The Future of Blockchain in Financial Services

In your own words, what is distributed ledger and blockchain technology? Brandon Caruana: People often use the word blockchain as if it is a brand-new...

Comparing EU and US responses to the financial crisis

Karel Lannoo ECMI Policy Brief No. 14 (Jan. 2010)Main Story:Grey matters Available at and http://www.ceps.euAbstractSince 2003, the EU and the US have conducted a...

Paul O’Neill and Ted Bravakis Comment:

Main Story: Effective regulation, expertise, and stability put Cayman ahead “The Cayman Islands has a long-standing relationship with the United States, including partnering with the United...

Cayman’s newest community continues to blossom

Spend just an afternoon strolling through the beautifully landscaped courtyards and pedestrian-friendly spaces of Camana Bay and there should be no doubt as to why the Town adopted the tagline “Life Blossoms”.

Obama’s Clean Power Plan

With states opting out, it is unclear whether the EPA has the capacity to implement and administer multiple federal plans for the states. The rule’s regulatory framework was designed for states to submit their own plans, rather than having EPA regulators step in as electricity experts. 


Quarterly review

Cayman’s GDP grew by 1.4 percent in the first quarter of 2015 and 2.1 percent last year, the highest growth for the country since 2007.


BIO: Laurence ‘LJ’ Fallon

Back to Main Story:Industry Insider... Tom Jones and LJ Fallon  LJ, in addition to serving as Carle’s chief legal officer, is responsible for the...

When foreign lawyers practice national law:

In large, high capacity, jurisdictions with specialist legal practitioners, the need to license foreign counsel to practice national law before national courts is unlikely to be very great.


Second quarter 2013

Read the article in the Cayman Financial Review Magazine Politics and Government ElectionsGeneral elections in the Cayman Islands produced a new government and a new...

New OECD rules strike at the foundation of tax competition

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) claims that new rules in its recently published Common Reporting Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information are necessary to eliminate tax evasion.   


Challenges to effective implementation of optimal petroleum taxation

The petroleum taxation regime is a crucial element of the regulatory regime employed by governments to manage petroleum exploration and production to the maximum advantage of the country. Successful petroleum fiscal regimes tend to simultaneously reconcile the critical requirements of both government and investors. 


Charter cities: The future trade centres of the world?

 At a now famous TED talk in July 2009, (then) Stanford University Professor Paul Romer proposed a simple, yet shocking idea. The progress of civilisation was determined not only by our technological advancement, but also by the evolution of rules. Simply put, rules matter.  

McKeeva Bush

On 27 May, seven days after the United Democratic Party decisively won control of the government in the Cayman Islands’ general elections, MLA McKeeva Bush become the leader of government business once again, as well as premier designate. Bush took time in August to speak with Cayman Financial Review contributor Alan Markoff about his and his party’s strategies for their first 100 days in office. 

Conyers hosts Cayman Islands litigation and restructuring seminar in Dubai

The MENA region has close links with the Cayman Islands, as recognised by the Premier in his recent visit to Dubai in December 2009....
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The odd history of the petroleum futures markets

Energy futures now dominate the commodity futures markets in terms of the total value of contracts, but the oldest, heating oil, is less than...

A European focus

While on paper they may appear to contribute a relatively small percentage to overall visitor arrivals, the UK and European markets are nevertheless a vitally important component of the Cayman Islands tourism sector for a number of reasons.

The trade agenda for the Trump administration

The  issue of international trade was a major factor accounting for the victory of Donald J. Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Trump prevailed...

Portugal: Hedging austerity using future

I was wondering what was the best way to start an article on Portugal with a rosy opinion. I thought it would be interesting to descant on the recent promises of a brave new economy but after decades of successive reformers who never really were... 


Property rights in fisheries management

Linked Article:The climb and descent of the Icelandic economy Basic facts on Iceland Geographically located in the North Atlantic, Iceland is surrounded by one...

Oil price instability and policy uncertainty in an OPEC world

The number of oil rigs in the United States quickly fell by more than 50 percent. The magnitude and speed of the collapse was rivaled only by the 1986 OPEC shock and the 2008 financial crisis. 


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