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Thomas E. Noller, CAMS, CFE-Tom Nollner is a former National Bank Examiner, who spent the last twenty years of his 30-year career with the Comptroller of the Currency, as an AML/CFT specialist. Thomas is currently the Regional Advisor in Kabul, Afghanistan, for the Economic Crimes Team of the Office of Technical Assistance (OTA), U S Treasury. In this capacity he is the advisor to the AML/CFT Section of the Financial Supervision Department of the Da Afghanistan Central Bank. In addition to mentoring the AML/CFT Section in bank supervision techniques, his responsibilities include developing and implementing AML/CFT examination procedures for the Money Services Providers (Hawalas) and money exchangers. 

Thomas Nollner
International Banking Consultant
Office of Technical Assistance, U S Treasury
740 15th Street NW
4th Floor, Room 4502
Washington,DC 20005
United States


T: 502 -693-1194
E: [email protected]

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