Liquidity and Cayman funds

Prior to investing in a Cayman Islands-based investment fund, it is customary for a proposed investor to ask the Cayman fund’s directors or investment...

Trump and the Cayman Islands

The political situation in the United States will always have a direct effect on the Cayman Islands economy because of our currency connection, our...

Trade Policy Disaster: Lessons from

At the beginning of the Great Depression, world trade dropped by an “astounding 65 per cent in gold-dollar terms”.  


Sleeping with an elephant

While one could speak generally of Cayman companies that do business in Cayman, we are finding the greatest impact of this in the liquidation of Cayman hedge funds, particularly in those instances where the investment management, administration and/or assets are in the United States.

Cayman’s maritime industry poised for growth – but let’s take a measured approach

At the beginning of May, I was invited to participate as a speaker at the Cayman Islands Shipping Summit held during the first annual...

A Greek tragedy and an EU crime

Let’s start with being provocative: The utterly corrupt path leading to the Greek debt default theater is filled with faux EU pressures, chicanery and bribes, overt and implied, by all 11 sides. 


Economic growth continues

The Cayman economy continued to grow in 2016, recording a 3 percent increase in the first half of 2016. It was the highest growth...

A call for model modesty in banking and insurance

To some degree capital regulation has become synonymous with prudential regulation. At its most basic level, capital, in the form of shareholder equity, provides a cushion to cover unexpected increases in liabilities or decreases in asset values.   


Quarterly review

Economy Economy grew slower than predicted in 2015 While economists previously predicted the gross domestic product for the Cayman Islands would grow by 2.1 percent in...

Perversion of securities safe harbours

In September 2011, the District Court for the Southern District of New York applied these safe harbours to eviscerate the Madoff trustee’s effort to recover $1 billion from the owners of the New York Mets baseball team. 

Quarterly update

Read our article in the Cayman Financial Review Magazine, eversion Increasing its focus on Latin America and other emerging markets, the Cayman Islands government is...

How the government monopoly on money imperils the global economy

Detlev Schlichter says that “Today’s mainstream view on money is logically incoherent because it is in fundamental conflict with essential aspects of money and money’s role in a market economy.” 


Highest company registrations since the financial crisis

Cayman’s company formations sector grew in 2017, with the number of new incorporations and total companies on the registry having increased at the year’s...

Quantitative easing in graphs

Main Article:Quantitative easing and the US dollar: Friends or foes?Fig 1:  FEDERAL RESERVE BALANCE SHEETFig 2:  TRADE-WEIGHTED VALUE OF USD (DXY)Fig 3:  INFLATION VS....

Critically needed: Intellectual property modernization and reform in the Cayman Islands

Steady progress has been made toward Intellectual Property (IP) modernization and reform in 2015. There is still much work to be done in order...

EU’s tax transparency impacting the captive market?

At the same time as David Cameron was extolling the virtues of “tax transparency” and putting in place intergovernmental agreements for the automatic exchange of tax information between the U.K. and its Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories, such as the Cayman Islands... 


The impact of the new financial reform legislation

President Obama has signed into law the Private Fund Investment Advisers Registration Act of 2010 as part of the broader Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which enacts sweeping changes to the US financial regulatory system intended to address both the causes of the recent financial crisis and other perceived gaps in US financial regulation.
An entire wall of a courtroom was commandeered to hold the thousands of pages of documents that were considered in the Algosaibi case, which was settled on May 31 in the Grand Court of Grand Cayman after a two-year hearing. – Photo: Taneos Ramsay

Longest and costliest Cayman trial goes to appeal

The longest and costliest trial in Cayman’s history ended in first instance in June. The trial, which involved more than 40 lawyers from seven...

Shifting sources of law on recharacterizing debt as equity

Since debt enjoys priority of payment in insolvency proceedings, demoting a debt claim to the lower rank of an equity interest likely means a total loss for the distressed investor. 


A partially written symphony with too many conductors:

As the U.S. unemployment rate dropped below 6 percent in September 2014, The Federal Reserve began to acknowledge that the Great Recession might finally be over and that it would end its program of Large Scale Asset Purchases, commonly known as QE3.   


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