Economic growth continues

The Cayman economy continued to grow in 2016, recording a 3 percent increase in the first half of 2016. It was the highest growth...

The flight plan to future success The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands

The government and private sector of the Cayman Islands have demonstrated their commitment to the implementation of regulation which meets and exceeds international standards for transparency and exchange of information.

The Kabulbank Scandal: Part II

The Kabulbank scam in Afghanistan may be the largest theft of depositor money per capita the world has ever experienced. This is the second of a three-part series chronicling the unfolding and ultimate resolution of that scandal. 


Getting it Wrong – by William Barnett

In Getting it Wrong1 William Barnett, an aggregation and index number theorist, makes a few important points about monetary policy in the United States, along with a few questionable claims for how to fix it, and some fairly bazaar speculations about why his proposals have received so little traction. 



Cayman insurance roundtable

Cayman Financial Review invited Cindy Scotland, managing director of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, Len Goldberg, managing director of Cayman-based reinsurer Greenlight Re and the chairman of the Insurance Managers Association of Cayman Ron Sulisz to debate the latest regulatory developments and their impact on ...

The Cayman Islands: Getting social on social media

It’s no secret that social media has fundamentally changed the way the world does business. Brands can become an online hero or be destroyed in a matter of minutes in what many marketers call “the new reality” –



Contingent liabilities: Points for the Cayman Islands voluntary liquidator to consider

A liquidator is generally concerned with admissibility to proof of contingent liabilities in an entity’s liquidation and its creditors’ entitlement to attend and vote...

The winds of change

As the 2017 hurricane season bears down upon us, those doing business in the Cayman Islands may also be feeling a rise in pressure...

Custody can play a key role

Having thus far weathered a difficult economic period, firms in the Cayman Islands are finding that, with the right sort of preparation, a flexible approach, and a willingness to adapt, significant opportunities remain for businesses to grow.

BCCI and the Cayman Islands: Success against the odds

At a recent hearing before the Grand Court, the Cayman Islands liquidators of BCCI Overseas applied for and received their discharge and the Court ordered the formal dissolution of all of the BCCI group companies in the Cayman Islands. This judicial procedure brought to an end an assignment that had run for nearly 22 years.


David Stockman’s The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America

For six years I’ve told audiences (and even more than a few social acquaintances who would listen) that the 2008-09 Global Financial Crisis was not “The Big One.” In time, people will look back on that episode as relatively minor and fairly short-lived compared to the one we are building toward. Don’t believe me? 


A differentiated view of reinsurance risk and reward

As the only open market reinsurance company domiciled in the Cayman Islands, Greenlight Re’s view of the risk and rewards of the reinsurance industry is as unique as our headquarter’s location.
The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman

Cayman’s economic substance

When talking about the economic substance of an offshore jurisdiction, I believe this is an area where the Cayman Islands particularly excels. Unfortunately, the...

Successfully promoting Cayman

In January 2018, the Cayman Islands Branch of the Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners held its inaugural International Wealth Structuring Forum at the...

Private lives and public interest

When litigation looms large on the horizon, a party anticipating being caught up in court proceedings can be concerned to ensure that their personal...

A partially written symphony with too many conductors:

As the U.S. unemployment rate dropped below 6 percent in September 2014, The Federal Reserve began to acknowledge that the Great Recession might finally be over and that it would end its program of Large Scale Asset Purchases, commonly known as QE3.   


Inside the Nixon Administration:


 On 15 August, 1971, President Richard Nixon unilaterally ended the international system of rules that had governed the financing of international trade and investment since the end of World War II.

What is new on the Cayman legal front?

The Privy Council issued its decision in the Fairfield Sentry case providing greater certainty as to the finality of the subscription price, redemption price and calculation of net asset value for hedge funds. 


Sleeping with an elephant

While one could speak generally of Cayman companies that do business in Cayman, we are finding the greatest impact of this in the liquidation of Cayman hedge funds, particularly in those instances where the investment management, administration and/or assets are in the United States.

Law Talk – Legal and regulatory update

The final quarter of 2015 has seen a number of interesting decisions being issued by the Cayman courts, as well as a decision by...
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