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Feeling the heat

With the summer months now bearing down on the Cayman Islands, temperatures are rising for locals and visitors alike, and finding a cool spot...
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The market for commercial real estate CLOs expands

They may not be as old as houses but commercial real estate CLOs have been around since the early 2000s and, whilst this category...

Money, Markets & Sovereignty

A central theme of this book is that such a dramatic expansion of trade could not have occurred without an international currency with which to pay for it. The gold standard – national currencies convertible into gold at fixed prices – provided such a world currency and other virtues as well.

The flight plan to future success The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands

The government and private sector of the Cayman Islands have demonstrated their commitment to the implementation of regulation which meets and exceeds international standards for transparency and exchange of information.

“Government versus Markets: The Changing Economic Role of the State”

by Vito Tanzi, Cambridge University PressRead our article in the Cayman Financial Review Magazine, eversion If one has an interest in political economy, yet only...

Auditors can sleep a little more, but not too soundly, thanks to the UK...

The court upheld the decision of the Court of Appeal and, applying the ex turpi causa non oritur actio (ex turpi causa in brief) principle, struck out summarily the claim against the auditors Moore Stephens of the company Stone Rolls

Hidden in plain sight:

What really caused the world’s greatest financial crisis? The prevailing narrative, as articulated by President Obama and his allies, was that the crisis was caused by insufficient government regulation.   


Regulating Criminal Finance in the Global Economy

Sharman’s book is a most interesting contribution to the discourse on the current measures to control money laundering and, to a lesser extent, terrorist financing.


Regulations and the real estate industry

The Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association (CIREBA) was established in the 1980s by a group of like-minded real estate agents to unify Cayman’s...

Comparison of Canadian and U.S. rules for securities lending

Back to Main Story: Weathering the Storm Canada:B4 advises financial institutions to “ensure that securities lending activities are conducted in a safe and prudent manner” and...

Sui generis maximus: Power over UK persons for “special” US bankruptcy claims

Lawyers often seem too clever in arguing legal niceties to help clients avoid responsibility. Sometimes, though, a lawyer is hoisted with his own petard as a court fashions new super-niceties to reflect modern developments and undercut long-established rules.

The Kabulbank scandal

The Kabulbank scam in Afghanistan may be the largest theft the world has ever experienced. This is the first of a three-part series chronicling the unfolding and ultimate resolution of that scandal.


Lower debt, lower taxes and no spending cuts:

Given today’s far greater number of professional economists, one would have thought that monetary reform proposals would be far superior to those of the 1930s. But surprisingly almost the exact opposite is true:   


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Getting it done on time and getting it done right

We are often advised against leaving things to the last minute (and for good reason). However, for those working in the financial services industry,...

Private lives and public interest

When litigation looms large on the horizon, a party anticipating being caught up in court proceedings can be concerned to ensure that their personal...

CRICO: A case study in captive development and adaptation

The formation of CRICO was prompted by the withdrawal of commercial insurance carriers from the Massachusetts insurance market due to deteriorating underwriting results. 


Capital Ideas: The IMF and the Rise of Financial Liberalisation

Jeffrey M. Chwieroth(Princeton University Press 2010) ISBN 978-0-691-14232-6, 311 pp. One of the most important economic changes in the post-World War II period was...

Law Talk

A recent decision of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands in Re China Shanshui Cement Group Limited looked at the ability of Cayman...

Aviation “be careful what you wish for”

In 2008, the industry lost US$5.2b as a result of the sudden increase in oil and jet-fuel prices and the bulk of the losses were sustained in the US where many airlines had insufficient hedging protection in place. Fuel accounted for 32 per cent of airlines’ operating costs in 2008, according to the International Air Transport Association forecast, published in February 2009.
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Cayman’s economic substance

When talking about the economic substance of an offshore jurisdiction, I believe this is an area where the Cayman Islands particularly excels. Unfortunately, the...