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Anthony Cowell

Anthony Cowell

Anthony is the Global Lead Engagement Partner on the audit of a multi-billion dollar investment management firm which focuses on non-traditional fixed income based strategies (such as high-yield bonds, leveraged loans, ABS, CDS and structured credit investments) and also several independent global private equity funds, funds of funds and hedge funds. In his role as Head of Markets and Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for KPMG in the Cayman Islands, his responsibilities include strategic planning, thought leadership and business development. Anthony was on the Editorial Board for KPMG’s Global Thought Leadership ‘Renewing the Promise’ in 2009 and in 2010 was the principal author of KPMG’s Global Thought Leadership report entitled “Transformation: The Future of Alternative Investments”.

Anthony co-authored KPMG's two part global thought leadership report in conjunction with AIMA. The first of these was the report "The value of the hedge fund industry to investors, markets, and the broader economy" which was then followed by a global hedge fund survey entitled "The evolution of an industry".

Anthony Cowell 
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