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Beverly Hills Precious Metals Review

Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange is a precious metals dealer based in Beverly Hills, California. The company has been providing clients with quality gold, silver, and platinum for over 30 years.

As a precious metals investor, I understand the importance of identifying whether a dealer is trustworthy or not.

Therefore, I have prepared this complete company review to help you determine whether it is worth investing in.

Continue reading to learn all you need to know about Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange.

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Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange has been in business since 2010. The company website states that it has been providing clients with precious metals to combat inflation for more than 30 years.

This is because the founder, Andrew Sorchini, has dealt with gold, silver, and more for that long. Beverly Hills Precious Metals formed a little later but maintains the philosophies that he is passionate about.

The company guides people to own gold – whether first-time buyers or long-term investors. As a self-proclaimed client-based business, Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange caters to the needs of every customer.

It makes buying precious metals a little easier with their team of consultants. They help interested patrons find the right pieces for their portfolios. Then, Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange assists clients in putting their new acquisitions in a retirement account. It can also send the metals to the investor’s home.


As a precious metals dealer, Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange helps clients purchase gold, silver, and platinum. You do not have to be actively trading and liquidating assets to take part in this investment opportunity.

The company highlights its primary purpose is to assist Americans in combatting inflation. Purchasing precious metals is one of the best defenses.

Upon purchase, you must decide whether to store your gold locally, such as in a bank deposit box or an at-home storage vault, or a gold storage account.

The IRA services of Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange direct clients to a third-party storage vault rather than providing account offerings. Although the business boasts flat fees, storing precious metals in an IRA could lead to paying for custodial services and other storage fees.

Let’s consider the primary services of Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange – buying and selling precious metals.

Buying Silver, Gold, and Other Precious Metals

Acquiring precious metals can be a challenge. You must verify that a dealer is legit but ensure they offer gold at a reasonable price. Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange can help to add to your financial portfolio.

The company’s collection includes gold, silver, and platinum pieces with some rare coins and stable bullion. Some pieces are also considered collectibles.

Purchasing precious metals through Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange requires talking to an account executive. The website does not show any of the available gold online.

Nevertheless, interested patrons can take part in a free consultation to review their interests and how Beverly Hills Precious Metals can help.

While the quality of the precious metals seems to be good, customer service should also be top-notch. After reviewing the website, I noticed Beverly Hills Precious Metals claims the following about its sale of gold, silver, and other precious metals:

  • Prompt service

  • Transparent prices

  • Flexible purchasing options

  • Exclusive products

I believe that these points are true, especially the prompt service. If you want to store your gold at home, the company delivers the assets right to your doorstep within a few days.

On the other hand, I would not consider the pricing as transparent as it claims. To enhance this, the company could have some of the precious metals listed on the website.

However, the free consultation encourages potential clients to examine their purchasing options with an expert. As such, they can make more thorough decisions.

Selling Precious Metals

A precious metals investment can also mean selling the pieces. One of the reasons so many advisors recommend investing in gold is because of easy liquidations.

Gold, silver, and other precious metals can turn into cash. The main problem I have with this is finding a purchaser to offer a fair price. Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange is a quality solution.

The business is legitimate, and the company seems to want the best for the clients, especially in a world in which inflation dominates our money-making tactics.

I would recommend sellers first research how much they should expect to earn from their precious metals. Then, they can start negotiations confidently.

Precious Metals IRAs

Beverly Hills Precious Metals IRA

Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange allows customers to acquire their purchases in their homes, or they can store them in a depository vault through a self-directed IRA.

A precious metals IRA is an individual retirement account that allows Americans to save money for retirement with certain tax benefits.

However, patrons cannot store their purchased products at home and still receive IRA benefits. The precious metals must stay in an authorized storage location.

Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange’s management team aids purchasers in directing their gold to third-party precious metals IRAs. It appears that the company uses trusted entities to maintain the wealth of valued customers.

Gold IRA Rollover

Customers can start their precious metals IRAs using a rollover. This is when people move their assets from traditional retirement accounts, such as 401k, to IRAs.

The management team at Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange can assist customers with completing this transfer, as it can be challenging.

After the transfer, you can start adding your precious metals investment to the account. From there, you should prepare for retirement and receive tax benefits.

A gold rollover is not the same as a transfer. Completing a transfer would require moving money from one account of the same type to another. An example of this would be transferring assets from one 401k to another 401k. A rollover, on the other hand, relocates money from one retirement account to an IRA.

The difference in these deliveries is what makes it necessary to have a reliable account executive on your side, such as one from Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange. They can delve into greater detail about the specifics of your investment and how to set up a gold IRA.

Why Invest in Precious Metals?

The market always proves to be volatile. Often, there is no surefire method of investing money that is going to return a profit.

However, gold, silver, and other precious metals have been the outlier of this trend.

During times of economic instability, precious metals maintain their value, which may even increase with inflation. Unlike intangible assets, they are free from the hands of the government. Their prices fluctuate based on demand, and gold tends to always be in demand.

Purchasing precious metals is always a great portfolio builder because you can almost always find a buyer. Whereas a strong investment as real estate has several determinants for liquidation, gold and silver almost always sell with some profit.

I always talk with a trusted financial advisor before making significant investments. However, experts are most likely going to recommend buying gold.

What’s more, it excellently contributes to your retirement plan.

Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange appears to always be looking for new precious metals investments. As such, if you are not looking to buy, then you can certainly discuss selling.

What to Consider Before a Precious Metals Investment

Before purchasing precious metals, there are a few things you should consider. I always go over these factors before investing my hard-earned money. Here are some key points to note:

  • Where to store

  • Price and volatility

  • Regulations and fees

  • Liquidity

Most investors store precious metals in their homes, bank, or IRAs. Many do not recommend keeping them at home because of a lack of security. Nevertheless, these valuable purchases can have a significantly positive outlook on your financial portfolio.

You should consider where you would keep your investments. Is an at-home storage vault sufficient, or would an IRA be more beneficial?

Additionally, I ensure the precious metals I buy come at a fair price and keep up with demand. Those that fluctuate in demand are riskier, but gold would be a more valuable investment.

You should also consider if the metal is subject to any government regulations. Most do not, but I always review this just in case. Plus, determine the kinds of fees you would need for storage, as this could affect the total price.

Finally, liquidity is a principal reason gold is so fantastic. It is easy to liquidate and most investors return their original investment increased to match inflation. Not all other precious metals act this way, so I would be sure to verify the liquidation patterns if you want silver or platinum.

Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange can help customers review this information so that they can make the best purchasing decision for their unique financial portfolios.

Is Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange Legit?

Beverly Hills Precious Metals

Yes, Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange is a legitimate precious metals dealer based out of its namesake city Beverly Hills.

Some of its big-name endorsements include Clay Clark and General Michael Flynn.

Many businesses have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange is not accredited by the trusted consumer reporting platform.

Still, the company has average ratings, and there have been no scam accusations since its founding.

Pros and Cons of Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange

If you want to become a precious metals owner, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of a dealer before investing.

I understand that money is hard-earned, so you cannot put it just anywhere.

Therefore, let’s review the good and the not-so-good of Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange:


  • Flat fees

  • Fast shipping

  • Products eligible for IRA accounts


  • No BBB accreditation

  • Mainly sells gold and silver

Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange Customer Reviews

My review suggests that most customers have a decently pleasant experience with Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange. According to the BBB’s website, there are no complaints pertaining to the business.

The platform, though, has so few customer reviews that there are not enough to determine a comprehensive BBB rating.

Nevertheless, many rating agencies’ sites build off this and have reviews explaining good but not great experiences with Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange.

The Bottom Line - Should You Invest in Gold from Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange?

Interested investors must conduct sufficient research before investing their money in gold or an IRA. Likewise, they need to ensure their dealer is reliable.

My review has determined that Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange is a legitimate company, but it has some setbacks.

Potential customers should be aware of the risks associated with going for a company like this one.

While you can surely obtain the assets you desire, the process of acquiring them may be lengthier than with other companies.

The top way to safeguard your retirement is to open a precious metals IRA. Check out the below providers and request a free kit.

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