Amagi Metals Reviews

More and more people want to purchase precious metals with their digital coins. Fortunately, websites and dealers are accepting these cryptocurrencies as a way to pay for these precious metals.

One of them is Amagi Metals, a global online distributor of precious metals. They provide different precious metals and other base metals for purchase to individuals and businesses that are interested in investing or collecting.

The Anthem Vault acquired the company way back in 2015. The new ownership and merging of the high quality storage implementations of Anthem Vault along with the crypto payment options of Amagi Metal allowed the company to feel that this will provide their customers a more well-rounded website or platform that meets their precious metal needs.

In this Amagi Metals review, we will only present you with accurate and reliable information about this company. This review also aims to give light on the topic of whether the company is a scam or not. Rest assured that our review strives on providing accurate information.

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Amagi review

As mentioned earlier, Amagi Metals is a global ecommerce precious metal service provider based on Better Business Bureau. The company has been in the business since 2015 and has offices in Las Vegas, Oklahoma, Austin, and Bartlesville. The mission of the company is to streamline the purchasing of precious metals.

When you visit their website, you can find more about the company as well as their values. In fact, Amagi Metals genuinely believes that every person must invest in precious metals as a way to hedge against political concerns, inflation, or other scenarios of economic uncertainty.

What’s more, some of the key values the company has implemented to enable them to help others accomplish that goal include simplicity, privacy, security, service, and quality.

What are the Products They Are Offering?


Here are some of the product offers you will find on Amagi Metals’ website.


At the time of this review, all the gold pieces listed on their website were shown up as out of stock. Some of the sample of Amagi metals offers:



As with the gold bars and coins, all of the silver bars and coins were showing up as out of stock when this review was done. Here are some of the options accessible when Amagi Metals updated its inventory.


You will have the option to add some platinum to your portfolio with Amagi Metals’ selection of platinum bars. They have Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Coin.

Base Metals

One way Amagi Metals worked to set themselves from the crowd of precious metals dealers was by providing base metals. Rounds and bars are also available on their website. Some of their product offerings are the following:

What are the Red Flags for Amagi Metals?

Gold and Silver Bars

Have you recently bought precious metals from Amagi Metals? 

Maybe you are still considering purchasing from their precious metals company. This section will give you practical information about the common warnings you will find with this company.

Looking at reviews from previous customers can be helpful when identifying whether there are any warnings for the company. As you can see from the information we gathered below, there are not many positive reviews available for Amagi Metals.

On top of that, we didn’t find any customer reviews from BBB and Business Consumer Alliance, Trustpilot, or TrustLink. The only website checked where we found reviews was Google. There, we found only nine reviews, and the reviews weren’t positive as well, with only a 2.9 out of 5.

The experiences of other customers do not totally predict the company’s customer service and treatment you will receive if you choose to work with a company. However, it can help get you an overall feel for what to expect.

Given there are no lot of positive reviews for Amagi Metals, you will need to determine if you are willing to invest and give them your business. We will share more crucial details in the following section that could help you in deciding:


No rating


No rating

Business Consumer Alliance:

No rating

Better Business Bureau:

No rating, not a BBB accredited business


2.9/5 (with nine reviews)

Is Amagi Metals a Scam?

is amagi scam

We think that Amagi Metals is a legitimate business and company. They don’t seem to be a scam. On top of that, the company has been in the industry for more than ten years, which would not be likely if they were not legitimate.

Thus, we have determined that Amagi Metals is a legitimate company. Does that indicate you should contact them today and place your investment? Well, that is up to you, but we would not suggest putting all your investment into them.

With other precious metals companies in the world today with thousands of reviews from satisfied consumers and customers, it is a bit concerning that there are so few Amagi metals review and more complaints.

According to the information on their website, it doesn’t seem like Amagi Metals offers most of the services that other precious metals investment companies provide.

For instance, their website doesn’t mention IRA services or selling your precious metals to Amagi. Setting up a Gold IRA is an excellent step to take if you are getting ready for your retirement. You may want to contact a company that will purchase your precious metals back from you when you’re ready to sell.

When it comes to payment methods, Amagi Metals currently accepts payments for all purchased precious metals in the form of bank wire transfer, cashier’s check, money order, check, or cash. On top of that payment method, the company also accepts a series of cryptocurrencies.

You can call their support team if you have a payment method recommendation. If either of those is things that you’re interested in, then Amagi Metal might not be the best option for investors and buyers alike.

Amagi Metals Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of choosing Amagi Metals for your first order of precious metals.



Final Thoughts

final thoughts

Can you rely on Amagi Metals’ shipping, refund, and delivery services? 

Do you feel that the company is the ideal company out of many precious metal companies out there in the market?

It seems like they’re a legitimate company after all, but they only have two stars in Google. It might seem a bit strict, but there are other companies a customer like you can depend on that provide more than Amagi Metals, and that’s the reason for the low overall rating that we give this company.

One of the drawbacks is that they do not provide storage for your metals and thus, it’s better fitted for a customer who has a collection and storage at home that they could grow. For new collectors out there who want to purchase gold, we would suggest opting for another company that provides free service, storage, and a free investment kit for every new customer.

We believe that you might be better of picking to work with reliable precious metal investment companies. These companies will have the most positive customer reviews than Amagi Metals have, and you can feel assured that you will find bullion, bars, and coins in stock and ready for you to purchase.

Still, the option is yours.

We hope you find this Amagi Metals review entertaining in helpful. Remember all the information we have provided above so you will be guided on buying the best personal investment and putting your hard-earned money in a good place.


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