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American Bullion Review

American Bullion is an organization that supplies a pure and diversified range of precious metals for retirement investing portfolios. The investment can be done through Self Directed IRA as a tax-efficient investment service. The primary goal of American Bullion’s IRA service is to both protect and grow investment portfolios using gold’s definite ability to hedge a balanced investment from market risks.

After observing investors’ expectations, unique circumstances, and existing investments, American bullion experts provide a well-designed and diverse package to fulfill all requirements of the investors. Moreover, even those who are not their customers have benefited from their freely available award-winning gold IRA guidebook. The guidebook has detailed information and unique, in-depth knowledge about the Gold IRA market.

But the question remains is the gold IRA company worth your hard-earned money?

In this article, we will be covering all the positive and negative aspects of American Bullion reviews.  

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Established in 2009, American Bullion has become quite possibly the most famous bullion vendor and Gold IRA organization in the United States. They are particularly known for Precious Metals IRA rollovers. The organization’s stock takes special care of venture items qualified to be held in Precious Metals IRAs. Gold, silver, palladium, and platinum items are available in the inventory. Oddly, there is no web-based inventory month organization’s site. Also, no value for any items is accessible on the site. American Bullion has a restrictive association with Delaware Depository. STRATA Trust Company gives custodial services.


According to the American bullion review:

  • Durability in the Gold market.
  • Meaningful education section to educate people about gold IRA.
  • Delaware Depository to provide secure storage services.
  • hassle-free and tax free gold ira account
  • Separate or combined storage options.
  • wide range of physical products delivered safely at your doorstep in a timely manner. (home delivery)
  • completely satisfied customer feedback. (5 stars top ratings)
  • owners have the most expertise in gold and silver.


According to the American bullion review:

  • Few negative reviews and complaints
  • High premium rates on individual coins
  • No palladium or platinum products or offerings

Company Background

American Bullion is a well-known precious metals investment organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has primarily focused on providing investors with bullion products that can be kept as investment portfolios or precious metals IRAs. In addition, They offer business consumer alliances by developing self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts. This is mainly managed via its partnership with STRATA Trust Company.

The company’s catalog consists of a wide range of IRA-approved coins and bars. Furthermore, they also have some numismatic coins for collectors. American Bullion inventory mainly showcases gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products.

On top of that, the American Bullion website has a detailed “Resources” section which is like an ocean of knowledge on topics about precious metals investment. The company also offers many free investment guides, including award-winning gold IRA guidebook, to help people understand precious metals and gold IRA better.

American Bullion Management Team

Management Team

Nevtan Akcora – Co-founder and President

He has held the position of president of American Bullion for over a decade. Before joining American Bullion, he was President and COO of Onstar Worldwide, another investment firm. As you can observe from his portfolio, he’s greatly experienced in investments and scaling an organization to the top level by reaching targeted customers.

Akcora is also known to hold senior executive roles in various large investment and precious metal firms. Thus, his experience clearly convinces us to trust this company for our investments.

Erman Ebren, Director of Marketing, American Bullion

Erman also holds a substantial background in digital marketing and, like Ackora, here has also spent nearly a decade in various digital marketing roles. However, he started his career as a systems engineer at Siemens.

Under American Bullion Inc., Ackora and Ebren lead a team of around 18 expert employees. Even after digging through various sources, information about other staff members can’t be disclosed. Still, American Bullion is a leading precious metals investment firm in America.

American Bullion Custodians and Storage

American Bullion deals with two main storage options or custodians, including Delaware Depository and STRATA. With reasonable fees and reliable services, you can trust American Bullion Inc. to secure your gold or other precious metals . Moreover, you can initially start the investment with a zero-dollar promotion and your existing IRA for the first year.

Notwithstanding, because the company will assume a misfortune forthright to obtain new clients doesn’t mean you don’t include different choices inside American Bullion. Clients can likewise pick to store their gold at home. One of the top protests about them is that it takes time for the organization to deliver precious metals to your entryway. By the day’s end, financial backers who are dead focused on supporting different types of contributing or supporting against any potential government seizure of precious metals, which has happened ordinarily since forever ago, could feel more open to realizing that the valuable metals their putting away are reachable inside their own home.

It’s adequate to see things that way and pick to hold your precious metals under your rooftop. Realize that there is a compromise, and you could need to stand by some time.

The Delaware Depository gives the secure capacity of Bullion bought through American Bullion. The organization’s Wilmington, Delaware office contains Class 3 vaults and cutting-edge security conventions.

American Bullion utilizes IRS-supported Delaware Depository – an eminent site that conveys a $1 billion all-risk insurance contract through Lloyd’s of London. This area utilizes cutting-edge stock control and revealing frameworks, a committed safety crew, and video recording of every type of effort nonstop. You can see your investment whenever, and the area is situated far from major political and monetary focuses to limit risk.

American Bullion has a favored association with STRATA Trust Company.

American Bullion Prices and Fees

Prices and Fees
  • American Bullion prices and fees vary according to the amount invested. In case of accounts worth less than $100,000, the company charges around $90 annual fees. In calculating the overall setup fee for the accounts, the fee can rise to $290 per year regardless of how much amount you have in your account. Although, this pricing is more than what other gold IRAs provide, such as Noble Gold, GoldcoAdvantage Gold IRAs, etc.

However, the little extra fee they charge is spent on special promotions for American Bullion, which greatly benefits the investors. For clients’ first year, this promotion is zero dollar annual fee on storage costs and service costs. The basic charges that clients are required to pay are:

  • the account setup fee is $50
  • The yearly account maintenance fee is $95
  • segregated precious metals storage fee $150
  • non-segregated precious metals storage fee $100

Besides, the company has boosted possible clients with a proposal of free stockpiling and no custodial record charges for one year – the warning is that you should contribute, rollover, or move at least $50,000 into your new Gold IRA account.

Other companies with lower investment amounts include:  

American Bullion Products (Gold and other Precious Metals IRA)

american bullion products

Before purchasing anything, comprehend the distinction between the various kinds of IRA-approved coin out there (for example, Bullion, confirmation, uncirculated, and so forth are NOT something very similar). Timely execution of the process to make investing easier.

American Bullion’s stock generally takes care of venture items such as gold and other precious metals that are qualified to be held in independently managed IRAs. However, the organization does likewise express that it conveys “all U.S and European Pre-1933 currencies”, so numismatic coins that would bear some significance with authorities.

That being said, inquisitively, American Bullion doesn’t give an internet-based inventory of its accessible items. In any case, the organization’s site specifies that gold, silver, palladium, and platinum coins and bars are, for the most part, accessible things. Potential clients should straightforwardly contact the organization for accessible inventory and competitive pricing.

American Bullion IRA-Approved Gold Bullion 

Popular and most in-demand gold coins are:

Furthermore, gold bars available in the American bullion catalog are:

American Bullion IRA-Approved Silver Bullion

Popular and most in-demand silver coins are:

  • Silver Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Silver Austrian Philharmonic
  • Silver American Eagle

Furthermore, bars available in the American bullion catalog are:

  • Johnson Matthey Silver Bar
  • PAMP Suisse Silver Bar

American Bullion IRA-Approved Platinum Bullion

  • Platinum American Eagle
  • Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf

However, there is also one available platinum bar in the inventory.

  • PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar

American Bullion IRA-Approved Palladium Bullion

  • Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf

Furthermore, American Bullion offers one palladium bar for interested clients.

  • PAMP Suisse Palladium Bar

Buy gold coins, other precious metals with the help of American Bullion’s secure services.

American Bullion Customer Reviews

We know that competition in precious metals IRA accounts and positive reviews is wild. In other industries, customer reviews are not much worth it. But in the case of organizations that manage retirement accounts, positive reviews are as valuable as money itself. Think yourself! Only if a company does a good job and has good ratings would they end up securing your gold or other physical precious metals for 30 to 40 years. Therefore, dealers have a lot of motivation to provide excellent services. American Bullion is also cock sure about this and leads as a competitor on different review sites.

On Better Business Bureau website, the American bullion review was A+. But we can no longer find their profile on Business Beaureau because the American bullion profile no longer exists on that website. However, many other platforms still display American Bullion Review.

One of the popular platforms is Trust Link. American Bullion has an excellent rating on this website with reviews from over 42 customers that clearly showcase how good their services are. The American bullion website has the best reputation on this review site.

Another great instance of good quality services of American Bullion can be seen through Business Consumer Alliance. An AAA user rating is the highest rating any investment firm can get, and American Bullion has great pride in achieving the level. However, this is only based on eight reviews. Thus, American Bullion ratings still have a chance to grow at BCA.

American Bullion stands ready to lead every review site (such as better business bureau) with its tremendous servicesTrust Pilot has the most weight among all the review sites that enlist this organization’s profile. The company gains 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on the Pilot Trust rating site, with fewer than 190 customer reviews.

Tragically American Bullion flaunts a couple of negative surveys on different sites, rating just three out of five stars on Yelp. Taking everything into account, however, that rating depends on a set number of audits and isn’t demonstrative of how the organization positions overall because, without a doubt, howl is typically equipped towards local businesses serving neighborhood clients.

American Bullion: Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Precious Metals?

Thinking or reading about precious metals, most people think it only means gold. However, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are all considered precious metals used for investment and retirement portfolio purposes.

What is American Bullion?

American Bullion IRA is occupied with selling valuable metals and assisting retirement financial backers and gold IRA experts with resigning early utilizing those investment vehicles. The organization is situated in Los Angeles, California, and has been carrying on work starting around 2009.

What is American Bullion’s Minimum Investment Amount?

American Bullion requires a base investment of $50,000 to get everything rolling. That is surely higher than most IRA organizations; however, it’s important the explanation they can permit financial backers to approach American Bullion without paying a yearly expense for the main year. They depend on higher-worth clients to get everything rolling with them and stick with them in the long haul. It appears to be legit; however, it could put American Bullion far off for some more youthful retirement portfolio investors.

Are American Bullion Coins Graded and Certified?

Indeed! Appropriately reviewing and confirming gold is good enough, considering which IRA supplier you pick. Toward the day’s end, individuals deciding to purchase valuable metals for retirement need to realize that the worth of those metals is certifiable and valid. Investors will want to take more time for conceding regardless of which Gold IRA rollover supplier they pick.

Would it be advisable to Choose American Bullion for Your Precious Metals?

American Bullion absolutely must be among the top valuable metals IRA suppliers in America regarding expenses, only for the basic reality that investors can get involved without paying any charges in the first year. That is a really meaningful advancement to propose to start things off with clients. In short, we will absolutely recommend them in taking control of the whole investing process with its 5 stars ratings on most sites. However, investors should do due diligence before committing to any organization.

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