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Acre Gold was initially formed to make gold affordable to all people. Acre gold works on subscription-based buyers who will settle for a bar of gold with a portion every month. You have to sign up with their subscription conditions, and you can start bidding towards a 2.5-gram gold bar. You can commence with only $50.

There is more than one alternative in the case of purchasing a gold bar; thus, there is more than one subscription choice available. Acre gold helps the general mass in their acquisition. As the payments of gold are divided into several settlements, this doesn’t affect the financial position of a person or family. You are putting up money bit by bit to finance in gold eventually.

Acre Gold made the purchase system of gold much more comfortable and convenient.  When you receive the gold will depend on the price of your subscription charge.

With a higher amount, you will get your gold earlier. Once you reach the amount of the initial 2.5 grams gold bar, the bar will be shipped to you directly. The gold bar will reach you in a laminated card containing information like certificate number, metal fineness, and metal weight.

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How did Acre Gold Start?

The headquarters of Acre Gold is in Santa Monica, California, and in Boise, Idaho. The company is somewhat new on the market, and there is not much information regarding who initiated the concept at first. Acre Gold was established and overseen by a small team of fintech veterans.

With so many unique features onboard, the company created to change the way of purchasing gold. This made the trade attainable to all, but they made it considerably easier like any other subscription-based investment.

The company sells the gold with the current market values, and if you are purchasing from them, you get to buy a piece at a cut-rate if you keep up with the currency rate. The transaction was designed so you will get the gold at the current and future rates. So, the rate will counter with time, and you can score anytime you see suitable. The subscription strategy is one kind that makes sure that your investment is unassailable.

Getting Started with Acre Gold

Acre Gold works mainly as a deferred payment plan with gold bars and gold bullion. The subscription plan you will sign up for will pay for gold bars which eventually will be paid month by month, and in the end, you will own it.

You can initiate the subscription for a 2.5 gran gold bar or 5-gram gold bar. But with all that, you have to pay minimum shipping and sign-up fee upfront. The payment of each month depends on what subscription you pick among their three available options.

Market Value of Gold

The Acre Gold offers only one way to invest in Gold. But besides this, there are other ways that you can purchase. The price of gold should be equal to the market values. And this is where the spot price comes in place.

Before you purchase gold from Acre Gold, make sure to understand that with this gold, you are paying for the craftsmanship as well as the material of the gold bars. In this case, the amount you are paying will be higher than the real market value. And this is why spot price is important to relate the current market values with the value that the company will charge you.

Acre Gold Value

Subscription Costs

The demand for the gold bars of Acre Gold is increasing with time as it is an easy way of business, and one can get the present market value of gold. A price tag is set on the gold bars beforehand. But if the rate of the gold has expanded, the client will get it soon after their payment reaches the pinnacle. And if the rate of gold decreases internationally, as a client, you might have to wait until you complete the next transaction or until you’ve reached the amount.

$50 Monthly Package

Here you have to pay $50 monthly payments for 2.5 grams of gold bars. This program is suitable for purchasing gold for the first time. And if you are uncertain about the company and its yields, you can start with this program.

It’ll hold only a little bit of your money, and unlike several IRA programs, the method is not flared. You have to add the gold to your cart, and like any other online purchase, you get the product in due time. The purchase from Acre Gold will have a $50 subscription that is auto-renewable.

$100 Monthly Package

This package is designed for those confident of the gold investments and who have traded with Acre Gold subscription in the past. You can get 5 grams of a gold bar with a $100 a month subscription if you double your amount.

This is a new upsurge to the company’s website, and you have to pay until you’ve reached the amount of 5 grams of gold bars. Once you’ve completed the order amount of 5-gram gold bars, they’ll ship the bar. And if you have any remainder share from your monthly subscriptions, that’ll be added to your next 5-gram bullion purchase.

If you are someone new in buying gold bullion, we suggest you start with the small amount of $50, so you won’t have too many regrets concerning the expense. The subscription system has round figures rather than a fraction, which is somewhat rigid for most customers.

Acre Gold Alternatives

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The Gold Bars

As we mentioned earlier, the company is not really on the flexible side of the bargaining chip. Only limited quantities are available and with limited Acre Gold subscription programs. The products are bullion gold bars. And only two of them are available for the clients.

2.5 Grams Gold Bar

These bars were the first product that the company started trading. You get an Acre Gold cost $50 for 2.5 grams of gold bars. Once you’ve reached the exact price of a 2.5 grams bar, they’ll deliver the gold to you, and the remaining amount is added to another transaction.

  • The 2.5-gram gold bar is 999.9% pure, minted in Switzerland.
  • The front of the bar is minted with the logo of Acre Gold, along with the purity ratio and weight of the gold bars.
  • Bars are packed in a premium card with a display drawer, which is barred. The certificate number of the gold bars is visible on the backside of the package card.

5 Grams Gold Bar

This is a new addition to Acre Gold’s products. This one has a more refined and mirror-like finish to it. This is designed for entrusted and old customers. The bar is designed so you can buy gold with an elevated subscription, and once you’ve reached the portion, they’ll deliver it to your doorstep.

  • The gold bar is 999.9% pure and has Switzerland mintage.
  • The front side of the bar has Acre Gold’s logo and the bar’s weight.
  • The reverse side is adorned with the patterned stamped logo of the company.
  • This comes in a sealed tamper-evident packaging that has a display drawer. Metal fineness, the certificate number, and the metal weight of the gold bars are Inscribed in the packaging.

10 Grams Gold Bar

The new update on the website is shown about 10 grams of gold bars. The gold costs $250 as a subscription for this bar. But there is no further information regarding this update, and the product isn’t visible on the site regardless.

Additional Charges

Though Acre Gold shows that their transaction and payment are pretty straightforward, there are some additional expenses. For example, you have to pay an additional fee regarding canceling their subscription and a one-time upfront membership. Most of these charges are pretty low, but still, it’ll provide you with low profit eventually.

Membership Fee

You have to pay $12 for a one-time time upfront membership fee. Though the price is relatively low each time you cancel your subscription, you have to pay this amount to resume your subscription.

Cancellation Fee

This is pretty new for any of the gold bullion dealers out there. You have to pay a cancellation price of $20 for canceling your subscription. After each bargain, the remaining amount from the gold bars is counted to the new order.

The subscription with Acre Gold has renewed automatically, and you have to pay that amount every month, but otherwise, you can cancel the subscription with a fee.

Processing Fee

You have to pay $3.5 to process your gold bars and fulfillment fee. This is an additional expense apart from the sign-up and subscription charge.

Shipping fee

There is no mentioned amount for shipping fees on the website.

The 5 gram and 2.5 grams Acre Gold Bars consist of a logo of Acre Gold with a single stamp on the backside of the gold bars. The logo here is just “A” from the Acre Group.

The bars are made in California and minted in Switzerland. Each bar comes with its authenticity certificates and a certificate from the assayer. The package of the gold bars is designed so it shows any temperament during shipping.

Safe Sides of Acre Gold

Here we are including some of the explicit features that only Acre Gold offers. These features are pretty rare regarding the gold bullion.

Acre Gold is different from the other companies on the market as they came up with some new ideas and thoughts that made physical gold pretty affordable and accessible. Here you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for buying gold. Rather you can start with $50 and $100. You can also add more than one gold bar of each size.

Simple Steps

From buying the gold to receiving it, every step is pretty simple. Once you access the official website of Acre Gold, you will see the gold bars attending. You have to add the bars to your cart, and you will be offered a subscription form along with the checkout page. You will have to fill out the form with your first name, last name, address, and phone number. There will be the order summary as well the customer information box.

Quality of the Product

There is a minimum number of products on the page. Only two different gold bars weights are available, and their prices will start from $50. Here all the gold bars are 24k, which ensures 99.9% of gold. Troy ounces are often used to show the current market values of gold. And one troy ounce is equal to 31.103 grams.

Stability of the Products

The products of Acre gold, the gold bars are manufactured in California and minted in Switzerland. So, they have pretty stable stock stacked up. And if we take gold as a product of investment, this is also pretty stable as the rate does not fluctuate rapidly. An only severe economic wreck will alter the outlay of gold.

Reliability of the Products

As we mentioned earlier, Acre Gold doesn’t deal with numerous products. They can readily control and check the grade of their goods. With such minimum products on hand, it is manageable for them to recognize and stabilize their production of gold bars.

Subscription Method

What stands apart from Acre Gold is its subscription methods. This is a revolutionary method that changed the transaction of gold products. Not only is it affordable, but anyone can access the product in the States.

The subscriptions cost is fairly low, and you can subscribe for more than one product. The process is automated, which doesn’t need your regular involvement. However, there are some additional fees of $15 altogether but comparatively lower than other gold dealers.

Referral Program

Though there is not much detail available regarding the referral program of Acre Gold, they will reimburse you a payment if you bring on new clients. The website doesn’t provide the amount of money or how many clients one person can suggest and is strictly inscribed up for the affiliates.


The official website of Acre Gold is pretty standard. There is not much information, but it consists of a home page and a cart page. So, you get to purchase the gold and checkout with the view-cart page. Honestly, this one looks like a one-page e-commerce site.

There are some links for the Facebook and Instagram pages of Acre Gold. And you can find some testimonials along with the rating of potential clients.

Drawbacks of the Acre Gold

Though the group has completely new ideas and techniques, something they desperately need is an upgrade. Unlike other dealers, they do not have many alternatives to pick from, and their approach is not flexible. As the demand to be customer-friendly, their rigidity concerning the subscription charge is unacceptable for some.

Price of the Gold

The most important back draw of the Acre Group is that their products seem to exceed the normal market values. So, the Acre gold cost is above the spot price. A spot price is where you pay for the craftsmanship of the gold bars and the gold material. As such, the company’s claims do not add up to their actions; the cost of the gold is higher than average.

Less Information

There is not much of a review and ratings on the website. And most importantly, they do not add who is added with the company. There is no transparency from the owner’s side, making it very cloudy.

Cancellation Charges

This is another part that bothers most of the customers. $20 might not be a ton, but there is no legit reason why a customer has to pay for subscription revocation. And there is an apparent indication that the remaining credit will be refunded to the customer after the cancellation process.

Unavailability of IRA

The Acre Gold only works as a gold dealer. With minimum products, they don’t offer any IRA services. And they don’t offer any depository measures as well. So, when you’re buying a gold bar from them, you have to keep it under your protection. Once you receive the bar, the company will not be liable for any casualties.

No Liquidation Services

This is an operation where you can liquidate your gold in an emergency. But the company doesn’t offer any such assistance. And the group doesn’t offer any buyback program, which will make it much more customer-friendly. So, if you want to liquidate the gold bar, you have searched for sites like seedy pawn shops that might offer you a lesser price. And this is quite a problem.

No Owner Depiction

There is no detailed description of the owners and employees of Acre Gold. The mysterious owners are not present anywhere on the web, making the customers dubious, and Acre Gold is viewed as a small corporation with almost 15-20 employees. But nothing is cleared out on the website.

Acre Gold Review

There are mixed reviews on different review sites regarding Acre Gold. But the most important observation is that most of the reviews observed lately are unfavorable.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

There are more the seventeen negative reviews on the site. The company rates 2.73 or B- rating on the review site and is not accredited by the BBB.

Better Bullion

The company rates three stars on this site. This site regards the owner of the company as “unknown.”


You can easily reach out to Acre Gold as a customer with their authorized website. Or you can mail the customer support team directly. The company didn’t have any phone number on their website though they have active Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn IDs.

Though all of the ideas are pretty impressive, there is always a question mark concerning the company’s existence. And as the negative Acre Gold review are stacking up, we recommend the readers be prudent about the business.

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