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Trust restructuring in the Cayman Islands

A trust instrument may provide a trustee with the power to adapt a trust structure to changing circumstances, thus ensuring that it does not fall out of step with convention, with beneficiaries’ circumstances or with changes in the law but sometimes it does not.

Camana Bay and Cayman’s financial Sector

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Cayman’s ILS shore

The Cayman Islands is the leading captive domicile promoting the catastrophe bond market, a subset of the broader insurance-linked securities (ILS) or convergence market, which was created out of the merging of the insurance and capital markets.



Almost five years on:

As in other commonwealth jurisdictions, Cayman Islands law provides for certain remedies to minority shareholders who are oppressed by decisions of the majority who control a company.


The tax climate is changing – for the worse

In ‘Looking into the crystal ball of taxation’ in the Caymanian Financial Review in July 2012 I expressed some thoughts about the future tax situation.   


Financial collateral in petroleum projects: Practical aspects

It is standard in petroleum sales agreements for both buyer and seller to be assured of the other’s financial capacity to pay.


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The odd history of the petroleum futures markets

Energy futures now dominate the commodity futures markets in terms of the total value of contracts, but the oldest, heating oil, is less than...
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Federalism, Australian Style: Federal-state financial socialism

There has been a lot of public debate this year in Australia about the federal system of government, in general, and, in particular, the...

The subprime crisis, What does it mean for Cayman?

Price bubbles are a recurring feature of modern economic life. Price increases create expectations of further price increases that feed on themselves producing what former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan called irrational exuberance. The dot-com bubble, in which the NASDAQ composite index soared 500 per cent from 1996 to March 2000 before collapsing back to its original value in 2002 (1,000 to 5,048 and back in six years!).

Conyers Dill & Pearman expands litigation team

On 1 July, 2009, Conyers Dill & Pearman welcomes former Cayman Islands Complaints Commissioner John Epp to its growing litigation team.John started his legal...

Foreign Labour Graphs

Importance of Foreign Labour: breakdown of Caymanians and Foreigners in Cayman's Labour Force (2008).
Labour force diversity: breakdown of work permits by nationality (2008)
Breakdown of Work Permits by Category (August 2008)


The global financial crisis that originated in the US as a result of both regulatory and supervisory failures, has given rise to a new era of international focus. The crisis and the need to repair the damage caused by it brought attention to the issues of tax evasion, financial crime and bank regulation. Bermuda has long been a jurisdiction that puts its professional credibility first.

To Live

Main Story:Understanding China: Five filmsHuózhe (1994, directed by Zhang Yimou, starring Ge You and Gong Li)Directed by one of China’s most celebrated directors, and featuring...

Latin American families: Planning for a smooth transmission of Cayman shares

A question that is increasingly posed by such individuals is the following: What happens when I die, and, in particular, what system of laws will apply to the succession of those shares? 

The evolution of Cayman banking

When Barclay’s Bank opened Cayman’s first commercial bank in 1953, nobody could have imagined that less than a quarter of a century later the Cayman Islands would be a leading offshore banking centre.

Changes to Patent and Trade Mark Law in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands legislature recently passed the Patents and Trade Marks Law, 2011 which repeals and replaces the previous law and introduces some significant changes to patent and trade mark law in the Cayman Islands.

Once a failed REMIC, never a REMIC

Read the article in the Cayman Financial Review Magazine Investors in mortgage-backed securities, built on the shoulders of the tax-advantaged Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit...

CCCTB and formulary apportionment – the state of play in Europe

The harmonization, or at least convergence, of taxes within the EU has been high on the political agenda ever since the start of the Single Market project in 1985. The degree of harmonization, however, was always constrained by the fact that decisions of fiscal matters require unanimous consent.  


Inequality is not what people think it is

There was much consternation in December when the OECD, the club of rich nation states, came out with the statement that western world economies would be very much larger than they currently are if only inequality hadn’t risen.  


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