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Bullion by Post was initially created in 2008 to develop the business of selling bullion online. In a financial crisis, Rob Halliday-Stein, the creator of Bullion by Post and managing director of Jwellery Quarter Bullion Ltd., decided to invest his inheritance in bullion. But he didn’t obtain transparent and professional feedback, which resulted in the emergence of the bullion dealership online in Britain. Bullion by Post is acknowledged as the best-ranked online bullion dealer in the United Kingdom by the London Bullion Market Association. But in addition to transactions on the UK site, the firm has also expanded to America to offer investors larger investments.

From 2008 to 2021, the firm experienced modest growth, and by 2017, the organization had grown to France, Ireland, the United States of America, and the European Union. They all have their respective Bullion by Post webpages. In 2013, Bullion by Post received the “Best Financial Services” category at the Ecommerce Awards. The firm was highlighted in Sunday Time’s “Fast Track” for quickly developing enterprises. Besides, the firm was featured in the Telegraph, Forbes, and Wall Street Journals in 2019. Bullion by Post reviews states that the company has sold over three thousand coins across the United Kingdom. Jewellery Quarter Bullion Ltd. might be the parent company, but it is stated at the floor 16 Centre City Tower, Hill Street Birmingham United Kingdom b5 4UA.

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About Bullion by Post

The company was established to make the trading of precious metals easy and secure with competitive rates based on silver and gold bullion. The company sells gold, silver, platinum, palladium bars, and coins. The company is authorized by:

  1. Royal Mint
  2. Perth Mint
  3. Scottsdale Silver
  5. Heraeus
  6. Umicore

Precious metals for Bullion by Post are mined across the globe, most notably in Wales. Apart from gold and silver bullion, the organization provides complimentary and safe transportation. Packages will be delivered straight to your home, and with a substantial volume of orders, you can track your packing. The company’s headquarters are in Centre City Tower, Bermingham.

The firm has a section titled “Gold News Section.” You may find information on gold bullion and the metals market here, as well as follow the metals’ prices. Bullion by Post also features tales from new investors.

Bullion By Post

Why Invest in Precious Metals?

Investing in precious metals assures your stability and provides you with a robust backup plan. The IRS will monitor your investing activities if you depart the United States. Investing in precious metals also protects your gold. Most gold and silver bullion has both a face and a melt value.

You are purchasing a gold bullion a mintage of 2021. That coin’s value will improve with time. How? When it comes to pre-1933 coins, the majority were withdrawn due to the Great Depression after World War II. As a result, the value of the coins is much more than their melt and face values. These gold and silver coins are even classified as collectibles.

If you now invest a portion of your retirement money in stocks, mutual funds, or real estate, consider putting a portion of it in a gold IRA. This will allow you to diversify your company’s portfolio with a unique and distinctive sort of investment. A gold or other precious metals investment may protect you against any unintended incident or accident.

Bullion such as gold, silver, palladium, and platinum is a tangible asset that is also timeless. The melt or liquidation value is constant throughout time and under every condition. It is a trait that you pass on to your successors. Even in the most volatile economic climate, precious metals retain their worth.

Buying Precious Metals from Bullion by Post

Bullion By Post Precious Metals

Bullion by Post reviews indicates that they have an excellent reputation, and as a UK-based precious metals dealer, they preserve their traditions and respect for their international clientele. They have been growing their areas in several nations and working diligently to accomplish their objectives via motivation and a strong work ethic.

Customer Service

Bullion by Post has a huge support team that works hard every day to guarantee that their customers get the best deal with every investment. They are available with a phone number and email. You can reach them from 9 am to 6 pm at any time, and there is a voice service from 7 am to 10 pm. You can leave a message, and they’ll get back to you. They also provide services social links to their site. If you want to buy the best deals, the deliveries require signing up for a free account. Here, Bullion by Post will send you an alert by mail about the gold prices so you can choose the best option.


The organization is motivated by low margins, which enables it to provide competitive pricing to its consumers. Bullion by Post strives to maximize its investors’ returns. Precious metals prices are determined by their initial market worth and their ability to compete with other merchants.

Insurance Policy

Bullion by Post’s finest advantage is that they will provide insurance for your bullion transactions. You get free insurance on all of your purchases. Additionally, the corporation insured its goods with Lloyd’s of London, up to a maximum of twenty-five thousand dollars for each delivery. The insurance firm is one of the country’s oldest. If your order totals more than $25,000, it will be split into two pieces.

Extra Fees

The firm will not charge you any additional costs. Bullion by Post offers free shipping, insurance, postage, and receipts on all orders. This distinguishes the firm from its competitors since they value openness and convenience.

Spot Precious Metal Prices

The price of precious metals fluctuates in real-time and is accurate at all times. The rates are also updated every two minutes, so you can keep track of the changes on their website to get the best bargain. Bullion by Post’s website also offers a list of the goods that are now available.

Steps of Buying Precious Metals

If you are interested in acquiring metals from Bullion by Post, you must first register a free account with a valid length password before continuing. You may establish an account to buy gold; by giving your email address and creating a password. It’ll just take a few seconds to conduct. The UK site uses pounds as a convenient method and has competitive prices mentioned.

On the website, you can view images of all of the things. All you have to do is select products and the number you want, and then add them to your basket or shopping cart like an e-commerce business model.

You must choose a shipping location before you can proceed. If your purchase is less than fifteen hundred dollars, it will take 5-7 days guaranteed delivery, and if your order is more than fifteen hundred dollars, it will take 3-4 days. With an expired shipping upgrade, you may be able to get your package earlier than expected. Royal Mail International is in charge of shipping the packages. The United States Postal Service delivers parcels in the United States within 2–4 working days, depending on the location.

You have the possibility of making an offer investment by bank transfer or credit card to add value. Login to your account, or you may even contact the firm if you have a bulky package that has to be delivered.

Once the money has been obtained and processed, the clients will issue a confirmation email as a verified payment system for next-day delivery. Customers are informed frequently on the status of their orders from the firm. Discreetly packaged and insured delivery, the precious metal bullion shipments are delivered to their intended recipient.

buying precious metals

Jewellery Quarter Bullion Limited

Bullion by Post’s parent firm, Jewellery Quarter Bullion, is headquartered in Birmingham’s Center City Tower. R. Halliday-Stein, A. E. Smiley, and K. G. Edelman serve as the company’s directors. By 2021, the company’s revenue profit will exceed 300 million euros. Since November 25, 2008, the firm has been in operation, and the Bullion by Post is now on floor 16 Centre City Tower. This is also the parent organization for subsidiaries in the United States of America, France, and Ireland.

Products of Bullion by Post

The firm provides a variety of items. Additionally, certain bullion products are subject to competitive rates. Gold and other bullion prices and offerings fluctuate over time. Additionally, prices are updated regularly, and they offer insured delivery.

Gold Bars

Approximately eighteen different gram gold bars are available on the Bullion by Post website. Gold bars are available in various weights, beginning at one gram and increasing to 12.5 kilograms at their heaviest. Prices may range from seventy dollars to around seventy-six thousand dollars, with the starting point being seventy dollars. Bars from Umicore, PAMP Suisse, and Heraeus are available for purchase.

Gold Coins

The site features thirty distinct gold coins. The coins have varying mintages, weights, and values. A gold maple leaf starts at around a hundred dollars and may reach up to two thousand dollars, depending on the weight and face value of the coins. A quarter ounce, one-tenth ounce, or different weights of a Maple Leaf gold bullion are also available.

Apart from the UK mints, the US mint also produces coins. The Gold Eagle, the Gold Buffalo, and the Gold Double Eagle are among these coins. The Perth Mint Lunar Series coins are issued in Australia. Gold Kurregard and Gold Philanthropic are also coins struck by a foreign mint. Some of the Numismatic gold coin collections dating back to the 1600s is an important factor. Additionally, the Bullion by Post’s collection includes gold coins from the Henry VIII Angel and James I eras. The Isle of Man Noble coin is produced by the Pobjoy Mint and is regarded as a collectible coin featuring the Viking longship “Thusly.”

Silver Bars

On the Bullion by Post website, there are fourteen distinct types of silver bars to choose from. Silver bars are far less expensive than gold bullion. The weight of these bars ranges from 5 grams to a maximum of 5 kilograms, with a starting weight of 5 grams, and each gram of silver costs around eight dollars, while a five-kilogram silver bar costs well over four thousand dollars (given day currency).

Silver Coins

The Bullion by Post website has a sizable selection of thirty-eight silver coins. The firm has gotten such excellent evaluations due to the variety of its products—the weight of silver coins changes in proportion to their value in ounce price. Several versions range from the silver Tower Bridge coin to the silver Darth Vader coin. The Canadian Superman coin, weighing 28.3 grams, is designed in the same manner as the Canadian Maple Leaf, with an “S” emblem on one side. The American Noah’s Ark will cost something in the neighborhood of 10 dollars.


Apart from investing in 1 gram gold coins and bars at an ounce price, you may also acquire precious metal bullion as a present. They are packaged beautifully and make an ideal wedding present. The price of these gift coins will begin at thirty dollars and may reach thousands of dollars. However, you may also purchase gold and silver sovereign coins for between $200 and $500.

Platinum Bars

There are nine different platinum bars on the Bullion by Post website currently. The weight of the bars starts at 1 gram and goes up to 100 grams. The PAMP Suisse platinum bars are more expensive than the other minted bars.

Platinum Coins

On the website, there are four distinct platinum bars to choose from. Bullion by Post also offers a platinum coin set purchased online. The price of these coins will begin at a bare minimum of a thousand dollars. The Queen’s Beast Platinum Coin is being produced by the Royal Mint and is modeled on the sculptures in front of Westminster Abbey.

Palladium Bars

According to the website, there are four distinct platinum bars. The Bullion by Post review remarks that their website offers a platinum coin set for sale. Starting at a thousand dollars, the value of these coins will be determined by supply and demand. Following the model of the sculptures in front of Westminster Abbey, the Royal Mint has created the Queen’s Beast Platinum Coin.

Coin Sets

If you wish to acquire 1-31.8 gram gold coins, Bullion by Post provides coin sets that include more than one coin, depending on the value and price of the coins in the set for online purchase. Sovereign Coins in denominations of three, four, and five coins are available here. The coins also come in various box packaging representing various nations, years, and mintage brands, each determining the coin’s worth. These coin sets have the most special deals to offer to collectors.

An Investment Calculator

Additionally, the website has an investment calculator where you can enter the amount of your investment, and it will display the complete range of precious metal prices within low margins. Three sectors will be assigned thorough research to the packages to buy bullion.

For gold,

  1. Best Value Packages
  2. Flexible Packages
  3. The cheapest bar packages

For silver, platinum, or palladium,

  1. Best Value Packages
  2. Flexible Packages

Review of Bullion by Post

The Bullion by Post reviews indicates that they have almost 20,000 reviews on several legitimate review sites. According to the London Bullion Market Association, the organization is now considered one of the most reputable precious metals merchants in the United Kingdom that works with world-renowned international mints.


There are more than twenty-three thousand Bullion by Post reviews for the UK site to read on this website. Bullion by Post has received a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, earning it the “Gold” ranking on the site. The vast plurality of the hundreds of reviews on this website is good, with 98 percent positive. For the year 2021, there are fifteen hundred reviews. Negative or indifferent ratings account for just a small proportion of all reviews.

The fluency and administration of the firm have been praised in the good reviews, and the majority of consumers have praised the simplicity of the Bullion by Post website. Again, most of those who responded had been customers of Bullion by Post for a long time, and they indicated that the firm provides the most accurate and real-time current pricing for precious metals.

The majority of the critical comments were directed towards the transportation business. As the official delivery service, the Royal Mail was reckless in handling deliveries, and they often lost the items they delivered. Therefore, most consumers would prefer the company to alter their shipping and mailing services to buy gold online from the Bullion by Post reviews. According to one of the reviews, the shipment was also cited as being late, with the package taking over a week to arrive.

Trust Pilot

The firm has a Trust Pilot rating of 4.6. There are 666 reviews on the site. Approximately 89 percent of customers rated Bullion by Post as outstanding, while just 4% rated poor service.

The majority of remarks are favorable. Clients seem to be pleased with the company’s entire approach and the price and condition of the items. This company’s positive attributes include quick transaction processing and product shipment. Bullion by Post reviews also mentions the simplicity of their website.

The majority of the bad remarks are to the company’s reaction time. Delivery timing is also a concern since shipments often arrive later than expected. Some consumers even expressed complaints about the company’s lack of contact. Bullion by Post seems to be mismanaging its merchandise, as they accused one buyer of getting more gold than they paid for. In this instance, the corporation acknowledged its shortcomings.

Red Flags of Bullion by Post

Bullion by Post evaluations indicates that the firm is quite well-known and reputable in the United Kingdom and the United States. However, we discovered some negative aspects when extensively examining the reviews and ratings. Before proceeding, check out these red flags that we found on our own independent research.

  • Prices fluctuate constantly, and some are rather expensive, which hinders investment decisions.
  • The corporation does not do business on a global scale.
  • Products may be restricted in a variety of circumstances.
  • The corporation employs both traditional and antiquated business practices.
  • The support crew is slow to reply and has an exceptional level of mismanagement.
  • Although the firm serves as a precious metals dealer, it does not provide tax advice or IRA services.


Jewellery Quarter Bullion Limited owns the business, operating in the United Kingdom for over twelve years. The firm is approved by several world-renowned international mints and the United Kingdom’s Royal Mint. In comparison to other firms, the company’s evaluations are particularly excellent, which we encountered from the Bullion by Post reviews on different sites.

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