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Feeling the heat

With the summer months now bearing down on the Cayman Islands, temperatures are rising for locals and visitors alike, and finding a cool spot...

What would Prime Minister Corbyn mean for financial centers?

The unlikely happened (as it so often does). Jeremy Corbyn, the 100-1 outsider and far-left candidate, won an election in September to become leader...

Quarterly Review

Cayman’s bond rating ‘stable’ The Cayman Islands government’s debt rating has stayed the same and maintains a “stable” outlook going forward, according to Moody’s Investors...

Cat Bond, ILS and reinsurance trusts…the key facts to remember

Cayman has long been known as one of the premier captive domiciles in the world. With over 750 captives registered, it is certainly one of the largest. The expertise offered captive owners is unparalleled.

Tax danger continues for expats

 The increasing number of challenges has been evident and there have been four cases on the subject of residence and domicile in the same number of months. This article looks first at three cases involving persons leaving the UK and second at a person coming to the UK.

The right to lawful administrative action in the Cayman Islands:

There is the prospect of greater accountability and transparency in government if lessons can be learnt in response to any administrative flaws exposed by these challenges. Improved administration ought to be a welcome proposition.


Shareholder wind-up of hedge funds: An Overlooked issue

The courts in both the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands have recently handed down a number of judgments focused on the liquidation of hedge funds and the circumstances in which it is just and equitable for funds to be wound up on a petition by one or more shareholders.

The Monetary Conservative:

Inflation is the work of the devil, because it respects appearances without destroying anything but the realities.  Jacques Rueff


Easing pension and healthcare burdens in Chapter 11

Recent headlines have once again drawn attention to pitched battles over companies’ attempts to ease staggering pension and health care burdens through Chapter 11 reorganisation.

A new era for the real estate industry

The digital age The digitalization of the real estate industry is happening just as quickly as in any other industry. Improvements in the transfer of...

EU blacklist presents new offshore challenges

On Dec. 5, the EU Council agreed on a blacklist of 17 countries that the European finance ministers consider uncooperative in tax matters. They...

Quantitative easing and the US dollar: Friends or foes?

The impact of monetary base growth on the value of the US dollar. The unorthodox monetary policy of quantitative easing being pursued by the Fed in response to the global financial crisis has, of late, caused widespread speculation that out-of-control inflation will erupt in the world’s largest economy and significantly weaken the value of the US dollar.  

Money, Markets & Sovereignty

A central theme of this book is that such a dramatic expansion of trade could not have occurred without an international currency with which to pay for it. The gold standard – national currencies convertible into gold at fixed prices – provided such a world currency and other virtues as well.

Canada TIEA establishes a new era for Cayman captives

On 1 June, 2011 Canada and the Cayman Islands entered into a Tax Information Exchange Agreement, which, it is anticipated, will help forge far deeper links between the two countries as far as the financial services industry is concerned, and in particular, the captive insurance industry.        


Regulations and the real estate industry

The Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association (CIREBA) was established in the 1980s by a group of like-minded real estate agents to unify Cayman’s...

Why the current investment climate favors Cayman captives

The sun shines on the Cayman Islands – that’s a given. But it also shines on Cayman’s captive insurance industry, despite record global yields....

Dodd-Frank Act – impact on captive domicile decisions

Captive insurance is a prominent sector within the Cayman Islands financial services environment with its well developed infrastructure to promote, develop and maintain this business. Given our geographical proximity, a very substantial portion of this business originates from the US.
Magnifying Glass, Key, House

Impact on real estate industry of a public registry

Clearly, the hot topic right now in the Cayman Islands business community is the U.K. government forcing its overseas territories, Cayman included, to provide...

Long-term Cayman expats and inadvertent tax charges

Long-term Cayman residents who started their lives in the U.K. may think that they long since waved goodbye to the U.K. taxman, HM Revenue...

Quarterly review

Economy Economy grew slower than predicted in 2015 While economists previously predicted the gross domestic product for the Cayman Islands would grow by 2.1 percent in...