Bullion Vault Review

Known around the world, BullionVault has been a go-to precious metals provider for thousands of investors. Created in 2005 by Paul Tustain, BullionVault has remained a competitive gold dealer under his watch.

With more than $3 billion in gold located in their world-wide vaults, they are able to cater to close to 100,000 individual private investors. A few of the worldwide vault locations include New York, London, Toronto, Zurich, and Singapore. Having this number of diverse locations makes it easy to have bullion stored near you.

The company is based in the UK and is solely governed by its company laws. Regardless of being an English-based investment company, that does not mean it is regulated by the government. In fact, the English Financial Services Authority (FSA) is not involved in any oversight of BullionVault. This reason is due to the structure of the company and the fact that only actual bullion is being traded and the FSA does not deal with bullion gold. Also, in the USA, the Better Business Bureau does not consider it to be a reviewable company.

Because of it being self-governing, there are many things it can provide to its investors worldwide. One of these is allowing access to the many markets dealing with bullion.

In addition to that, other services include low costs associated with holding, buying, or selling silver and gold bars. These reasons are what makes BullionVault a leading investment service provider for all of your bullion needs.

Some may even refer BullionVault as a gold exchange between two individuals. This is the same manner in which a brokerage firm and investor handles investments by buying and selling investments of their own.

Today, we’ll cite numerous Bullionvault reviews to help you decide if this is a worthy place to do business.

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The Purpose of BullionVault

The purpose for BullionVault was based on two problems being solved. These include:

Allowing access to the private investor

Eliminating the restrictions placed on private investors associated with vault access

With problems like these, the investor was unable to make purchases of gold in a way that is easy and secure.

Now, the private investor is able to enter a bullion market and make investments regardless of their size. Similar to the professional investor, BullionVault provides a lower cost that many private investors love taking advantage of.

Bar Size to fit the Investor´s Needs

When BullionVault gold purchases are made, it is a direct gold bar investment. These bars are the real thing and their size can vary from ounces to pounds. A maximum amount of gold purchases is also not applicable. Once purchased, they will be vaulted to the nearest vault to you.

All accounts with BullionVault undergo daily auditing to ensure that account holders match what the verified holder is listed as. A system using nicknames is used to verify identity and after auditing, the audit can be viewed by the account holder.

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Why You Should Think About Investing with BullionVault

The reasons are plenty when it comes to investing with BullionVault. Below, we list a few of the most common reasons.

It´s market is the largest online for bullion

With more than $3 billion dollars’ worth of bullion stored in its vaults, it is a world leader in the bullion market. Not only that, but they have an estimated $2.5 billion in physical gold, which many countries’ own reserves lack.

Their rates are a lot lower for buying, storing, or selling

No matter what point of the investment process you are at, you will love the low costs involved. In fact, the rates are half of what they normally are elsewhere. This low cost will be especially useful when your investment is more than $75,000.

Size does not matter

No matter how small or big your bullion is, it can be invested. This allows an investment to be made for a low $150 or a big investment that reaches into the millions. Now, the investor will not need to feel so limited before making an investment.

Withdrawal process is rapid

Investors enjoy a rapid withdrawal process that can occur instantly no matter the time of day. It can be transferred and in your bank within a single business day. That is what investors love a lot.

Its bullion is worthy of investment

Whether it is gold, silver, or any other precious metal, you will love that it is coming from an actual piece of the metal. This makes it tradable on each world market that deals with gold bullion.

Vaults are high-grade security

Once your gold is vaulted, the amount of security involved with the vaults is not taken for granted. With a high amount of security involved, your bullion investment will always remain safe and secure.

Audits are daily

You will unlikely find another bullion dealer that will conduct audits and provide those details to the investor on a daily level. Each audit is checked against a third-party to ensure accuracy.

It rates are wholesale

They enjoy providing a low 0.12% annual rate for gold. This is nice since the average is nearly 0.5%through other ETF dealers.

Price freedom

Since an investor is dealing with other investors personally, they are able to enjoy the freedom of setting the price. This will save you a significant amount of costs when making deals.

No currency restriction

Investing with BullionVault permits you to trade in any currency with no restriction. Allowing this will eliminate the need to exchange any currency.

24/7 trading

Being an online platform permits the investor to make trades regardless of the time of day. For those needing assistance, 24/ customer service is available.

Products Available through BullionVault

As far as products are concerned, BullionVault offers the following:

Actual bullion gold

Because BullionVault deals in precious metals, the investment is in actual bullion gold. Being physical in nature means they will also be held in a physical vault. Their purchase is straight-forward and the investor can obtain the amount they buy within hours.

By making an investment, there will not be any delivery fee of your bullion. Also, the price for the precious metals and the costs associated with the storage are wholesale but below retail. After a purchase is made, you will be able to make two choices depending on the purchase:

You´ll be able to have a secured vault hold them

They can be sent to you directly. If you do this choice, then you may experience a higher shipping cost

A good thing is that you will not experience penalties by selling them. This means the cash from the sale will go directly to you within a day.

When the sell takes place, it is an investment sell. So, your account will reflect the name for your reference.

A gold IRA

Having a gold IRA is not something commonly done, but it can be done for retirement purposes. This is possible when you obtain the Gold IRA from BullionVault. The Gold IRA permits you to diversify the portfolio you use for your retirement.

You can also combine your current retirement accounts that are employer-based.

The Silver IRA

Known as the silver IRA, it has characteristics that resemble the gold IRA. You can easily include the gold and other precious metals into the IRA. While investing towards retirement, you can easily invest in each form of silver, no matter if it is in bar, coin, or bullion. When you have this type of investment, you will own it for as long as you want. The amount will never decrease as it would if it was not bullion.

As soon as you are close to 60 years of age, the beneficiary of the IRA will be able to take advantage of payments that are not penalized by the IRS.

The Price of Gold

Having the ability to make gold purchases affordably is great for any market. You can purchase either in ounce increments or gram increments as part of the wholesale obtainment of the gold bars. If you want, investing in coins through BullionVault is also possible.

No matter how you look at it, the prices of gold and silver through BullionVault will always remain close to wholesale. The prices are competitive due to the quantities being large in nature. Thanks to this, the savings can be passed down to the investor.

The price of gold is shared via a chart every day. Due to the high amount of transparency, the chart prices can be trusted as being the most current for the day.

The BullionVault Investment Platform

There is no platform used for trading the investments. This is because only three assets are available in bullion form. An order is placed once an investor has logged into their account. Through their order board, the gold prices will be listed.

Simple Account Opening Process

The first step in making investments is to create an account with BullionVault. The amount of time is short and under 5 minutes. You need to ensure that you have personal identifiable information at hand as you register. Once opened, you can make deposits for the account to be funded.

It is a good idea to have the new account validated as soon as possible following registering. With this being required legally, you may also need to provide more verification in efforts to deter money laundering.

As soon as crediting has taken place for your account, you can access the account and begin investing. The transactions that occur can involve all of what they offer and take place by a simple click.

Investors have the opportunity to place bids and use them to their advantage.

Precious Metal Safety with BullionVault

The gold and other precious metals held with BullionVault are nothing less than the pure metal. This is known because the gold bullion, bars, and coins are traceable and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality because of the high integrity of the custody chain.

The Loomis company operates and maintains the vaults used by BullionVault. Loomis is known worldwide and remains as a strong provider of vaults, which makes them highly trusted within the financial sector.

Once your precious metal is secured inside a vault, there is no way it is coming out unless by the owner. Important things to keep in mind are the following:

  • The gold is insured
  • Complete access to the BullionVault records as well as the records verifying you as being the true owner
  • Restrictions on accounts reflect the integrity that the account is held in good faith to prevent money laundering
  • Advanced encryption protects account access. However, if a compromise occurs, the accounts will remain safe.
  • The vault you choose is governed by the jurisdiction it is located in. The investor is provided with the choice of which vault and where. The jurisdiction can also be changed. if requested.
  • Besides that, a special burglar alarm is built into BuillionVault that helps keep accounts protected at all times.
  • Depending on your account settings, you may receive notifications if any strange account activity has taken place. You will be notified and the issue will be looked into by BullionVault.

Advantages of BullionVault

  • The gold is not governed by additional VAT
  • Grams of silver are offered for a new investor
  • Both coins and ingots are offered
  • Price spreads are significantly lower than other financial institutions
  • Everything is insured
  • Vaults can be changed and based on your preference
  • You can obtain the physical gold at your residence
  • It remains a very affordable investment method
  • Easy to use app for investing
  • Lower fees as compared to many other precious metal sellers
  • The BullionVault has a high amount of reliability
  • 24/7 customer service by phone, emails, or live chat
  • A high amount of transparency
  • A nice variety of vault locations to choose from located throughout the world
  • Investments can be made in a variety of currencies


  • Precious metal selection is limited
  • Lengthy account verification after account creation
  • Their insurance expires this April (2022)
  • Platform could benefit from an upgrade
  • Fees are tidious

Conclusion of BullionVault Review

We can easily say that the BullionVault is a great investment platform to take advantage of. Besides one of the greatest, it also is a giant among many within the gold investing companies. Plus, with close to $4 billion dollars’ worth of gold´, their more than 91,000 investors are surely happy to be investing through them.  Those are Bullion vault reviews in themselves, with som many people already trusting them.

Investors are able to conduct all of the normal investment transactions such as buying, selling, and holding precious metals at the best and lowest market prices. You can truly feel free knowing that you are without limit while investing.

The products and services are many and make your currency capable and free to purchase the precious metals. In the end, the investor can trust BullionVault and know that their great reputation will be a reminder of the high amount of respect they have since their 2005 appearance.

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