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BullionStar is Singapore’s top bullion dealer, having a walk-in bullion center complete with display cases. You may stroll into their stores or place an order through their official website. BullionStar is not merely a Singapore-based corporation; they embrace an international approach for some initiatives.

The organization made sure the clients were comfortable and found bullion at a fair price. It has long been said that gold and silver are just for the wealthy, but with BullionStar, you will acquire gold and silver bullion at an affordable price.

BullionStar has a real location in Singapore called Bullion Center Singapore, where you would step into bullion heaven. If you want to buy bullion in the nation, you must do so largely over the Internet or on the phone with your browser, and internet connection turned on.

However, with Gold Star, purchasing bullion has been converted into a personalized shopping experience. The Bullion Center is the most accurate representation of the phrases. Instead of jewelry, you may buy gold coins and bars like an adult here.

The firm presently employs 79 people and is expanding globally after meeting its objectives in Singapore. BullionStar began its work from the ground up, and it took nearly four years to create the firm from the ground up.

We can all agree that the precious metals or gold industry is rather ancient and lacks similar technologies like BullionStar. Contemporary technology has the potential to alter this reality significantly. That is precisely what BullionStar included. The company’s headquarters are primarily located in Central Singapore.

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bullion star company

BullionStar was initially launched in 2009. BullionStar’s main website took four years to launch, from 2009 to 2012. The website is the heart of the business since it contains all of the essential information about the items as well as the company itself. Joakim Andersson and Torgny Persson established the BullionStar with similar technologies.

BullionStar established its financial center in Marina Bay Financial Center in 2012. As a result, the business began laying the basis for BullionStar’s platform as a vault, reseller, and account holder. In 2013, the firm became completely functioning and was evaluated for precious metal storage and sales.


45 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059398.

BullionStar incorporated more elements into their art throughout time. For example, Gold Buyers Singapore is one of their trademarks. BullionStar also implemented Bitcoin as an order settlement medium in 2014, and they were the first people in the world to do so.

Later, several global metal merchants worldwide, such as JM Bullion, adopted bitcoin as a means of transaction.

The BullionStar 100-gram gold bar was also introduced and manufactured by the firm and its measurement services. The gold bar is manufactured by LBMA and authorized by Argor Heraeus, one of the world’s finest refineries.

The gold bar was introduced in 2015 in Singapore to shop for gold and other metals. Later, BullionStar also added a 1 kg silver bar with no spread. The BullionStar added a 400 oz gold bar to their exclusive item list. The bar is displayed in their official store in Singapore.

BullionStar developed a research division, a monetary system with similar technologies, and an educational portal in 2015. The Bullio Star Gold University is a place where the reader may learn about various gold products, the current gold market, policies for selling and purchasing gold, more options to sell gold, and so on.

It is rather usual to invest in gold and silver bullion for financial benefit, measurement services, and diversify one’s investment portfolio in the West. And investment statistics for other Asian countries are sparse. When you mention gold, most people think of gold jewelry and money.

As a result, the BullionStar Gold University offers a distinct perspective on the precious metals market. They also have a branch named Bullion Anytime with certain features.

Bullion Star’s website was updated once again in 2018. BullionStar opened a physical store, Center, at 45 New Bridge Road in May 2019.

Bullion Star’s vaults were mostly in Singapore with certain features, but the firm eventually established a presence in New Zealand, allowing foreign customers to store their metals there. In 2020, the firm also introduced a safe deposit box service. They also presently provide a virtual tour of the Center. Essential cookies are added to the websites for a safer experience.

Team of Bullion Star

Torgny Persson was the CEO of BullionStar Pte and the company’s co-founder. DotCom Magazine named the firm the Impact Company of 2019.

Joakim Andersson is the company’s co-founder, CTO, and founder executive of operations. Luke Chua is the current CEO of BullionStar. Other individuals are:

  • Mark is a front-end developer at BullionStar.
  • Pratheesh is an accounts manager.
  • Ferhan, safe deposit box manager
  • Ronan, metals analyst, and so on.

Bullion Center Singapore

investing in gold and silver

One of the Bullion Star’s main characteristics is the Bullion Center and its particular features. This position provided a view of Singapore’s New Bridge Road, and this center displays a 400-ounce gold bar, among other things.

This might be called the company’s heart. In 2021, the Center also launched a virtual tour of the facility. Given the epidemic condition, a virtual tour seems quite appropriate. Bullion Star’s Center is made up of the following components:

  • 29 showcase displays.
  • Customers who are ready to buy gold from the store can do so at counters.
  • There’s an integrated bullion vault right there.
  • You can view, buy, deposit, store, value, sell, and audit precious metals bullion in one location, and they won’t charge you anything to physically withdraw the bullion.
  • A 400-ounce gold bar is exhibited here.

The Center, or cater as the firm calls it, accepts walk-ins. You will be able to acquire the items as well as view them in person here. You may go in and buy the one you want, as you can at most other stores.

The firm accepts various payment methods, including cash, PayNow, and credit cards. If this is not feasible, pay using a wire transfer or bitcoin. In addition, the corporation will purchase back valuables with measurement services.

The Bullion Showroom is coming next. There are certain bullion cases where you may find pricing for various metal objects like coins, bars, and rounds.

The bullion price is changed regularly based on the current price and certain features. The prices that are visible online are also in the bullion showroom, and the 400-ounce gold bar is placed here.

The Bullion Vault is the final section of Bullion Star’s Center. The vault is also in the same location, and the option for physically audit by the bullion dealer and buyer is possible. The vault is completely insured. The vault is intended for the broader public, and you, as a customer, have easy access to it.

Bullion Star’s Product Portfolio

Bullion Star Products

The firm sells gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, and we list all of the goods currently on the website. According to the firm, the Bullion Showroom has over 1100 goods, and information controls visible on its shelves to work properly.

As a result, you can assume that the BullionStar website has almost the same amount of goods, and you can even browse the products via Facebook. Improve content by leaving comments on Facebook products.


Gold bars, coins, gold numismatics, gold bullion jewelry, and gold jewelry are available on the site.

Gold Bars

The company offers several foreign mint bars like the Perth Mint of Australia, PAMP Suisse Mint, Heraeus from Germany, etc. Here we include the list of the gold bars mentioned.

  • BullionStar Gold Mint Bar (with no spread)
  • Argor Heraeus Gold Bars
  • Perth Mint Gold Bars
  • PAMP Gold Bars
  • Metalor Gold Bars
  • Combi Gold Bars
  • Heraeus Gold Bars
  • Royal Canadian Mint Gold
  • UBS gold cast bar
  • Johnson Matthey Gold Bars
  • Perth Mint Mint Dragon Bar
  • Perth Mint Rectangle Bar
  • ABC gold Bar
  • PAMP Lunar Series bar
  • Argor Heraeus Kinebar Gold Bars
  • Argor Heraeus Gold Lunar Bars
  • Nihon Gold Bars

Gold Coins

The company has a huge collection of gold coins in different sizes. We are just mentioning some of the important ones here:

  • British Gold Queens Beast
  • Gold Britannias and Sovereign risk
  • Australian Gold Philharmonics
  • Chinese Gold Panda
  • Gold Queens Beast Series
  • Australian Gold Lunar Series
  • South African Krugerrand
  • French Francs
  • Singapore Gold Lions, etc.

Gold Numismatics

BullionStar is the only place to get proof coins, and other vendors seldom have Nieu Island Gold Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. The Degussa Gold nugget pendant is another example of certain features in BullionStar. This webpage also commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Tuvalu Gold Pearl Harbor.

Gold Jewelry

This website features numerous pieces of jewelry from the brand that involves the information controls as well. Because of the artistry rate, the gold rate will be more than the spot rate, just like any other gold jewelry business. Bracelets, rings, and necklaces are available on the website.


This website sells silver bars, coins, wafers, rounds, and numismatic coinage. We’ve included the most well-known ones from the BullionStar website.

Silver Bars

There is a huge range of bullion bars available on the site. We might not include all of them, but you can easily find them on the official BullionStar website.

  • BullionStar Silver Bars, 1 kg
  • Heraeus Silver Bars
  • Nadir Refinery Silver Bars
  • BullionStar Heraeus Silver Bars
  • Good Delivery LBMA’s Silver Bars
  • Royal Canadian Mint Silver
  • Perth Mint Silver Bars
  • Johnson Matthey Silver Bars
  • Perth Mint Silver Dragon Bar
  • Asahi Silver Bar etc.

Silver Coins

The company has enlisted different national and foreign silver coins. All of these coins are available in different sizes as well.

  • The Australian Silver Kangaroo
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • Austrian Philharmonic in Silver
  • Silver Britannia
  • South African Krugerrand, etc.


On the BullionStar Pte website, both platinum coins and platinum bars are available: Argor Heraeus Platinum Barz, Heraeus Platinum Bars, Valcambi Platinum Bars, and so on. The site offers platinum equivalents to various gold and silver coins in coinage and measurement services.


On the website, only Canadian Palladium Maples are offered.

BullionStar Review

BullionStar has received multiple positive ratings on third-party websites. The best ratings come from local Facebook and Google pages that can be accessed by mobile phone browser. Various worldwide financial pages do not appear to have accredited the organization yet.


There are thirteen hundred reviews on its Facebook page for its Facebook products and information controls, and bullionStar has 4.9 stars on its official Facebook page. These pages also work as a service page for advertising and selling different products.

The page has a lot of traffic as the approach is straightforward to Facebook and thus has a collection of Facebook products. But if we look at the recent activity of the page, we might have to add that their presence is pretty insignificant.


As an in-store shopping brand, Bullion Star has a Google rating of 4.9. On Google, there are over 25,000 reviews. The majority of the evaluations complement the firm for amassing such a large variety of items.

Trip Advisor

If you’re visiting Singapore for the first time and want to go shopping or get measurement services, Trip Advisor strongly advises BullionStar. Even if you’re not planning to purchase anything, you may still visit their Bullion Showroom to see the vast array of bullion collections. On Trip Advisor, there are 200 reviews with an excellent 5 rating.


Although the firm is not new to the market, there are a few probable milestones that Bullion Star must alleviate before building a name for itself in the worldwide market. The BBB and BCA have not accredited the firm. However, if you’re seeking something uncommon from a precious metals dealer, we propose ordering from the Bullion Star, who deserve their accolades.

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