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American Hartford Gold Reviews: Pros, Cons, Fees and More

I’ve been covering investments and retirement strategy since 2012, and there are only a few complaints I consider at the top of my list of the best gold IRA companies, and American Hartford Gold reviews I read years ago were so impressive that I almost didn’t believe them.

This is my full American Hartford Gold review where I share every nitty gritty detail about a company that has done over $2 billion in sales, and was so responsive to my inquiries that it earned my full recommendation.

Opening an Investment Retirement Account (IRA) is a simple and effective approach to boost the amount of money one saves after working hard. IRAs are advantageous because they allow people to contribute a portion of their earnings before taxes. This smart investment method allows the interest to compound over time, allowing people to unwind when it is time to retire.

The family-owned American Hartford Gold sells precious metal IRAs and precious metals. Precious metals are accessible in the form of coins or bars. Traditional IRAs do not allow people to buy precious metals, but precious metals IRAs do. These IRAs might also aid in the diversification of one’s retirement funds.

Gold IRAs are a good way to diversify one’s retirement savings while still keeping them tax-deferred. People can get help from experts at American Hartford Gold throughout the precious metals purchasing and selling process. Industry specialists, quality customer service, vast historical investment information, and current market research are all provided by the organization. To set up and simplify a Gold IRA, the company offers a three-step method.

Bonds, stocks, and mutual funds are the most typical IRA purchases. Several IRAs also allow people to invest in precious metals such as gold and silver coins, which is a lesser-known benefit.

The top way to safeguard your retirement is to open a precious metals IRA. Check out the below providers and request a free kit.

Personal Findings
Free Guide 
#1 Goldco
Best Overall Rating (Where I Invested)
American Hartford Gold
#2 American Hartford Gold
Best Buyback Program
Augusta Precious Metals
#3 Augusta Precious Metals
Most Educational ($50,000 Minimum)
Noble Gold
#4 Noble Gold
Best Metals Selection

The most awarded dealer of precious metals that assists customers in establishing gold and silver IRA accounts, the firm has done over $2 Billion in sales – more than any other company.

 The following are a few of the IRA investment options from American Hartford Gold:

  • American Gold Buffalo coins – This is the purest, 24 karat gold coin one can get from the US. These coins are the easiest to buy and sell in America.
  • American Gold Eagle coins – These are only minted with gold mined in the USA. Furthermore, these coins carry a face value; however, they trade at higher values.
  • American Silver Eagle coins – These have a $1 face value and trade higher based on the content of silver. Furthermore, this is the only silver coin that IRA accounts allow.
  • Gold bars – These one-ounce bars include a MintMark SI security feature that prevents counterfeiting.
  • Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins. These coins are made of 99.99% pure silver. It has an extremely high value when it comes to investments, even though it holds a face value for transactions.

The website provides information on how people use these precious metals for daily living purposes. Because gold and silver contain inherent value, they are frequently employed as hedges against the failure of banks or the dollar.

People can see information about each bar or coin before they buy it, such as the year it was made, the gold or silver content, the denomination, the thickness, the metal purity, and the diameter of the metal. The coin’s IRA status should likewise be properly marked.

The History and Background of American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold assists consumers with precious metals investments. The firm, which is based in Los Angeles, CA, has been assisting people since 2015. Gold and silver IRAs are its specialty, and it sells coins and bars at the best prices.

Sanford Mann, the CEO of the company, has over 10 years of experience working with precious metals. The company’s president, Scott Gerlis, has worked in the gold and silver retail industry for more than a decade.

The company claims to be a proud NASCAR supporter as well as journalist Bill O’Reilly’s preferred precious metals provider.

Additionally, the needs of investors are at the forefront of American Hartford Gold’s operations. It understands that convenience is everything in the modern world. People can get delivery of precious metals to their house or have it transferred into a TSP, 401K, or IRA account of their choice. Investors can rest easy knowing that these convenient solutions are available whenever.

With American Hartford Gold, getting started is simple. It takes pleasure in offering a simple three-step method that allows people to immediately start dealing with these metals.


  • High customer ratings – American Hartford Gold reviews are OUTSTANDING.
  • Buyback commitment
  • Zero shipping fees


  • No prices on the online catalog

How American Hartford Gold Works

American Hartford Gold makes it easy to start a gold IRA. The simple steps are as follows:

  • Complete the form via the phone or online with the company.
  • The individual is contacted by a product professional who will assist them in opening a self-directed IRA.
  • Determine the size of the initial investment. People can rollover monies from their existing IRA supplier to American Hartford Gold or transfer cash to the new IRA.
  • Once the person has set up their IRA, the person should speak to a professional executive about which precious metals they’d like to invest in. Gold, platinum, silver, and palladium are among the precious metals allowed by the IRS.

At 59.5 years old, people have the option of receiving their physical metal or liquidating a specified sum.

American Hartford Gold’s Features

Gold Predictions

American Harford Gold, in addition to providing IRAs and real metals, offers a number of innovative tools to make investing as simple as possible.

News and Resources

They offer reports, industry news, and blogs from professionals on a regular basis to keep people informed about their investing decisions. If people have any questions, they can contact the associates via email or phone.

Three-step Process

People may start investing right away thanks to the three-step initiation process:

  • Complete a form
  • Consult an agent to determine how much to invest
  • Begin depositing dollars into the account

Updated Pricing Models

The prices that American Hartford Gold follows are determined by a model that is updated on a regular basis. As a result, people can get the finest bargain at any moment. The pricing is updated on a live ticker on the site, making everything user-friendly and clear.

Free 25-page Information Guide

A free 25-page educational guide is available on the website to assist people in learning more about gold and silver investing. The purpose is to keep customers updated on the investment path at all times.

American Hartford Gold Costs

Setting up a precious metals IRA or rolling over a 401k account with American Hartford Gold is free. Additionally, there are no costs associated with delivering the precious metals to storage, such as tracking and insurance.

Depository costs vary based on the size of the deposit, and the firm’s web catalogs don’t list the prices; therefore, one has to contact a representative. However, there are pricing charts for platinum, gold, and silver on the site.

The good news is that:

  • There isn’t a one-time fee to open a Gold IRA account or transfer money from another retirement account.
  • When someone first creates an account, they don’t need a minimum contribution amount.
  • The company does not charge for precious metals transportation, as well as insurance and monitoring.
  • If the firm buys back metals from customers, they don’t impose any additional liquidation fees.

It is also a good idea to pay attention to special offers. American Hartford Gold occasionally offers free storage for a limited period of time.  Also know that they will help you move your 401k to gold penalty free.  This is important further down the line.

American Hartford Gold BuyBack Commitment

American Hartford Gold is one of the few Gold IRA businesses that offer a buyback scheme. Clients can use the BuyBack Commitment to sell their precious metals while eliminating extra charges for the quick three-step liquidation process. After arranging for the shipment of precious metals such as gold, American Hartford Gold makes a payment. Check with the account executive to determine if the BuyBack Commitment applies. If the person qualifies, they can save money on fees while also having more convenience.

American Hartford Gold’s Storage Options

The coins, bars, or bullion held in Gold IRAs are maintained in an IRS-approved depository because they are tangible precious metals. International Depository Services (IDS), Brinks Global Services, or Delaware Depository Service Company, all of which have facilities around the country, are recommended by American Hartford Gold. People can choose to keep their precious metals separate from the rest of their depository’s holdings.

A storage fee is charged by depositories. The average cost of storage, according to our study, is $75 per year, although it could be more or less based on the worth of the gold.

American Hartford Gold IRA Customer Services

customer service

The American Hartford Gold’s website demonstrates its commitment to customer service by providing a wealth of general information regarding Gold IRAs. If this is someone’s first time investing in precious metals, the firm provides precious metal catalogs as well as the following resources:

  • Gold and silver fact sheets and expert analysis
  • A plethora of gold market news items is available
  • Tools for graphing gold, platinum, and silver prices
  • Gold, platinum, and silver prices in real-time

People can always phone to ask questions, interact with an agent via online chat, or fill out a quick form on the internet to get a free investment guide through email. This guide provides answers to frequently asked questions about buying precious metals and setting up a Gold IRA.

Is it Worth it?

If someone wants to buy physical gold and silver, or start a precious metals IRA, American Hartford Gold is a good option. This organization provides a buyback commitment and charges no costs to ship metals to storage or create an account. If somebody is concerned about the stability of the economy, they can buy gold and silver coins or bars without opening an IRA.

The non-profit Business Consumer Alliance has given American Hartford Gold an “A” grade, indicating that it is a trusted leader in the Gold IRA and precious metals industries. It is recognized by the Better Business Bureau and has an “A+” rating on its website. The organization is also accredited by ConsumerAffairs, and customer ratings are on average 4.7 out of five stars. Based on user reviews, American Hartford Gold has a 9.6 out of 10 TrustScore and a five-star Trustpilot rating.

Furthermore, most of the concerns we heard about American Hartford Gold were about volatile precious metals prices rather than the firm itself.

Is it Safe to Store Physical Precious Metals in an American Hartford Gold IRA?

One’s physical metals will be secure and safe at all times. International Depository Services (IDS), Brinks Global Services, and the Delaware Depository Service Company are among the primary depositories with which American Hartford Gold collaborates (DDSC). To keep the bars, coins, and bullion safe at all times, these institutions invest billions of dollars in insurance and cutting-edge security technologies.

American Hartford Gold FAQ

Is American Hartford Gold a Scam?

No, American Hartford Gold consistently has high ratings from clients. Furthermore, it offers a BuyBack commitment.

Can You Own Physical Gold with American Hartford Gold?

Yes, you certainly can buy physical gold and silver. The valuables are kept in a secure, IRS-approved facility by the business. People have the option of withdrawing or liquidating their physical gold when they retire.

Where Is American Hartford Gold Situated?

The headquarters of American Hartford Gold is in Los Angeles, California; however, the firm’s services are not limited to that location. Accounts can be managed by phone or on the company’s website.

Where Does American Hartford Gold Store Precious Metals?

American Hartford Gold keeps its precious metals in an insured, IRS-approved, and secure private depository.

Can You Contribute to an American Hartford Gold IRA as You Would with any other IRA?

Yes, people can add more precious metals such as gold to their IRA at any time by purchasing them from American Hartford Gold. To understand annual contribution restrictions, speak with a product specialist or an account executive.

Do You Own the Physical Precious Metals When You Have an American Hartford Gold Group IRA?

Yes, people own the actual precious metals in their physical forms, such as bullion, bars, or coins, when they open a Gold IRA or acquire and hold precious metals.

Is There a Minimum Amount You Have to Invest in an American Hartford Gold IRA?

No, there is no minimum requirement when it comes to opening an American Hartford Gold IRA.

Are There Tax Advantages to an American Hartford Gold IRA Account?

Tax-deductible or pre-tax funds can be used when purchasing precious metals in a Gold IRA. Earnings in a Gold IRA increase tax-free, and at the age of 59.5, individuals can withdraw funds from the Gold IRA without penalty, paying just taxes on the amount taken. Roth Gold IRAs are available, and they are funded with after-tax earnings, so there are no additional taxes to pay when the money is withdrawn.

How Do You Know if Your American Hartford Gold IRA Is Performing Well?

By speaking with a product specialist or an account executive, people can obtain accurate and timely information about the performance of their Gold IRA. On American Hartford Gold’s site, people may browse real-time gold, platinum, and silver price charts as well as receive frequent account value statements.

Are There Any American Hartford Gold Group complaints I should be aware of?

American Hartford Gold complaints are VERY few. Most are very dated and from what I read, they are from people who had not gotten call backs from reps who departed the company.  Those things happen, and aren’t a concern to me.  They are A+ rated at the BBB, where I found those complaints.

Do You Have a Time Limit to Take Distributions from a Gold IRA?

The regulations for mandatory minimum distributions apply to all IRAs, including Gold IRAs. When someone reaches the age of 70.5, the IRS mandates them to withdraw a minimum amount from their Gold IRA every year. Furthermore, the website of American Hartford Gold includes a simple tool for calculating the minimum distribution requirements.

Key Takeaways

Gold and precious metals IRAs are available through American Hartford Gold. Metals are usually sold in the form of coins or bars. A gold IRA allows you to invest in precious metals while avoiding taxes and storing them in a secure location.

When it comes to a solid financial future, sound retirement planning is crucial. By diversifying assets through precious metals purchases or Gold IRAs, American Hartford Gold aims to help clients achieve financial well-being. With industry-leading specialists and excellent customer service, the company is well-positioned to educate consumers about the advantages of buying precious metals.

Precious metal and gold IRAs are risky investments. People should be wary of claims that they may make a lot of money with very little risk in these or any other investment. Individuals could lose funds with any investment, and previous performance is no indication of future outcomes. Before committing to an investment, consumers should have a thorough understanding of the fees involved with any transaction.

The Bottom Line

If someone is new to gold investment, American Hartford Gold is well worth their money and time. Both novice and seasoned investors can find a wealth of information on the website. Many Hartford Gold reviews I read elsewhere support my recommendation to get the free 25-page information guide.  It’s very eye opening.

There’s a reason they have such high customer service ratings. A brief glance at its website’s testimonial section reveals how pleased the customers are.  Again, Hartford Gold reviews everywhere speak in unison as to their level of service.

It also helps that there are no starting costs or hidden liquidation costs. This organization is deserving of appreciation because of the outstanding customer service provided by industry specialists and the transparent investing strategy that keeps investors informed at all times.

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