Cayman Enterprise City’s five campuses

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The Special Economic Zone Cayman Enterprise City will comprise five components, plus an outsourcing service.

Cayman Internet Park: Hopes to be the largest information and communications technology cluster in the region and will target Fortune 500 companies that trade in goods and services like software, Internet and multimedia, telecommunications and networks and IT Services.

Cayman Media Park: Which will be similar to the Dubai Media City but on a much smaller scale, will target all branches of media, publishing, entertainment and leisure companies in effort to become the media hub in the Americas.

Cayman Biotech Park: Will be similar to the Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park and will target major pharmaceutical firms as well as companies specialised in activities like biotechnology, research and development and pharmacology. The park will feature world-class infrastructure, including laboratory space and research and development operations.

The Cayman Global Commodities Park: Aims to create the Caribbean’s first commodities exchange and aims to rival the major regional commodities exchanges by creating a business-friendly environment that is convenient between for both North and South America.

Cayman International Academic Park: Based on the model of Dubai Knowledge Village, will license universities, junior colleges, online universities and management development centres, and will be established to complement the needs of the companies located in Cayman Enterprise City. The Academic Park will feature four institutions that will provide very specialised education to both Caymanians and non-Caymanians. 

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