Pitfalls and promises of pre-pack restructuring

In December 2010, the supermarket giant Controladora Comercial Mexicana became the first major Mexican company to achieve a pre-pack arrangement, for $2 billion of debt, under new pre-pack-friendly concurso provisions.

Regulations, registers and redemptions

Alfred Lord Tennyson, Poet Laureate of Great Britain and Ireland, once wrote “Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it...

Sui generis maximus: Power over UK persons for “special” US bankruptcy claims

Lawyers often seem too clever in arguing legal niceties to help clients avoid responsibility. Sometimes, though, a lawyer is hoisted with his own petard as a court fashions new super-niceties to reflect modern developments and undercut long-established rules.

Cayman hedge fund liquidators welcome

Forum shopping, or to put it more diplomatically, careful forum selection, is absolutely essential to the effective pursuit of remedies in US Bankruptcy Courts. Another recent decision regarding a Cayman hedge fund seeking – and this time receiving – cooperation from a US Bankruptcy Court illustrates ...

Voluntary liquidations: The benefits of retaining an insolvency practitioner

 There comes a time at the end of any company’s life, or such other time as may be stipulated in the articles and memorandum of association, when the directors of the company must decide whether to formally wind up the company.

Reading Privacy

The top two authors on privacy issues, one focused on financial issues and one not, are Prof Rose-Marie Antoine of the University of the West Indies and Prof Daniel Solove of George Washington University.


Fewer rules are better rules

Read the article in the Cayman Financial Review Magazine The town of Poynton in Cheshire, England, some 11 miles outside of Manchester, is known for...

Just taxes: The politics of taxation in Britain, 1914-1979 (Cambridge University Press 2002) by...

Cambridge University Economic History Professor Martin Daunton has pulled off the astounding feat of writing not just one, but two books about the history of taxation that are not only thoroughly researched and thoughtful but are written in such a lively style and illustrated with so many ...

Liquidity and Cayman funds

Prior to investing in a Cayman Islands-based investment fund, it is customary for a proposed investor to ask the Cayman fund’s directors or investment...

This Time is Different:

Have you ever encountered a book in your field of inquiry that upon reading, you knew the book should be put on that special shelf reserved for favourites? That the book was so fundamentally good and strong that you would be reading it again and again and referring others to do the same? 

Bankruptcy and Islam: An explicit tradition of compassion and forgiveness

Though bankruptcy laws in the region today are largely dysfunctional, the Middle East has a uniquely solid and venerable foundation on which more effective insolvency laws might be built. Islam devotes particular attention to notions of peace and forgiveness – including a surprisingly specific rule of bankruptcy relief.

Caribbean grapples with problem of bank de-risking

One potential mechanism to improve their AML systems is through the Inter-American Development Bank’s technical cooperation RG-T2224. It provides a grant to support member countries in their efforts to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, in compliance with the new FATF standards.


The Ascent of Money: A financial history of the world

Reviewed by Richard W. RahnHow much money do you have? It is most often considered an impolite question and therefore seldom asked, but nevertheless...

Europe’s Unfinished Currency – by Thomas Mayer

In his “Europe’s Unfinished Currency”, Thomas Mayer gives us a highly readable account of the political origins of the European Union and its currency and its current weaknesses and promise. 


Without direct taxes, how does the Cayman Islands generate its revenue?

The Cayman Islands is often portrayed as a tax haven. And indeed Cayman does not have any corporation tax, income tax, inheritance tax and...

The captive industry’s contribution to Cayman

A captive insurance company is one which has been set up primarily to insure the risks of its parent company. In other words, it’s like having your very own insurance company, so that when you pay the insurance premiums, you’re paying yourself rather than somebody else.

The right to lawful administrative action in the Cayman Islands:

There is the prospect of greater accountability and transparency in government if lessons can be learnt in response to any administrative flaws exposed by these challenges. Improved administration ought to be a welcome proposition.


Economic growth continues

The Cayman economy continued to grow in 2016, recording a 3 percent increase in the first half of 2016. It was the highest growth...

Extraterritorial limits of the long arm of US bankruptcy law

The international reach of U.S. bankruptcy law might well be regarded as imperialistic. As to any debtor who satisfies the broad eligibility qualifications, a U.S. bankruptcy proceeding encompasses all rights in property of the debtor, “wherever located and by whomever held."


Aircraft Financing – What you should know

 The Cayman Islands aircraft registry is known to be the registry of choice for many private aircraft owners. 
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