Investing: The end of tradition

What role do investment advisers and private bankers have to play in a world where most investors have lost a lot of money? Is the traditional client investment advice role a relic of the past? Should individuals even be investing at all?

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Impact on real estate industry of a public registry

Clearly, the hot topic right now in the Cayman Islands business community is the U.K. government forcing its overseas territories, Cayman included, to provide...

What is new on the Cayman legal front?

The Privy Council issued its decision in the Fairfield Sentry case providing greater certainty as to the finality of the subscription price, redemption price and calculation of net asset value for hedge funds. 


Critically needed: Intellectual property modernization and reform in the Cayman Islands

Steady progress has been made toward Intellectual Property (IP) modernization and reform in 2015. There is still much work to be done in order...
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Feeling the heat

With the summer months now bearing down on the Cayman Islands, temperatures are rising for locals and visitors alike, and finding a cool spot...

The Law Market

In England, a motorcyclist was recently sentenced to six months in jail for riding at speeds of up to 122 mph on a half-mile...

Reading Privacy

The top two authors on privacy issues, one focused on financial issues and one not, are Prof Rose-Marie Antoine of the University of the West Indies and Prof Daniel Solove of George Washington University.


The death of money:

How are you going to protect yourself when the international monetary system collapses? In his new book “The Death of Money” James Rickards argues that it is a near certainty that the existing monetary system will collapse.


New Insolvency Rules in the Cayman Islands

Second installmentThis is the second article in a two-part series dedicated to discussing the recent reforms impacting the Cayman Islands’ insolvency regime as a...

Shifting sources of law on recharacterizing debt as equity

Since debt enjoys priority of payment in insolvency proceedings, demoting a debt claim to the lower rank of an equity interest likely means a total loss for the distressed investor. 


Caribbean grapples with problem of bank de-risking

One potential mechanism to improve their AML systems is through the Inter-American Development Bank’s technical cooperation RG-T2224. It provides a grant to support member countries in their efforts to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, in compliance with the new FATF standards.


Highest company registrations since the financial crisis

Cayman’s company formations sector grew in 2017, with the number of new incorporations and total companies on the registry having increased at the year’s...

Losing the law business

If you are not a lawyer, you may find this next sentence very good news. We are entering a period in human history in which we are going to need fewer lawyers, at least the traditionally trained variety.   


A Greek tragedy and an EU crime

Let’s start with being provocative: The utterly corrupt path leading to the Greek debt default theater is filled with faux EU pressures, chicanery and bribes, overt and implied, by all 11 sides. 


Dodd-Frank Act – impact on captive domicile decisions

Captive insurance is a prominent sector within the Cayman Islands financial services environment with its well developed infrastructure to promote, develop and maintain this business. Given our geographical proximity, a very substantial portion of this business originates from the US.

Making Cayman a more attractive investment opportunity

The higher end of Cayman’s real estate industry has traditionally catered to an affluent North American market of investors and individuals looking to acquire...

The Kabulbank scandal

The Kabulbank scam in Afghanistan may be the largest theft the world has ever experienced. This is the first of a three-part series chronicling the unfolding and ultimate resolution of that scandal.


STEP Cayman: Providing a global perspective

A key component of the effective operation and continued growth of the local financial services industry is the promotion of the Cayman Islands for...

Friend or foe? Judicial review developement

Judicial review – the process by which a person who is aggrieved by administrative action may, under certain conditions, seek review by a court of the lawfulness of such action – is a concept that has in recent years attracted much attention throughout the common law world.   


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BVI workers relocate to Cayman after Hurricane Irma

Following the devastating destruction caused by Hurricane Irma and the disruption of essential services in the British Virgin Islands, numerous corporate services providers pulled...
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