Apmex Review

This Apmex Review will take a detailed look at Apmex company and determine its pros and cons. We would also cover whether we should recommend Apmex to invest in gold or gold approved IRA. Let’s get started!

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Apmex is also known as American Precious Metals Exchange, which is currently headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. The company deals in a large variety of precious metals for potential and old investors at competitive prices. In addition to bullion products, Apmex also deals in pre-1933 coins, commemorative, and paid international currencies.

What Does it Offer?

Apmex is one of the well-known e-commerce retailers in the United States. Founded in January 2000, they have an excellent reputation for providing a two-way market for selling and purchasing a range of precious metals. It provides a variety of around 20,000 quality products, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, numismatics, and semi numismatics.

If you want to increase your wealth or save your hard-earned assets through precious metals, Apmex is the right place. Apmex focuses on proving tangible precious metals.

Besides providing a market for selling and purchasing precious metals, Amex company also offers exceptional education about investing in gold, silver, and other precious metals.

History of Apmex

apmex history

The very start:

Scott Thomas, Oklahoma native and founder and president of APMEX, acquired his grandparent’s mint piece collection he created growing up. Thomas began going through this assortment upon their passing and found that they were esteemed at around $100,000 and sold them on eBay. This leisure activity transformed into a business of trading old coins and progressed into a stall at an Edmond, OK strip shopping center and, in the end, a brick-and-mortar coin store.

The Start of a Web Presence:

Thomas’ coin shop’s internet-based presence developed to where he chose to send off an online business site in 2004. The organization was recently called American Precious Metals Exchange, yet abbreviated to APMEX in 2000 preceding the site sent off. The 2008 downturn expanded interest for Precious Metals such a lot that APMEX saw $1 billion in deals in 2009. notwithstanding an extension in worldwide delivery to more than 60 countries, this gave them the bump to level up activities and moved into the old Federal Reserve working in midtown Oklahoma City in 2010.

Further Progress:

In 2011, APMEX rented 10,000 square feet on the 50th floor of the 40 Wall Street tower-paying for their security store in three-kilo bars of Gold. The move was to say something about the shortcoming of the U.S. dollar. Whenever Donald Trump first acknowledged actual gold for installment and APMEX’s CEO at that point, Michael Haynes said that Trump is an intelligent fellow. He’ll understand that taking gold is a preferable thought overtaking cash.

Present State:

APMEX’s base camp permits them to hold paid APMEX’s items in general and 200+ workers inside its more than 80,000 square feet.

What Does Apmex Offer?

apmex precious metals

According to the Apmex review, the company (Apmex) offers various gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. Most trading of precious metals is done online through their website. Moreover, the company also provides Mint bullion products in the United States, including Royal Canadian mint, Gold American Eagles, South Africa’s Krugerrands, Maple Leafs, silver dollars, bullion coins, gold coins, silver eagles, platinum, and silver products from similar mints.

Other Apmex Services

Apmex offers various payment options such as credit card and post office service, phone support, live price charts, tracking number of packages, and full police report. Still, some reviews state that Apmex is a terrible company. However, they contacted Apmex and got their issues resolved in due diligence.

About The Business:

Since really getting started with four representatives selling Precious Metals out of a bit of customer-facing facade, APMEX has developed to an 80,000 square foot working with more than 200 individuals on staff. Throughout the last 15+ years, we have sold more than 130 million ounces of Gold and Silver to over 60 nations all over the planet. Their workers have generally been an essential piece of their prosperity, assisting us with turning into an innovator in Changing How the World Buys Gold™. From their rapid development in those initial not many years to venturing into an overall business as a top web retailer, our devoted representatives put stock in what they do. Customer Reviews show that many customers have been purchasing from them for over a year.

Community Involvement:

Experiencing childhood in a family that battled with food frailty, APMEX Founder and President Scott Thomas found a lot to appreciate in the mission of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. His energy for aiding hungry Oklahomans has spread all through the organization, with ordinary food and asset drives and volunteer open doors, which workers at all levels of the organization appreciate taking part in.

Continually Spreading:

As one of the world’s biggest and most believed hotspots for the metals purchase market, APMEX places unmistakable Precious Metal resources in your grasp. Resources that no person can make, swell or reduce. We assist you with getting what you’re purchasing, answer your inquiries honestly, and keep costs straightforward and fair.

Is Apmex Business Service a Scam or Fraud?

Scam Alert

American Precious Metals Exchange is an American corporation that arrangements with valuable metals. The organization was enlisted on 31st December 1999 and started activities a month after the fact.

From that point forward, APMEX has become the world’s most excellent valuable metals vendor with various clients, including banks, financier houses, and people. It brags a mammoth assortment of items from regular bullion bars Mint items to exciting things like silver hearts, silver slugs, and a vast choice of adornments. Along these lines, APMEX is a genuine organization and not a trick.

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APMEX has a buyer rating of 3.77 stars from 22 reviews showing that most clients are happy with their products and service. APMEX positions fourteenth among Gold business sites.

Things To Like About APMEX

Here, we have summarized a few facts that assure us that Apmex is the best option for the reasonable prices of precious metals.

  1. Professional Sales Representatives

Apmex assures that each sales person or representative in the company is well trained and professional in the precious metals market. The information about their staff proves that their team of employees is knowledgable and reliable about the variety of products they offer.

If any person wants to invest in Apmex, they can quickly look into their staff members and gain total satisfaction from their expertise and professionalism. Their reviews on their site and other sites show their excellent customer service.

  1. Excellent Ratings

Various review sites, including BBB (Better Business Bureau), BCA, and TrustLink, show reputable ratings of Apmex. The organization was appraised A+ at BBB, AAA at BCA, and five stars at TrustLink. Notwithstanding, it is pretty significant that there are a few customer complaints from clients besides positive feedback. They usually send the precious metals in tamper-proof packaging, whether the customer makes several purchases or not.

  1. Numerous Payment Options

Apmex offers numerous payment options: Bank wire, personal cheques, cashier’s cheques, credit card, money orders, and certified checks. However, it is recommended to pay through a bank check or wire if the amount is more than $2,500. A credit card is also a good option for a repeat customer.

  1. Great Reputation

With 20 years in business, Apmex is a laid out brand that orders trust and regard universally. Additionally, it is one of the most significant precious metals companies in the US and orders an enormous portion of the overall industry.

  1. Exceptional Customer Service

Despite a few complaints filed on Apmex reviews, the company aims to offer excellent service to each customer. If you have any problems and want to get in touch with the account management team, you can sufficiently have phone calls, live chats, and emails with them to resolve the issue.

  1. Worldwide Working Operations

Although most companies from the US only serve local businesses and customers. But Apmex, being a great company, offers its services to over 33 countries. Even if you purchase precious metals from a non-US country, you will get a credit card option, quick response, good quality, spot price, and timely delivery from Apmex.

  1. Numerous Educational Resources

The best fact about Apmex is that they are not only interested in selling gold, silver, and other precious metals. However, they also provide detailed instructional videos and investment guides on their website.

  1. Multiple Products

Apmex review clearly proves that the company offers over 200,000 (Apmex) products, including gold and silver coins at good prices. Besides common investment coins and bullion, the company also has some rare coins, which can be a significant asset for coin collectors.

  1. User-Friendly Website

As compared to other sites, Apmex provides a user-friendly website that has self-explanatory functions and facilities for the customers and viewers. These unique qualities are the reasons behind each satisfied customer of the company.

  1. Apmex Club

The Benefits of Joining the APMEX Club are given below:

  • Convenient Notice of Promotions and Alerts. As an APMEX Club part, you will get advancements and alarms on numerous new items.
  • Restrictive Early Access to Flash Sale Offers.
  • Individuals Only Offers and Promotions.
  • Extraordinary Deals on Your APMEX Anniversary.

Things NOT To Like About APMEX

Here are a few disadvantages of choosing Apmex to buy precious metals.

  1. Customer Complaints

Although the APMEX audits have been excellent from sure financial backers, a few disappointed customers leave negative reviews about the inferior coins delivered to them.

They accept that what they got doesn’t offer the best price for their cash, and that implies it assists with researching further before picking this company for your investments.

  1. Delivery Issues

There are various protests about the company regarding disappointment or defaults on deliveries. This is a significant worry since it is just correct that you get the product you have requested in a timely manner.

The way that specific individuals don’t get such a nature of administration can be agitating for the people who are current customers or likely financial backers in the company. However, some customers also praise their prompt shipping. Mostly silver purchase is delivered earlier than other expensive precious metal types.

  1. Unsatisfactory Customer Service

Delivering is the only issue connected with APMEX. In this manner, the people who are not happy with the late delivery will often give negative reviews and contact the client assistance division for their payment.

Tragically, they were just considerably more frustrated due to the late reaction to their concerns, which added to their anxieties and stress.

Note that all these aspects are written according to customer reviews on reputable sites.

Rankings, Complaints and Customer Reviews

Before you start contributing to a specific organization, it will assist an incredible arrangement with deciding its exhibition and remaining on different trustworthy gatherings in the business.

Beneath, you can observe the current rating given by dependable gatherings in the wake of considering client input and objections recorded against APMEX. Furthermore, most reviews assure their best service.

  • Better Business Bureau

The organization has a BBB rating of A, even though there were 39 protests recorded over the most recent three years. Since April 29, 2004, APMEX has been a BBB-certify business in the wake of satisfying its license guidelines.

Notwithstanding, a certification doesn’t be guaranteed to imply that the BBB embraces the organization. Considering this, it is as yet critical to take a look at the organization’s profile while choosing whether to put resources into it or not.

  • Business Consumer Alliance

APMEX has a BCA 5 stars rating of AAA. Regardless of this eminent rating, it is vital to note that the absence of adequate data about the organization as far as client evaluations can disrupt.

  • Trust Link

A noteworthy five stars were given to APMEX, albeit this rating was just in light of one survey, which isn’t sufficient data to assist expected financial backers with pursuing an educated choice.

The audit was great, and it communicated the client’s positive involvement in terms of convenient delivery of the item and responsiveness of the staff members.

  • Ripoff Report

As per the Ripoff Report, a few objections were documented against APMEX.

One of the protests got is from a client expressing his negative experience managing the organization. The client was not satisfied with the lethargy of the staff individuals, especially at a critical second when he wanted their immediate consideration.

Client support was poor, and the client was apprehensive about the alleged “hiding of reality” that the organization did to him. He was hoping to drop a request, yet APMEX staff neglected to send a reaction to his solicitation.

This is a negative that no financial backer should experience while making monetary exchanges with an organization since time and critical assets are in question. However, you can’t only rest upon a few negative comments, as these bad reviews might be paid by their competitors. And Apmex has the best reviews all due to their excellent customer service.

Should You Choose Apmex to Buy Precious Metals (Gold Coins)?

Gold Coins

While a few groups loved the company’s products and service, including their installment choices, significant position appraisals, and SSL-encryption standard on their site, there are various motivations behind why it very well might be wiser to look further for an investment company.

A few motivations behind why various financial backers don’t want to pick this company include the accompanying:

1. Deferrals and defaults in conveyance

2. Unacceptable nature of few products (both silver and gold coins)

3. Long holding period while reaching a client support delegate

4. A few bad reviews in the BBB

Sadly, these are not the most grounded points of APMEX. Hence, it might be a more commonsense choice to consider an investment organization with a more solid and reliable standing from its clients.

It is vital to comprehend that your time and cash are on the line when you start an investment, so it is just correct that you research and thoroughly assess a business exhibition and service before you go with the last choice. If you want to begin investing in precious metals with Apmex at reasonable prices, you can contact Apmex at the below information:

Apmex Review Final Verdict:

Contact Apmex here:

226 Dean A. McGee Ave

Oklahoma City, OK 73102

We’ve arrived at the finish of our APMEX Review, where we’ve seen client surveys and objections. While directing your exploration, you might have run over different misgivings that we haven’t referenced in this survey.

Many of these grievances emerge from unfortunate client assistance by this organization. This isn’t interesting to APMEX. Most organizations that arrange various items will dislike shipments and different things. The best move is to observe an organization that practices whatever you are searching for. For example, assuming you are searching for one of the top 5 gold ira companies, GoldCo is a realized expert in this field and has excellent reviews regarding customer service. You can view the GoldCo company reviews to see why we endorse them.

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