What Is the Best Precious Metals Company

What is the Best Precious Metals Company?

The selection of an optimal precious metals IRA company is paramount to ensuring that the diversification of a retirement portfolio is done securely.

Working with one of these gold IRA providers means having the ability to invest in gold, silver, and palladium, alongside other precious metals. All this comes with the added security of using an IRS-approved retirement account.

Realistically, there are numerous companies you could consider if you have an interest in precious metals IRAs. However, selecting a company to partner with as you invest in physical precious metals is a decision that should be taken from an informed standpoint.

Considering the level of volatility that the economy has shown in recent times, financial planning has never been in a more uncertain state, thanks to factors such as inflation.

I’ve done a very deep dive on this, and decided to invest my own personal money with Goldco.

The top way to safeguard your retirement is to open a precious metals IRA. Check out the below providers and request a free kit.

Personal Findings
Free Guide 
#1 Goldco
Best Overall Rating (Where I Invested)
American Hartford Gold
#2 American Hartford Gold
Best Buyback Program
Augusta Precious Metals
#3 Augusta Precious Metals
Most Educational ($50,000 Minimum)
Noble Gold
#4 Noble Gold
Best Metals Selection

What Is a Gold IRA?

The concept of an individual retirement account (IRA) is not a new one. Essentially, these are mechanisms that provide safeguarding for funds that are meant to be used during your retirement. Typically, they leaned on assets such as cash, stocks, and bonds.

A precious metal IRA is a spin on that formula. These are self-directed IRAs that now allow investors to capitalize on investment vehicles such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins. Gold bullion coins and silver bullion, for example, are tremendously popular in this regard.

Note that these are not the only alternative IRA types. There are art, real estate, and cryptocurrency-based IRAs, among others.

Gold IRAs allow you to contribute to them on a pre-tax basis, and you can also capitalize on growing value in a tax-deferred way. The income limits, contribution maximums, and liquidation guidelines that would apply to the standard IRAs also apply to precious metal IRAs.

Choosing to capitalize on the precious metals industry in this way presents slightly greater complexity than traditional account types. For example, while Canadian Maple Leaf coins may be accepted by the IRS based on their fineness standards, the same does not hold for all forms of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Navigating these requirements is just one reason why retaining services from a reputable gold IRA company is paramount.

What is Gold IRA

Why a Precious Metals IRA Is Recommended

Using a precious metals IRA is recommended for numerous reasons. One of the most highly regarded among them is the ability to hedge against inflation. Regardless of what may be happening with FIAT currency and other investment vehicles, gold coins, for example, retain their value.

In fact, a weakening dollar is synonymous with the value of the said gold coins becoming stronger. This is why many investors opt to purchase precious metals as a security strategy for whatever holdings they may have.

The Top Precious Metals Companies in 2023

As indicated before, successfully navigating the nuances of an IRA based on precious metals requires the support of a gold IRA company with a stellar reputation.

To this end, we completed a comprehensive evaluation of the options on the market to assemble a list of the elite gold IRA providers. The areas of consideration included precious metal variety, reliability, reputation, and the gold IRA reviews that each company boasts.

With this, we aim to provide you with all the insights necessary for this precious metals venture. The selection is as follows:

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals was established by its founder and CEO, Isaac Nuriani, in 2012. His expertise is particularly useful in the gold IRA sector, especially considering that he specializes in assisting seniors with planning. He’s also a member of Ethics.net, the financial ethics group.

Allowing customers to purchase physical precious metal coins is a part of the company’s business model, as is a full-service gold IRA service. Beyond that, Augusta Precious Metals is highly regarded for its open business practices and tremendous customer service, which are undoubtedly a reflection of Nuriani’s ethical perception.

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Not only are the precious metals IRA services well designed, but they also allow for tremendous customizability to the individual needs of customers.

The analytics team behind the scenes, which includes Devlyn Steele (Director of Education) is Harvard-educated and tremendously experienced. This translates to supporting the gold and silver investment products with well-constructed educational resources that span topics across precious metals and the economy.

While there are no management fees, there is an account set up charge and there are payment requirements for the gold custodian. Note that the company offers a gold buyback program (no guarantees).


  • No management fees

  • Competitive prices for gold and silver bullion

  • Transparency

  • No high-pressure sales tactics

  • Expert and customer-centric support service

  • Straightforward account setup


  • No price listings

  • Many required document downloads on sign up

  • $50,000 minimum investment

Oxford Gold Group

Oxford Gold Group

This gold IRA company emerged in 2017, thanks to its president and co-founder, Patrick Granfar.

Oxford Gold Group also boasts a transparent strategy, clearly letting potential customers know that investment in physical gold and other precious metals should represent a subset of a complete investment portfolio.

Sometimes, the terms used in the gold IRA world can be confusing and this company does a great job of helping people make some important distinctions.

For example, the company ensures website visitors understand how concepts such as bullion, numismatic coins, physical investing, and IRAs work.

When you plan on investing in precious metals such as gold and silver via an IRA, you also want to know that the company you’re using is focused on you and not necessarily the business. Oxford Gold Group meets that requirement, offering individualized solutions instead of prepackaged ones that are best for profit.


  • Well-documented guidelines

  • Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium investment options

  • Great for those new to the precious metals investment industry

  • Account setup and annual maintenance fees can be prohibitive


  • No price listing

  • No IRA-based options for platinum or palladium

  • Only two custodians



Goldco has been on the market since 2006, thanks to its founding by Trevor Gerszt. The company has gone through a couple of name changes before settling on its current one.

Throughout its operation, it has consistently maintained a highly positive impression and it continues to be recommended by many.

The companies it’s on par with are well respected and boast a high reputation themselves, and beyond those, it ranks above its other competitors.

Apart from gold IRA options, the investment products also extend to silver, platinum, and palladium. If positive feedback is an essential component of your decision-making strategy, then Goldco comes highly recommended.

Even Ron Paul, a former presidential candidate, endorsed Goldco for its gold and silver IRA offerings. Sean Hannity and Ben Stein also have a hand in articles and endorsements on Goldco’s webpage. There is even a display of a legal tender of the New Zealand Mint’s Chuck Norris coins.

In 2021, it was named the Los Angeles Business Journal’s fastest-growing business, while the American Business Awards named it as the financial company category’s company of the year.

According to the company, it also has the highest buyback prices.


  • Incredible reputation

  • High buyback rate

  • Many educational resources

  • Endorsements from high-profile persons

  • Free IRA rollover


  • No price listings

  • Subjective political articles are present on the site

  • $25,000 minimum investment

Birch Gold Group

BirchGold logo

Like Goldco, Birch Gold Group has been around for some time, initially being established in 2003. An IRA company specializing in precious metals is measured by several variables, but two of them, a strong performance reputation and market credibility, are present in spaces with Birch Gold Group.

A gold IRA setup can be daunting, but the company makes it incredibly straightforward, thanks in large part to the wealth of experience it has garnered in its many years of operation.

Gold IRAs are available as expected, but the company also offers IRA options that span silver, palladium, and platinum too.

Birch Gold Group uses a strategy that is rooted in client education, which aims to help people understand the pros and cons of an investment in precious metals.

The gold IRA company is also more adept than many of its competitors in the promotion of its business.


  • Transparent pricing

  • Many years of experience

  • Flexible storage and custodian options

  • Both physical purchases and IRA options for gold, silver, palladium, and platinum

  • Free shipping is offered with cash purchases

  • No first-year fees on IRAs over $50,000


  • Minimum of $10,000 for both IRA investments and the purchase of physical precious metals

  • Personal information requests synonymous with price list scrolling

  • Only US clients are accepted

Noble Gold Investments

NobleGold logo

Noble Gold was established in 2016, and it has opted to sell precious metals in the form of collector coins.

If you want to obtain precious metals efficiently, you may want to consider the company’s Royal Survival Packs.

There is no doubt that the intuitive user experience that Noble Gold offers via its website is second to none.

Additionally, potential customers are not left in the dark, thanks to clear and concise explanations of setup and management costs.

With a provided web dashboard, customers can easily access their information. Additionally, a gold buyback program is offered.

You can only get the most popular silver and gold coins from Noble Gold. This was done to avoid overwhelming clients with details, which is another testament to the sheer level of user-friendliness that the platform offers.


  • Secure storage and discreet shipping

  • The purchase process for physical gold and silver options is simplified

  • Very well-designed and intuitive website experience

  • Transparent custodian fees


  • High investment minimums

  • No listings for platinum and palladium IRAs

Understanding How a Gold IRA Rollover Works

Gold IRAs are often funded through a transfer of value from another kind of retirement account. Without needing to worry about any form of tax penalties, you can complete a transfer from your traditional or Roth IRA.

Your gold IRA account creation process typically includes a transfer form, which allows the funds to be moved without your needing to ever worry about managing them. Therefore, this process is a direct transfer from one entity to the next.

While specific circumstances can cause variations, expect the process to run for up to two weeks. Following the transfer to the gold investment company, your representative will then assist you in the acquisition of precious metals.

Thrift savings plans, as well as 401k, 403b, and 457b accounts also allow for a gold IRA rollover process.

While the direct transfer process is explained above, there’s also an indirect transfer variation where a check is made out in your name for deposit to the new entity within 60 days.

If you should fail to meet the deadline and are under 59.5 years old, you will be subject to an early withdrawal 10% penalty.

Final Remarks

Regardless of the volatility that world markets have experienced, precious metals such as gold continue to remain in high demand, especially as people seek to protect their holdings against inflation and other actors.

The statements we have made above are based on comprehensive research. Nevertheless, the onus is on you to evaluate each service provider and choose the one that best aligns with your goals and other requirements.

Of course, if you do decide to retain the services of a precious metals investment company, we highly recommend the six listed above for the reasons we have highlighted. Feel free to reach out to any of them, for more information and price comparisons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Consider Investing in Gold and Silver Coins Through an IRA?

Since precious metals can retain and even display appreciating value when FIAT currencies and associated investment vehicles are on the decline, you allow yourself a measure of protection by diversifying your portfolio with the addition of precious metals.

What Should I Use to Determine Which of the Available Precious Metals IRA Companies Is Best for Me?

The best strategy is always to consider the factors that are most critical to your goals and desires. For example, if you require international shipping with insurance, then Regal Assets would be a good fit.

Do I Need to Use a Depository?

Based on the IRS’ mandate that silver and gold be stored in a physical depository or the possession of a trustee, you are not offered a choice in the matter.

What Are Some of the Approved Coins I Can Hold in a Gold IRA?

Many coin variations have been approved by the IRS. These include American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Koala, Chinese Gold Panda, Australian Kangaroo, American Gold Buffalo, and more.

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