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Offshore centers introduce substance legislation to stave off EU blacklisting

Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Bahamas and Cayman have all introduced new legislation late last year requiring...

Aircraft Registry in the Cayman Islands

Even though the standards to register an aircraft are rigid and specifications must be exact in order to qualify, this has led the Cayman Islands registry to be highly recognised and respected throughout the aviation industry internationally.

A Greek tragedy and an EU crime

Let’s start with being provocative: The utterly corrupt path leading to the Greek debt default theater is filled with faux EU pressures, chicanery and bribes, overt and implied, by all 11 sides. 


Trade Policy Disaster: Lessons from

At the beginning of the Great Depression, world trade dropped by an “astounding 65 per cent in gold-dollar terms”.  


Law Talk

A recent decision of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands in Re China Shanshui Cement Group Limited looked at the ability of Cayman...

Taking the temperature on Tourism

Like any successful brand, the Cayman Islands has had to take serious stock of its tourism product to remain competitive among other sun destinations, both in the Caribbean, and beyond.

Contingent liabilities: Points for the Cayman Islands voluntary liquidator to consider

A liquidator is generally concerned with admissibility to proof of contingent liabilities in an entity’s liquidation and its creditors’ entitlement to attend and vote...
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Getting it done on time and getting it done right

We are often advised against leaving things to the last minute (and for good reason). However, for those working in the financial services industry,...


Main Article:Special Drawing RightsThe exchange rate for the Japanese yen is expressed in terms of currency units per US dollar; other rates are expressed...

Appearances are often deceiving:

It is an abuse of process for a party to use an application to court based on an unpaid debt to attempt to liquidate or bankrupt a debtor in order to try to compel payment of a debt which is genuinely disputed.  


“The Shifts and the Shocks” by Martin Wolf

Book review from Warren Coats, CFR Editorial Board member, ex IMF and specialist adviser to central banks of "The Shifts and the Shocks" from Martin Wolf, generally considered one of the most influential writers in his field.


Industry Insider… Tom Jones and LJ Fallon

Read our article in the Cayman Financial Review Magazine, eversion  About :Tom   About:LJ   This is a new CFR feature – we’ll be looking for industry...
Magnifying Glass, Key, House

Impact on real estate industry of a public registry

Clearly, the hot topic right now in the Cayman Islands business community is the U.K. government forcing its overseas territories, Cayman included, to provide...

Successfully promoting Cayman

In January 2018, the Cayman Islands Branch of the Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners held its inaugural International Wealth Structuring Forum at the...

Musical chairs in the Cayman Islands

Private equity houses have recently made certain strategic investments in fiduciary businesses in the Cayman Islands whilst at the same time two household names in the banking arena are exiting the jurisdiction.


Money, Markets & Sovereignty

A central theme of this book is that such a dramatic expansion of trade could not have occurred without an international currency with which to pay for it. The gold standard – national currencies convertible into gold at fixed prices – provided such a world currency and other virtues as well.

Losing the law business

If you are not a lawyer, you may find this next sentence very good news. We are entering a period in human history in which we are going to need fewer lawyers, at least the traditionally trained variety.   


Shining a bright light on captive insurance

The captive insurance industry was criticized by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) earlier last year when Superintendent Benjamin Lawsky issued a report calling for an immediate national moratorium on the use of captive insurance companies... 



Law Talk – Legal and regulatory update

The final quarter of 2015 has seen a number of interesting decisions being issued by the Cayman courts, as well as a decision by...

Use of discretionary powers by Cayman liquidators

A key decision of the Cayman Islands’ Court of Appeal issued in November 2016 warrants special mention in this latest edition of Law Talk. ...