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Advantage Gold began as a gold IRA company and has since risen to the top of the precious metals IRA market. They are frequently identified as a leader in precious metals IRA rollovers because they offer a fully equipped IRA department specializing in converting established IRAs into precious metals IRAs.

Advantage Gold is also working to educate its consumers along the route, as they recognize that a knowing customer allows them to operate more seriously.

The organization has extended its workforce throughout the years to ensure that the demands of the clients are met. They will assist you with IRA account setup, IRA rollover, and process assistance.

Advantage Gold offers its clients a repurchase option in which you may sell the metals you acquired to them at the spot price of gold and silver. Again, this procedure takes only 24 hours to complete.

Several initiatives were launched to educate their general clientele, including charts, IRA information, retirement tools, IRA Infographics, films, and interviews with Jim Rickards.

Advantage Gold thinks that if a person has the greatest investing and retirement account information, they will most likely conduct better business. They also make an effort to educate their consumers about bullion coins and how to invest in precious metal IRAs with them.

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About Advantage Gold

Advantage Gold LLC was founded in 2014, and its offices are situated at 12100 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1450 in Los Angeles, California. The corporation owns gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion that the IRS has authorized.

Advantage Gold has received high marks from TrustLink and Trustpilot. They are also listed as US mint dealers, and they have a collection of coins from both foreign mints and the US mint.

Advantage Gold has speedy shipping alternatives, although the company’s official website does not list the prices of the coins and bullion.

The company is serious about building long-term relationships with its clients, and the best way to do so is to educate them from the start. They also offer several storage options and buyback programs if you’re looking to liquidate the metals you own.

If your Advantage Gold investment portfolio exceeds $50,000, the business will eliminate all fees like storage and shipment for the first year. They also have a First Time Gold Investor Program, in which an Advantage Gold specialist will walk you through the process and ensure that you grasp all of their terms and facts.

If your order exceeds $25,000 and you choose rapid delivery, you will receive free and insured two- or three-day delivery.

Kirill Zagalsky and Adam Baratta founded the firm. They both began their careers in the United States Mint.

The firm is pleased with how far it has progressed with its most trusted and dependable personnel, which provides the greatest quality of customer service. Advantage Gold turned heads as they are built on experience and education.

Advantage Gold has been named to the Inc. 5000 and has grown by 53 percent since its inception. They are the ideal investment firm for first-time precious metals investors due to their various features and instructional passion.

The Executive Team of Advantage Gold

There are a few persons in the firm worth highlighting. There is no information about their current team. However, we did discover several names that we will include here.

Adam Baratta co-founded Advantage Gold. Prior to starting his own precious metals dealer business, Baratta worked as a United States Mint Dealer, dealing with several high-profile clientele.

He is an expert in handling precious metals IRA accounts and is currently an award-winning writer, producer, and director and has also been a part of the NHL and NBC Universal. He’s also a member of the Advantage Gold board of directors.

Kirill Zagalsky, Advantage Gold’s co-founder, formerly worked as a senior account executive for the United States Mint and has a particular interest in handling IRA accounts and all other elements associated with them, such as IRA rollover, direct delivery, transactions, and so on. He has appeared in a number of films about metal investing and precious metal IRAs.

Larry Levin is the President and CEO of Advantage Gold. He has appeared in several periodicals and given interviews with Bloomberg Television,,, Fox Business News, and about stocks and commodities.

Ben Stern is Advantage Gold’s sales and commercial development director, while Chelsey Jenkins is Advantage Gold’s director of operations management and retirement accounts.

Advantage Gold Custodian and Storage

Advantage Gold is a Los Angeles-based precious metals broker. If you want to start a precious metals IRA account, you have a few basic choices to consider.

You must first select a precious metals IRA custodian, then a dealer, and finally, the custodian will supply you with a storage location. Advantage Gold provides several precious metals IRA custodian and storage recommendations.

Preferred Custodians

  • Or you can select an alternative IRA custodian of your choice.

Preferred Storage Options

  • Brinks Global Services (Lake City/Los Angeles vault)
  • Delaware Depository (Washington Vault)

The company has also stated some flat rates for precious metals IRA setup fees.

  • Initial setup fees: $50
  • Annual storage fees: $100
  • Annual Custodian fees: $80

If you’re investing $50,000 or more with Advantage Gold, you’ll receive a waived rate for the first year.

Setting Up a Gold IRA Account

IRA Coins

STRATA Trust Company and Equity Trust Company provide gold IRAs and precious metals IRAs. If you want to invest in a precious metals IRA, they will send you to the custodians’ website.

Both firms have sign-up pages, and you will be able to join up using Adobe Sign. The custodians’ sign-up page exemplifies the organization perfectly. If you don’t understand Advantage Gold’s criteria, you may message them or phone them directly.

  1. Self-Directed IRA Application

You may download and read a pdf including a caretaker form by clicking here. You will be able to choose from three Strata options: precious metals IRA, basic IRA, and flex IRA. Each of them has unique characteristics and ratings.

You must fill out a form for the custodian that includes your personal information as well as the sort of IRA you wish to proceed with: traditional, Roth, or SEP. You must also specify how you want to invest the metals and how you want to administer the account. The form also includes fees and payment alternatives.

  1. Client Agreement Copy

Advantage Gold will offer you a contract that includes the company’s client and shipping agreements. Here you must provide your name, address, phone number, and postal address.

The agreement also includes risk disclosure, buy and sale method, warranty restriction, and other terms and conditions. The contract concludes with the client’s sigh and the date.

  1. Official Copy of the Financial Statement

You must include a financial statement and the company’s official website in this section. The firm will contact you directly when you attach the file. There is also a form for precious metals investment guidance and custodian disclosure.

Account details, depository facility, storage choices, precious metals dealer options, processing fees, and the account holder’s signature must all be included.

Precious Metals IRA Approved Advantage Gold Products

protect your retirement

Advantage Gold is a precious metals merchant with a product catalog on its website. The firm does not enable buyers to purchase gold directly from the corporation, and you must instead contact them to place your purchase.

Advantage Gold- Gold IRA Approved Products

There are thirteen gold coins on the Advantage Gold website to choose from. Some coins are IRS-approved, while the remainder can be used to invest in gold. If you want to put money into a physical precious metals IRA, you must use IRS-approved gold coins.

  1. Moose Gold Bullion: This Canadian Mint gold coin is the sixth in the “Call of the Wild series” and features the moose, one of the most famous Canadian animals. This coin is made up of 0.9999 pure gold and was first released in 2014.
  1. Great Horned Owl Gold Coin: this coin is also from the Royal Canadian Mint, featuring the Great horned owl. The face value of the coin is 10 CAD and features Queen Elizabeth on the obverse side.
  1. Woodland Caribou Gold Coins: a boreal woodland caribou is featured on the coin’s reverse side, one of Canada’s sedimentary animals. Caribou is a subspecies of reindeer. The coin has a face value of 1 Canadian dollar.
  1. Canadian Wild Horse Gold Coins: these coins were produced in 2019 by the Royal Canadian Mint, featuring the Canadian wild horse, which resembles Canada’s heritage, strength, and history.
  1. American Gold Eagle Proof Coins: It was introduced in 1986; these coins were among the first gold bullion produced by the United States Mint and graded by the American Numismatic Association(ANA). Coins are approved by the IRS to be invested in gold IRAs.
  1. Canadian Polar Bear and Cub: this $10 coin features a polar bear who survives the harsh weather of the wilderness, thus resembling the fortitude of Canadian people who also thrive in extreme weather. the coin is one of the royal Canadian mint coins.
  1. American Buffalo Coins: These coins depict the American Bison on the reverse and an Indian Chief on the obverse. The coin is allowed to be invested in gold and silver IRA.
  1. Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin: this was one of the best-selling gold bullion globally for the year 1992 and depicted the Vienna’s Philanthropic Orchestra in Vienna Concert Hall. The Austrian Mint minted this.
  1. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf: this coin was minted first in 1979 and is made of 24-carat gold (0.924 pure gold). Like its platinum, palladium, and silver counterparts, this coin is eligible for a gold IRA.

Advantage Gold- Silver Gold IRA Approved

There are nine silver bullions listed on the Advantage Gold site. There is also a collection of proofs that can also be a part of the IRA services.

  1. Moose Silver Bullion Coins: part of the Royal Canadian Mint’s animal portrait series. The coin contains 34 ounces of 99.99% pure silver, and the face value of the coin is 2 CAD.
  1. Great Horned Silver Owl Coins: Because the horned owl is a highly adaptable animal found in North and Central America, the coin represents the strength and agility of the Canadian people.
  1. The Royal Canadian Mint also minted Woodland Caribou Silver Bullion to celebrate their wildlife. The Woodland Caribou is on the reverse side, and Queen Elizabeth is on the Observe side.
  1. Wild Horse Silver Bullion: These coins were produced by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2019 and featured the Canadian Majestic Horse representing strength, beauty, and modesty.
  1. Wolverine Silver Bullion: this coin was also minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, featuring a wolverine, which might be a beast but tends to care for the family as needed.
  1. Bighorn Sheep Silver Coins: the bighorn sheep can climb the treacherous mountains of Canada and can survive extreme weather. The obverse side has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth.
  1. Silver Canadian Maple Leaf is similar to its gold counterparts and can be used as an IRA investment.
  1. American Silver Eagle also resembles its gold counterparts and is available for IRA investment.
  1. Austrian Silver Philharmonic: this coin is made of 0.999 pure gold with a face value of €1.5.
  1. Mexican Libertad: this coin was minted by the Mexican Mint, representing a winged Victoria as the independence of Mexico.
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Advantage Gold- Platinum Gold IRA Approved

Advantage Gold has suggested six distinct platinum coins and involves gold contact information address. The list includes the Leopard Seal, Humpback Whale, Emperor Penguin, American Platinum Eagle, and Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf.

Advantage Gold- Palladium Gold IRA Approved

Because palladium is rarer than the other precious metals, Advantage Gold has only offered one palladium coin. The Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf may be utilized as an IRA(individual retirement account) investment and a general investment as palladium coins.

Gold and Silver Bars

The company does not mention specific bars, but advantage gold offers some bars and rounds.

For more information on which precious metals are IRA approved, follow this link for a full guide on which metals qualify.

Free Gold IRA Investing Guide

Advantage Gold has released a free gold IRA Guide to address some queries and educate its regular clientele. This is a guide for gold and silver IRA holders. The handbook is available as a pdf download. It contains:

  • Information on tax benefits with gold ira and gold-backed ira.
  • Gold IRA, self-directed ira general rules and facts.
  • The IRS rules regarding gold and silver IRAs and the list of eligible bullion.
  • IRA account conversion to self-directed and physical precious metals IRA. This includes 401(k) and 403(b) rollovers to gold IRAs.

Pros and Cons of Advantage Gold

Here we are listing some essential points regarding Advantage Gold.


  • They have a team of senior brokers regarding precious metal IRAs who will be present at every step with a substantial educational resources section with videos and charts.
  • The company features charts and educational materials to give a fair idea of how precious metals IRAs work.
  • They offer buyback programs and are part of US mint-listed dealers.
  • They have good customer reviews on several third-party websites for their entire process.
  • It will provide a liquidation statement for metals, and you can buy gold and silver directly.
  • They list some custodians and a depository.


  • You have to order over the phone. The website does not include the products to be sold with their website.
  • Advantage Gold does not mention the price of metals on their site.
  • The company has been around for a few years now.

Advantage Gold Review

The company has been reviewed on several sites; we are including some of them.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Advantage Gold LLC has been BBB-recognized since 2014. Since then, there have only been two complaints, and no new information has been documented in the previous four years. The Better Business Bureau has given Advantage Gold an A+ rating.

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

Advantage Gold reviews in BCA have had no complaints over the last few years. They have rated Advantage Gold with an AA.

Consumer Affairs

This website has 413 registered reviews. The firm has a perfect 5/5 in Consumer Affairs on the metals purchased and existing retirement account. The majority of clients gave the organization five stars and stated how helpful the company was to them.


Advantage Gold has 4.9/5 and 1266 reviews on Trustpilot for their past performance. The site was rated “excellent” by 98 percent of the reviewers praising their account representatives. The majority of the consumers commended Advantage Gold’s specialists and teams for their assistance throughout the process of the advantage gold review.


Do we endorse Advantage Gold? Yes, we do. Advantage Gold may be new to the precious metals industry, but they have shown its worth with fresh additions and vitality in this small market. The organization provides all the required perks and services to successful IRA practice. As a result, we strongly recommend Advantage Gold as a precious metals dealer.

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