The value of customer insight in retail banking

Even though topics such as customer insight, segmentation or loyalty have been recurrent themes in the financial services industry for the last ten years, it was not until the credit crisis began that many institutions in Latin America started to perceive and understand the value of these concepts.

Pitfalls and promises of pre-pack restructuring

In December 2010, the supermarket giant Controladora Comercial Mexicana became the first major Mexican company to achieve a pre-pack arrangement, for $2 billion of debt, under new pre-pack-friendly concurso provisions.

Qualifications for Cayman professional directors

Any Cayman Islands based director of an investment vehicle will have witnessed an increased activism by investors.

Not even good fiction Treasure Islands:

Have you ever read a book or article about a topic in which you have some expertise and realised that much of what you have read is dead wrong?  

Inside the Nixon Administration:


 On 15 August, 1971, President Richard Nixon unilaterally ended the international system of rules that had governed the financing of international trade and investment since the end of World War II.

Bankruptcy and Islam: An explicit tradition of compassion and forgiveness

Though bankruptcy laws in the region today are largely dysfunctional, the Middle East has a uniquely solid and venerable foundation on which more effective insolvency laws might be built. Islam devotes particular attention to notions of peace and forgiveness – including a surprisingly specific rule of bankruptcy relief.

Creating liquidity in an illiquid world

For all the recent criticism about the role markets play in a financial crisis little has been said about how the market continues to evolve and develop solutions to heal its own wounds, perhaps none more so, than in the bankruptcy market.

The Cayman Islands and it’s aircraft industry

These include aircraft securitisations, aircraft multi-ownership structures, on and off-balance sheet structures, export credit-agency supported facilities, pre-delivery payment financings, bilateral and syndicated loans and operating and finance leases.

Aircraft Financing – What you should know

 The Cayman Islands aircraft registry is known to be the registry of choice for many private aircraft owners. 

Shareholder wind-up of hedge funds: An Overlooked issue

The courts in both the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands have recently handed down a number of judgments focused on the liquidation of hedge funds and the circumstances in which it is just and equitable for funds to be wound up on a petition by one or more shareholders.

Aircraft Registry in the Cayman Islands

Even though the standards to register an aircraft are rigid and specifications must be exact in order to qualify, this has led the Cayman Islands registry to be highly recognised and respected throughout the aviation industry internationally.

Taking the temperature on Tourism

Like any successful brand, the Cayman Islands has had to take serious stock of its tourism product to remain competitive among other sun destinations, both in the Caribbean, and beyond.

The alternative to bankruptcy is not payment, but waste, uncertainty and chaos

The only people who complain about insolvency proceedings more bitterly than creditors . . . are creditors’ lawyers. The recent case of the developer Al-Murjan points to a revival of the bankruptcy law in the United Arab Emirates, and even though that law is not known to be “debtor-friendly”...

Capital Ideas: The IMF and the Rise of Financial Liberalisation

Jeffrey M. Chwieroth(Princeton University Press 2010) ISBN 978-0-691-14232-6, 311 pp. One of the most important economic changes in the post-World War II period was...

Turning around Strategic Turnaround

On 13 December 2010 the Privy Council delivered its judgment in Re Strategic Turnaround Master Partnership Ltd. The case concerned the ability of a fund to suspend the redemption of shares and the payment of redemption proceeds.

The Relentless Revolution: A history of capitalism

UCLA Professor of History Emeritus Joyce Appleby has written a history of capitalism that is broad in its coverage of the subject, novel in its interpretation of capitalism’s effects, and, because of a lack of constant documentation and reference to literature, a book that happily takes on the tone of a story

The truth is rarely pure and never simple

Are the use of definitions such as “Emerging Market” or “Developed Market” are useful or whether they have been made redundant by the recent financial crisis?  In the CFA curriculum, students are taught that the US market is the safest market there is, because of the transparency, disclosure and regulation that exists; by definition therefore...

Benefits for captive owners

The use of captive insurance companies in risk management has steadily increased over the past decade. However, despite the steady growth of captive insurance companies and the benefits they offer, the captive industry still remains mysterious and not easily understood by those not involved in it.

‘One bank’ approach and global strength a boost for Cayman

As we look ahead into a new era of international financial services, the key selling-points for financial services firms, wherever they are based, will be an ability to demonstrate a high degree of stability, specialist and sophisticated expertise and impressive global reach.

Sui generis maximus: Power over UK persons for “special” US bankruptcy claims

Lawyers often seem too clever in arguing legal niceties to help clients avoid responsibility. Sometimes, though, a lawyer is hoisted with his own petard as a court fashions new super-niceties to reflect modern developments and undercut long-established rules.
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