Living wills in the Cayman Islands

The Ministry of Health in the Cayman Islands is seeking feedback on draft legislation, entitled the Health Care Decisions Bill, that will give legal...

Musical chairs in the Cayman Islands

Private equity houses have recently made certain strategic investments in fiduciary businesses in the Cayman Islands whilst at the same time two household names in the banking arena are exiting the jurisdiction.


Money, Markets & Sovereignty

A central theme of this book is that such a dramatic expansion of trade could not have occurred without an international currency with which to pay for it. The gold standard – national currencies convertible into gold at fixed prices – provided such a world currency and other virtues as well.

Losing the law business

If you are not a lawyer, you may find this next sentence very good news. We are entering a period in human history in which we are going to need fewer lawyers, at least the traditionally trained variety.   


Shining a bright light on captive insurance

The captive insurance industry was criticized by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) earlier last year when Superintendent Benjamin Lawsky issued a report calling for an immediate national moratorium on the use of captive insurance companies... 



Trustees and divorce

Recent developments in the case law of onshore jurisdictions like England and Hong Kong have only highlighted for trustees the very difficult position they...
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Norwich Pharmacal relief – a flexible tool to fight fraud

Cayman courts, like courts in other common law jurisdictions, have the power to order third parties to reveal information about wrongdoing, even where that...

Aircraft Financing – What you should know

 The Cayman Islands aircraft registry is known to be the registry of choice for many private aircraft owners. 

Sweden’s fundamental housing bubble?

The Riksbank, Sweden’s central bank, has long expressed its concern over the rising level of household debt and the related price increases in the housing market... 


The Money Trap:

Robert Pringle’s The Money Trap should be very high on the list of books for anyone wanting to understand the weaknesses and flaws in the existing approaches to national monetary and banking policies and the international arrangements that link them.   


Without direct taxes, how does the Cayman Islands generate its revenue?

The Cayman Islands is often portrayed as a tax haven. And indeed Cayman does not have any corporation tax, income tax, inheritance tax and...

Quarterly update

Read our article in the Cayman Financial Review Magazine, eversion Increasing its focus on Latin America and other emerging markets, the Cayman Islands government is...

Long-term Cayman expats and inadvertent tax charges

Long-term Cayman residents who started their lives in the U.K. may think that they long since waved goodbye to the U.K. taxman, HM Revenue...

New year, new laws and new judgments

The first quarter of 2017 has been a busy one, both for the Cayman Islands Government and for the local judiciary. With the commencement...

The value of customer insight in retail banking

Even though topics such as customer insight, segmentation or loyalty have been recurrent themes in the financial services industry for the last ten years, it was not until the credit crisis began that many institutions in Latin America started to perceive and understand the value of these concepts.

Timing is everything:

Would delaying the request until some months after their appointment affect the outcome? Two different answers emerged from two authoritative sources at precisely the same time in mid-April 2013.  


“Hedge Fund Governance – Evaluating oversight,

At the end of the first chapter I was frustrated, as I was looking for a theoretical analysis and conclusion regarding corporate governance in hedge funds.


Dodd-Frank Act – impact on captive domicile decisions

Captive insurance is a prominent sector within the Cayman Islands financial services environment with its well developed infrastructure to promote, develop and maintain this business. Given our geographical proximity, a very substantial portion of this business originates from the US.
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Impact on real estate industry of a public registry

Clearly, the hot topic right now in the Cayman Islands business community is the U.K. government forcing its overseas territories, Cayman included, to provide...

Highest company registrations since the financial crisis

Cayman’s company formations sector grew in 2017, with the number of new incorporations and total companies on the registry having increased at the year’s...
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