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The inexpensive jewelry and precious metals are where AJPM begins. With its official website, the company is one of the oldest precious metals (gold, silver, and platinum) bullion dealers and has been in the metals industry for over a decade. The firm now has three sites and will also sell bullion through the internet.

Precious metals are an excellent method to diversify your investment portfolio since they only demand time and attention. Unlike stock and hedge funds, you must interact with the metals daily.

Precious metals are a long-term investment frequently seen as a haven against inflation and economic uncertainty. This will allow your investment to increase while also ensuring that your portfolio is well-diversified, using precious metals such as gold and silver.

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AJPM Beaverton

Rodney and Vicky Scott launched APJM in 1992. They had previously owned a precious metals space in Portland, Oregon, and four other enterprises in the United States before joining APJM.

Rodney and Vicky Scott own medallion Specialties Inc., Portland Minting Company, and other enterprises. So, before APJM, they were both in the precious metals industry, and AJPM currently has three locations, all owned by the same couple.

Following the formation of AJPM, the Scotts merged all of their various precious metals enterprises. The term “affordable jewelry and precious metals,” or AJPM, was developed. The company’s headquarters are still in Oregon, but it also has offices in Washington St. and Vancouver. The following are the AJPM locations:

AJPM Portland: 304 SW Washington St., Portland.

AJPM Portland: 10584 SE Washington St., Portland, Ore.

AJPM Beaverton: 4620 SW Washington Ave., Beaverton.

AJPM Beaverton has its industrial website. AJPM sells silver, gold, and platinum coins and bars, some collectible coins, numismatic coins, etc. There are options for precious metals loans and selling options for clients. But AJPM has not listed any palladium metal on their list.

Products Offered By AJPM

AJPM Gold bars

Silver, gold, and platinum are among the precious metals offered by the firm. Gold and scrap metals from the United States are also for sale. The website of the AJPM isn’t like any other; you must contact their customer service department to place a purchase, and they will contact you immediately. Jewelry, dental gold, sterling silver flatware, and other items are available.

Gold Bullion

Gold is one of the world’s most popular precious metals. Gold and silver have been around for a long time and are the most sought-after precious metals in a digital experience website. AJPM has compiled a list of some of the most beautiful and well-known bullion coins and bars for customers.

They appeared to avoid a jumble of metals and chose a simple approach by displaying only those that were suitable. The metals’ prices are listed in the list. However, you must contact the firm before purchasing certain metals. This gold bullion will undoubtedly diversify your portfolio, and it includes the following items:

  • American Gold Eagle Coin: 1oz, ½oz, 14 oz, and 1/10 oz of American gold eagle are available on the AJPM website. These coins were first released in 1986 by the US Mint and contain 91.6% gold and other metals. The Gold Eagle is one of the most durable coins. St. Gaudens designed the image of Liberty on the obverse side of the coin.
  • The Canadian Maple Leaf: these coins are minted by the Royal Canadian Mint and were first produced in 1979. AJPM offers 1 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 1/10 oz of gold Maple Leaf coins on their website. These are made up of 99.999% pure gold, and the face value of the coin starts at 50 CAD. The obverse side of the coin has the portrait of Queen Elizabeth.
  • American Gold Buffalo: 1oz American Gold Buffalo is available for sale on the AJPM website. This is a 24-carat gold coin made up of 0.999 pure gold, and the coin was first released in 2006. The American Indian Head on the obverse side is by James Earle Fraser, and the reverse side has the American Bison.
  • Australian Nugget: The Perth Mint released this Australian Nugget or Kangaroo coin in 1986. AJPM offers only 1 oz of Australian Kangaroo on their website. Kangaroo’s portrait changes every year, and the website does not list any mint years. The obverse side of the coin depicts Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin: Only a 1 oz gold Philharmonic coin is available from AJPM.The coin’s obverse side depicts the Great Hall of Vienna’s Great Organ. And the other side represents the hall of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. These coins were some of the best-selling coins for three years.
  • The South African Gold Krugerrand: this coin was first minted in 1967, and AJPM offers 1 oz of these coins. The obverse side of the gold Krugerrand features Paul Kruger, the legend of South Africa, and the reverse side has a springbok antelope.
  • British Sovereigns: 0.2354oz of British Sovereigns are available at AJPM for sale. This gold sovereign is weighed at 22 carats, and the mint year is not specified here.
  • European 20 Francs: This is a French 20-franc gold coin, and AJPM offers 0.18oz of the coin. These coins are known as euro gold, and there are three kinds of European Francs available in the market. The AJPM one is a rooster 20 Franc.

Gold Bars

The company has mentioned four different gold bars on its list.

  • Perth Mint gold bars weighing 100 grams
  • Perth Mint Gold Bars 1 oz
  • Perth Mint 10oz Gold Bars
  • 1-kilogram gold bar

Silver Bullion

We recommend starting with silver bullion if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on gold or new precious metals investment. These are reasonably priced, and you can buy them in quantity and silver bullion is frequently seen as a wise investment. Engineering and technology are two domains in which silver is employed in straight forward, and silver is also available in jewelry and bullion.

  • American Silver Eagle: 1oz Silver American Eagles are available for sale at the AJPM website at the best prices. The coin’s obverse side depicted the Walking Liberty, designed by Adolph A. Weinman and first designed in 1916. The reverse side of the silver coin was represented as the Bald Eagle or the heraldic Eagle. The face value of the coin is $1. This is made up of 99.9% silver and minted by the United States Mint.
  • Canadian Maple Leafs in Silver: 1oz Canadian Maple Leaf is available for sale at the AJPM website. The face value of the silver maple leaf is 5 CAD. The coin was first minted in 1988, and the obverse side of the coin depicts Queen Elizabeth, a portrait by Sussana Blunt. The Royal Canadian Mint Engravers designed the coin’s reverse side of the Maple Leaf side.
  • The Austrian Silver Philharmonic: this coin is the silver counterpart of the Philharmonic coin and was first produced in 2008. The coin’s obverse side presents the Great Organ at the Gold Hall of Vienna, and the reverse side presents the Concert Hall of the Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • Australian Silver Kangaroo: the silver Kangaroo series was first introduced in 1993 by the Royal Australian Mint. These coins are made up of 99.9% pure silver, and the obverse side of the coin has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth by Raphael Maklouf. The kangaroo changes every year on the reverse side.
  • Silver Krugerrand Coins: The AJPM website sells 1 oz silver Krugerrand coins. These coins are made up of 0.999 pure silver, and the reverse side of the coin represents a Springbok antelope, and the obverse side has a portrait of Paul Kruger. The first silver Krugerrand coin was released in 2007.
  • 1000 dollars, 90% silver bags
  • 1 oz silver rounds: this bullion does not have a face value but is traded for its melt value or as a collectible edition.

Silver Bars

The AJPM website offers two silver bars.

  • 100-ounce silver bar
  • 10 oz. Silver bars.

Platinum Bullion

Platinum is a valuable metal that is highly valued and extremely difficult to come by. Platinum has been increasingly well-known in recent years, and individuals are attempting to preserve a portion of their portfolio studded with platinum. AJPM sells platinum coins and bars in general. However, the selection is limited in comparison to other US vendors.

Platinum Coins

There are only three platinum coins listed on the AJPM website.

  • American Platinum Eagle: this is an original platinum bullion coin from the United States and is made up of 99.95% pure platinum. AJPM offers 1 oz of platinum Eagle with a face value of $10. The coin’s obverse side features Liberty Looking at the Future, and the reverse side depicts a soaring Eagle.
  • The Platinum Austrian Kangaroo: symbolizes the wildlife of Australia. The coin has a microlaser authentication and is made up of 99.95% pure platinum. The Perth Mint of Australia produced the coin.
  • Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf Coin: AJPM sells 1 oz Platinum Maple Leaf coins. This coin is 99.9% pure platinum with a face value of 50 CAD. The platinum counterpart of the Maple Leaf coin was first minted in 2009, and the obverse side of the coin has the portrait of Queen Elizabeth, and the reverse side carries the RCM Maple Leaf design from 1988.

Platinum Bars

There is only one platinum bar listed on the AJPM website.

  • Platinum 1 oz Bar

US Gold Coin

The company sells gold bullion and pre-33 gold coins and scrap gold that is PCSG and NCG certified. The coins are primarily for precious metals collectors, and the company also mentions the coin’s date and grading service. There are only two different sorts of US gold coins.

  • US Liberty $20 gold coins from 1805 to 1907: 


MS 63


MS 65

  • U.S. St. Gaudens $20 gold coins from 1907 to 1933:  



MS 65


24 Hour Special Item By AJPM

AJPM Silver Bullion

AJPM and AJPM Beaverton offer a daily deal for their regular clients to sell gold and silver in which they put some discounts on a particular bullion product. The amount of bullion to be purchased is also mentioned on the website. The deal is only available for the day and for May 28th, 2022. The offer is on:

  • bars at $63 per gram. 10g bar-at least 1, 5g bar-at least 3, 2.5g bars-at least 1.
  • 2013 Sovereign melt+$20=$455.00
  • 1933 Netherlands 10 guilders +$15= $375.00
  • 1928-s and 1934-s peace silver dollars= $90.00
  • 100 silver eagles=$3600
  • Us mint Tube of 5oz Statue Quarters=$1770
  • 1897-s $20 Liberty= $1060 AU
  • 1988 1.85oz Gold Proof Britannia Set= $3750
  • A 100-gram silver Valcambi Combi Bar is $160.

Precious Metals Loan

AJPM offers loans with precious metals for small projects like home upgrades, tuition, college bills, etc. The company will hold on to your precious metals as collateral and offer you a loan in exchange. AJPM offers precious metals loans on gold, platinum, and palladium metals. For example, most loans are for short times, like 90 days, and the AJPM only counts 3% interest on metals.

The items are:

  • Gold American Eagle American Eagle
  • American Eagle Palladium
  • Platinum American Eagle Platinum
  • Buffalo American Gold
  • Canadian Maple Leaf In Gold
  • Maple Leaf Palladium From Canada
  • Platinum Maple Leaf From Canada
  • A Chinese Gold Panda
  • Panda In Palladium From China
  • Kangaroo In Gold From Australia
  • Australian Platinum Kangaroos
  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins
  • Krugerrand Gold Coins From South Africa
  • British Gold Sovereigns
  • Gold Coins Worth 20 Francs In Europe
  • Palladium Ballerina From Russia
  • Stillwater Palladium Coins
  • The Perth Mint Gold Bars
  • Palladium Bars
  • Platinum Bars

How to Order Precious Metals?

AJPM shows all the precious metals available for sale on their website. But you can not place an order directly on their site. Here are some steps to order from the AJPM

  1. To begin, dial the company’s toll-free number and speak with a representative.
  1. Over the phone, the requested product and amount will be discussed, and you will be given a confirmation number and a memo line on your check.
  1. Checks, cash, money orders, and wire transfers are all accepted. However, credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of payment are not accepted.
  1. In Oregon, there will be no sales tax.
  1. The orders will be dispatched through registered mail or USPS mail. Before getting the shipment, you must sign it.
  1. The minimum order for AJPM is one coin.
  1. Within 24 hours, the payments will be postmarked.

AJPM Review

The company has a lack of reviews and ratings. But we are mentioning some of them.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

AJPM has A+ reviews and ratings with the BBB, and the company has been accredited with the BBB since 2012.

Business Consumers Alliance (BCA)

AJPM has a B rating from BCA.


There are 19 reviews on this site. The average rating of AJPM is 4.08/5 stars. The company ranks 13th among the gold dealers in Sitejabber. The most recent review on Sitejabber was recorded in March 2022, and the client praised the company as a serious source of precious metals and jewelry.


AJPM is rated 4.5/5 on Yelp, and there are only 19 reviews on this site. The clients mentioned that AJPM is a trusted site and has a store in Portland and Beaverton. Most of the reviews are five stars.


The APJM is where to go if you seek metals at a lower price but with the same quality. The company’s name begins with “cheap,” and APJM strives to live up to that standard. The firm makes an effort to deliver precious metals in the form of coins and bars that are IRA qualifying. APJM’s website does not mention custodial or depository services, but it appears that they will be able to work with anyone in the metals industry. APJM, on the other hand, does not have any metal storage options. To find out if they’ll see a specific product, contact their toll-free phone number.

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