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A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc. is a precious metals trading firm that offers an integrated selling and purchasing platform for bullion such as silver, gold, platinum, and copper. A-Mark Precious Metals primarily deals in wholesale bullion, including bars, wafers, coins, and grains. The firm also trades numismatic coins and conventional bullion to wholesale and retail consumers. The majority of the company’s revenue comes from three primary categories.

  • Ancillary services segment and wholesale trading
  • Secured lending
  • direct to the consumer.

Private mints, sovereign mints, manufacturers and refiners, fabricators, financial institutions, industrial public, general investors, collectors, e-commerce websites, merchants, and dealers are among A-Mark Precious Metals’ global customers.

A-Mark Precious Metals is a wholesaler and distributor of more than 200 precious metals from domestic and international mints. Since 1986, the corporation has been an authorized supplier of gold, silver, and platinum through the US Mint. Clients buy precious metals directly from the US Mint, which the firm sells. Austria, Canada, Mexico, China, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Australia are just a few international and sovereign mints A-Mark Precious Metals has done business with. A-Mark Precious Metals’ buyers are brokerage houses. Companies, collectors, and bullion dealers from several states.

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Trading Company

A-Mark Precious Metals is a financial dealer located in California founded in 1965. AMP was a publicly traded firm with multiple subsidiary entities until 2014 with investments and securities. A-Mark Precious Metals’ headquarters are located at 2121 Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 6300, El Segundo, California. Grant Thornton LLP, situated in MacArthur Court, Newport Beach, California, is one of the company’s auditors. A-Mark Precious Metals’ predecessor, Spectrum Group, subsequently became a subsidiary of A-Mark Precious Metals.

A-M Global Logistics owns A-Mark Precious Metals, a subsidiary of A-M Global Logistics. A-M Global offers A-Mark Precious Metals clients various additional services, including managed storage, handling, receiving, inventorying, packing, shipping, and processing options for precious metals and coins. SilverTowne Mint is another A-Mark Mint subsidiary covering a combination of silver items, including bars, which are an excellent product to keep on hand in times of market volatility.

The Collateral Finance Corporation (CFC) and AM Capital Funding are the primary segments of A-Mark Precious Metals. Both of these firms are A-Mark Precious Metals’ wholly-owned subsidiaries. CFC is a financial company established in California that offers loans secured by bullion and numismatic coins. CFC was established to securitize AM Capital’s loans.

Some of the direct-to-consumer segments for A-Mark Precious Metals include:

  1. JM Bullion
  1. Goldline
  1. Provident metals
  1. Silver.com
  1. Goldprice
  1. Silverprice

AMP is a wholly-owned subsidiary that serves as the company’s omnichannel store. JM Bullion is one of the most well-known merchants in the United States, with silver.com, ProvidentMetals.com, GoldPrice.org, and SilverPrice.org among its five precious metals brands. Goldline Market Metals is a direct investor in the form of precious metals, which it advertises on television, radio, and by telephone sales. A-Mark Precious Metals has multiple sites around the United States.

  • Dallas
  • Las Vegas
  • Texas
  • Nevada
  • Winchester
  • Vienna, Austria, etc.

The Current Status of AMP

In 2021, the company’s total sales were 7.6 billion dollars with assets and a net profit of 160 million dollars. The firm now employs 281-351 people. Steven Markoff is the creator of A-Mark Precious Metals. A-Mark Precious Metals’ Chief Executive Officer and Director are Gregory Roberts, and its President is Thor Gjerdrum. Brian Aquilino is the Chief Operating Officer, while Arman Zakian is the Chief Information Officer. The United States accounts for the majority of the company’s revenue. A-Mark Precious Metals is a company that trades on Nasdaq under the symbol AMRK and is included in the Russell Microcap Index.

A-Mark Precious Metals Services

Gold Storage

The company has listed several services, which include storage and inventory services. We are including some of the services offered by the company.

Services for Delivery and Storage

A-Mark Precious Metals Inc. provides international shipping and storage services. The organization provides services such as two-way marketing, purchasing, and selling. JM Bullion and Goldline, as well as other firms affiliated with them, provide consumer-directed services. In the case of Collateral Financial Corporation (CFC) collateralized loans, the following terms will be direct drop delivery to clients.

Shipping options include USPS registered and insured mail, UPS, FedEx, armored truck, and freight. Depositories such as TDS Vaults offer delivery and reception services. If you’re searching for a self-directed IRA service storage facility, go no further than Las Vegas.

Forward or Spot Deferred Transaction

A-Mark Precious Metals Inc. offers precious metals to knowledgeable customers with discreet and negotiable prices for precious metals with a specific quantity and account of metals in hand.

Customer Services

The company has an open desk policy for seventeen hours a day, including the weekends. The A-Mark professionals have been in the metal industry for years and will be able to help you with several segments once you contact them. They offer services regarding the management of cash and equity.

Order Execution and Shipping

The firm gives clients buyback choices, and the price of metals is decided by the spot and live price of metals when selling.

Clients and their management teams are not allowed to acquire metals below market price as a business unit, and they are not allowed to sell metals over market price. If the metals price differs from the market price, it will be suspended, and when the price changes, so will the items. A-Mark Precious Metals offers immediate advanced payment with relevant market data
and 48-hour settlement alternatives. Clients can purchase medallions, jewelry, and collector coins from the firm. US dollars and euros are accepted as payment methods.

Leases and Consignments

A-Mark Precious Metals offers secured lending and leases on precious metals with their ancillary services segment, and, as for consignments, the prices are determined with competitive terms and rates.

Precious Metals by A-Mark

A-Mark Precious Metals Inc. offers a collection of platinum, silver, gold, and palladium bars and coins. The spot price of metals decides the basis of the prices of the metals with an analyst coverage. The company also has a bunch of graphs that show a history of spot prices for the past years.

Gold Products

The firm sells gold in the form of coins and bars from the United States Mint and other international mints with direct sales. The following is a list of interests listed on amark.com, A-Mark Precious Metals’ official website.

  • Gold American Eagle: it was first introduced in 1986 and currently has four different sizes: 1 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 1/10 oz. The 1 oz American gold eagle has a denomination or face value of $50 and is 32.7 mm in size with a thickness of 2.87 mm. The eagle side of the coin is depicted as the strength and unity of America, and the Lady Liberty part is associated with freedom.
  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf: the company has a collection of the most beautiful gold bullion in the world, the gold Maple Leaf by the Royal Canadian Mint. This coin was first minted back in 1979 and comprised 99.999 pure gold. The sizes of the Canadian Maple leaves are one troy ounce, 12 troy ounces, 14 troy ounces, 1/10 troy ounces, and 0.05 troy ounces.
  • The Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin: This coin was once regarded as the most beautiful gold bullion globally. This was minted by the Austrian Mint and depicted the Philharmonic Orchestra at State in Vienna. 1 ounce, 12 ounces, 14 ounces, 1/10 ounce, and 1/25 ounce
  • South African Gold Kurregard Coins: the coin was first minted in 1967 and featured an antelope on the reverse side. The coin’s obverse side features Paul Kruger, the Republic of South Africa president.
  • American Gold Buffalo Coins: These coins feature an Indian Cheif Head on the coin’s obverse side. The reverse side has an American bison, and only one side of the coin is available at A-Mark Precious Metals Inc.
  • Britannia Gold Coins: These coins are minted by the Royal Mint of the UK. The coin’s obverse side features Queen Elizabeth as the Queen of England. And the reverse side features Britannia holding a trident, symbolizing the strength of the United Kingdom.
  • Queens Beast-White Horse of Hannover: this coin is part of the Queens Beast collection, and each of the beasts depicts the ancestry of the Queen. This heraldic beast appeared from George Ludwig, who succeeded the duchy of Hannover in Germany.
  • The Queens Beast-Yale of Beaufort Bullion Coin: this is also a collection from the collection of beasts that were present during the Queen’s Coronation. Jody Clark designed this series.
  • Queens Beast- Unicorn of Scotland: this beast was from James the First of England, who united Scotland and England, and thus the Unicorn of Scotland joined the English Lion.
  • Queens Beast-Black Bull of Clarence: this is a Yorkist Beast that symbolizes the first York King, Edward the Fourth, who won the War of Roses.
  • Credit Suisse Gold Bars: A-Mark Precious Metals offers a 24-carat 1-ounce gold bar from Credit Suisse.

Silver Products

A few silver goods are mentioned from foreign and government mints on the A-Mark Precious Metals Inc. website.

  • Royal Arms Silver Coins: this coin represents the Royal Arms of the United Kingdom as the official coat of arms for the Monarch. One troy ounce of the coin is available for sale at A-Mark.
  • The Valiant 1 oz silver coin: St. George with a dragon is featured on this coin. This coin is a tale of honor, adventure, and victory.
  • Silver Spade Guinea: st. Helena silver spade Guinea was first minted in 1787. This coin features Queen Elizabeth and the British Royal Arms.
  • American Silver Eagle: this coin is based on the famous design of the Walking Liberty and was first minted in 1916. The coin is made from silver available in the US.
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf: this silver coin is one of the most famous coins from the Royal Canadian Mint and is made up of 99.99% silver. One troy ounce of Canadian Maple Leaf is available at A-Mark Precious Metals Inc.
  • Austrian Philharmonic Silver: this coin is similar to its gold counterpart, and the face value of the coin is 150 euros.
  • Queens Beast-White Horse of Hannover: this coin is one of the collections from the Queen’s Beast and was designed by Jody Clark.
  • Britannia Silver Coin: this coin is similar to its gold counterparts. The size of the coin is one troy ounce, featuring Britannia on the shore.
  • The SilverTowne Mint Indian Replica features a silver Indian head and is from a subsidiary company of A-Mark Precious Metals.
  • SilverTowne Mint Lady Liberty: this features the front profile of the Statue of Liberty.
  • The SiverTowne Liberty Eagle coin features an eagle in flight and is a troy ounce.
  • SilverTowne St. Gaudens: this coin features Lady Liberty is holding a torch and an olive branch, representing freedom and peace.
  • Asahi Silver Bar: This is one troy ounce, 33mm thick silver bar.
  • RCM Silver Bars: this is one troy ounce, 4.76mm silver bar from the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • Valcambi Platinum Bar: this is a 2 mm thick Valcambi platinum bar of 1 troy ounce.

Platinum and Palladium Products

total number of three platinum and palladium bullion are mentioned in the A-Mark Precious Metals.

  • Platinum American eagle coins
  • Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  • Platinum Austrian Philharmonic

How does APM Generates Maximum Revenue?

Gold generates revenue

A-Mark Precious Metals Inc. generates most of its revenue and a net margin
in the United States. Only 7% of the company’s stock is held by private firms, with institutional investors at 43%, the general public at 29%, and institutional investors at 43%. Insiders own 21% of the company’s shares. A-Mark Precious Metals’ net sales were $7,613 million in 2021, with a net profit of 210 million dollars principally engaged with its subsidiary companies.

Review of A-Mark Precious Metals

The company does not have third-party reviews, ratings, or audience insights on its work.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB)  

The Better Business Bureau does not accredit the company. there are no mentionable ratings from BBB.

The Business Consumers Alliance (BCA)  

The company has AA ratings from BCA.

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A-Mark Precious Metals Inc. is one of the major precious metals trading firms in the United States. JM Bullion is one of the company’s many subsidiary firms. As a result, it has become one of the largest retailers with its compliance and trade. A-Mark Precious Metals is a legitimate company and has been active with multiple partners and owners for many years. In reality, rather than acting as a precious metals trader, they primarily serve as a parent company. Lending, ancillary services segment, and wholesale trading provide for most of the company’s revenue.

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