

A gold IRA

Having a gold IRA is not something commonly done, but it can be done for retirement purposes. This is possible when you obtain the Gold IRA from BullionVault. The Gold IRA permits you to diversify the portfolio you use for your retirement.

You can also combine your current retirement accounts that are employer-based.

The Silver IRA

Known as the silver IRA, it has characteristics that resemble the gold IRA. You can easily include the gold and other precious metals into the IRA. While investing towards retirement, you can easily invest in each form of silver, no matter if it is in bar, coin, or bullion. When you have this type of investment, you will own it for as long as you want. The amount will never decrease as it would if it was not bullion.

As soon as you are close to 60 years of age, the beneficiary of the IRA will be able to take advantage of payments that are not penalized by the IRS.

The Price of Gold

Having the ability to make gold purchases affordably is great for any market. You can purchase either in ounce increments or gram increments as part of the wholesale obtainment of the gold bars. If you want, investing in coins through BullionVault is also possible.

No matter how you look at it, the prices of gold and silver through BullionVault will always remain close to wholesale. The prices are competitive due to the quantities being large in nature. Thanks to this, the savings can be passed down to the investor.

The price of gold is shared via a chart every day. Due to the high amount of transparency, the chart prices can be trusted as being the most current for the day.

The BullionVault Investment Platform

There is no platform used for trading the investments. This is because only three assets are available in bullion form. An order is placed once an investor has logged into their account. Through their order board, the gold prices will be listed.

Simple Account Opening Process

The first step in making investments is to create an account with BullionVault. The amount of time is short and under 5 minutes. You need to ensure that you have personal identifiable information at hand as you register. Once opened, you can make deposits for the account to be funded.

It is a good idea to have the new account validated as soon as possible following registering. With this being required legally, you may also need to provide more verification in efforts to deter money laundering.

As soon as crediting has taken place for your account, you can access the account and begin investing. The transactions that occur can involve all of what they offer and take place by a simple click.

Investors have the opportunity to place bids and use them to their advantage.

Precious Metal Safety with BullionVault

The gold and other precious metals held with BullionVault are nothing less than the pure metal. This is known because the gold bullion, bars, and coins are traceable and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality because of the high integrity of the custody chain.

The Loomis company operates and maintains the vaults used by BullionVault. Loomis is known worldwide and remains as a strong provider of vaults, which makes them highly trusted within the financial sector.

Once your precious metal is secured inside a vault, there is no way it is coming out unless by the owner. Important things to keep in mind are the following:

  • The gold is insured
  • Complete access to the BullionVault records as well as the records verifying you as being the true owner
  • Restrictions on accounts reflect the integrity that the account is held in good faith to prevent money laundering
  • Advanced encryption protects account access. However, if a compromise occurs, the accounts will remain safe.
  • The vault you choose is governed by the jurisdiction it is located in. The investor is provided with the choice of which vault and where. The jurisdiction can also be changed. if requested.
  • Besides that, a special burglar alarm is built into BuillionVault that helps keep accounts protected at all times.
  • Depending on your account settings, you may receive notifications if any strange account activity has taken place. You will be notified and the issue will be looked into by BullionVault.

Advantages of BullionVault

  • The gold is not governed by additional VAT
  • Grams of silver are offered for a new investor
  • Both coins and ingots are offered
  • Price spreads are significantly lower than other financial institutions
  • Everything is insured
  • Vaults can be changed and based on your preference
  • You can obtain the physical gold at your residence
  • It remains a very affordable investment method
  • Easy to use app for investing
  • Lower fees as compared to many other precious metal sellers
  • The BullionVault has a high amount of reliability
  • 24/7 customer service by phone, emails, or live chat
  • A high amount of transparency
  • A nice variety of vault locations to choose from located throughout the world
  • Investments can be made in a variety of currencies


  • Precious metal selection is limited
  • Lengthy account verification after account creation
  • Their insurance expires this April (2022)
  • Platform could benefit from an upgrade
  • Fees are tidious

Conclusion of BullionVault Review

We can easily say that the BullionVault is a great investment platform to take advantage of. Besides one of the greatest, it also is a giant among many within the gold investing companies. Plus, with close to $4 billion dollars’ worth of gold´, their more than 91,000 investors are surely happy to be investing through them.

Investors are able to conduct all of the normal investment transactions such as buying, selling, and holding precious metals at the best and lowest market prices. You can truly feel free knowing that you are without limit while investing.

The products and services are many and make your currency capable and free to purchase the precious metals. In the end, the investor can trust BullionVault and know that their great reputation will be a reminder of the high amount of respect they have since their 2005 appearance.